Aug 3

Wasted Colony is a new strategy game where you take leadership on a small group of human survivors in their deadly war against countless zombies! Read more details for Wasted Colony.
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The entire human race is under a threat of extinction! It is up to you to choose the right leader, gather your team of human survivors and lead them in victory in battles against zombified soldiers!

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Enjoy the following weekend and when the mankind is depending on you, feel free to use your commanding skills.

Aug 2

Hexagon Planet TD is a new tower defense game where you are defending against hordes of ugly looking creatures from the hostile Hexaon Planet! Read more details for Hexagon Planet TD.
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The human kind has been searching for habitable planet for many centuries until one day the space satellite scout detected the Hexagon Planet! Unfortunately the planet was already inhabited with ugly creatures, hideous alien bugs and other disgusting forms of life that will mercilessly protect their home! Good for you that variety of defensive towers are on your disposal for protecting your base as you destroy all waves of enemy critters!

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Aug 1

Deadly Neighbors 2 is the newest turn-based installment of violent fighting made by Nerdok production. Read more details for Deadly Neighbors 2.
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Another epic game with most tactical turn-based gameplay that takes bloody and violent actions in your own backyard! The Deadly Neighbors are back to terrorize your neighborhood and kill all normal people that lives in there. Take action and kill your enemies before they brutally cut you in pieces!

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