Aug 10

Magic Defender is a new tower defense game where you take role as young wizard from which tower building experience depend the entire kingdom! Read more details for Magic Defender:
magic defender thumbnail

Hordes of blobs and jellyfied creatures have invaded your kingdom! Your job as Magic Defender is to set the tower defense line that will be able not only to withstand all intruders, but to destroy them all before they have any chance to escape!

Watch Magic Defender:

Have fun during the weekend and don’t be shy to use your magical abilities to protect your belongings.

Aug 9

Give Up is a new action game all about failure and regret. Read more details for Give Up:
give up thumbnail

Give Up and face the consequences of failure! Or don’t give up and try again and again and again, until you finally complete all challenging and mind-twisted stages.

Watch Give Up walkthrough:

Aug 8

Dibbles 3 is the latest installment of the popular mind challenging game. Read more about Dibbles 3.dibbles 3 thumbnail

The cute little dibbles are back in the latest 3rd part! Once again you must solve bunch of puzzles, get above all kinds of obstacles and guide the little dibbles to reach into the exit door. There are total of 44 challenging levels for you to complete.

Watch Dibbles 3 all 44 levels walkthrough:

Aug 7

Super Adventure Pals is a new RPG game where you guide the hero and his giraffe in order to locate and retrieve the kidnapped rock. Read more details for Super Adventure Pals.
super adventure pals

The brave heroic trio was having a good picnic time until the evil villain mister B took advantage of their low guard and vigorously kidnapped the mysterious rock, one of the brave trio! Now it is up to the hero and his giraffe to travel into the unknown, fight against monsters, improve their heroic abilities and pursue mister B!

Watch Super Adventure Pals sneak gameplay:

Watch Super Adventure Pals full walkthrough part 1:

Watch Super Adventure Pals full walkthrough part 2:

Aug 6

Monster Castle Defense is a new game strategy game where your job is to protect the evil witch from being kidnapped. Read more details for Monster Castle Defense.
monster castle defense thumbnail

The ludicrous king decided to find the most beautiful woman from the entire world and marry her instantly! Unfortunately, the most beautiful woman around was the evil witch that lived inside her well protected castle full with minions, summoned monsters and scary plants that would die protecting their queen! Set the best witchly defense and prevent the royal troops from reaching and kidnapping the evil witch.

Watch Monster Castle Defense:

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