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Aug 17

Fruit Defense is a new strategy game where you must protect your backyard garden from hordes of annoying critters. Read more details for Fruit Defense.
fruit defense thumbnail

Meanwhile at your backyard garden, everything was fine and normal, with all the flowers and fruits planted out there, when suddenly hordes of ugly looking critters started to invade your territory! Good for you that the fruits you cared for so long are willing to help you protecting your garden. Place your best line of Fruit Defense and prevent all enemies from reaching and destroying your garden.

Watch Fruit Defense:

Enjoy your weekend and if you’re living in a house with a big backyard garden, be ready for a critter invasion!

Aug 16

You Are Still a Box and you will remain as one. Read more details for You Are Still a Box.
you are still a box thumbnail

You are still a box and always be one! Take the advantage of being a heartless shape and use it to guide all the cute chicks in their daily puzzled adventures.

Watch You Are Still a Box level 1-10 walkthrough:

Watch You Are Still a Box level 11-20 walkthrough:

Aug 15

Airborne Wars is a new war themed strategy game where must be victorious at all costs! Read more details for Airborne Wars.
airborne wars thumbnail

Airborne Wars is a new war themed strategy game where must be victorious at all costs! Read more details for Airborne Wars. War is a destructive chaos that will take as many precious lives as it can! Ending any war is the best solution, where the end will benefit you not your opponents. That means a victory! Conquer the enemy’s bases by sending troops on assignment to take them over!

Watch Airborne Wars walkthrough 1-10 levels:

Aug 14

ClickPlay Quickfire 2 has finally arrived! Ready for another find the play button adventure? Read more details for ClickPlay QuickFire 2.
clickplay quickfire 2 thumbnail

Once again you must act fast and solve the current puzzle in order to find and reveal the play button which will allow you to proceed to the next stage. Prepare yourself for having lots of blasting fun!

Watch ClickPlay Quickfire 2 all levels walkthrough:

Aug 13

Legend of the Void: Chapter 2 is the long awaited sequel of the popular RPG story. Read more details for Legend of the Void: Chapter 2.
legend of the void chapter 2 thumbnail

Once again the dark force in Calderia is threatening to conquer the entire world! A noble warrior with brave heart and sharp mind is desperately needed for preventing this madness! Customize your hero and immerse in this dangerous RPG adventure where your goal is to slay all demons and brake the void ritual before it is too late!

Watch Legend of the Void: Chapter 2:

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