Aug 24

Emoticon Defense comes back with its latest Map Expansion of tower defense fun! Read more details for Emoticon Defense - Map Expansion.
emoticon defense map expansion thumbnail

Hordes of fluffy rabbits, cool octopus, smiled flowers and other types of annoying forms of life, have invaded your computer! Good thing that your brave emoticons are here to defend you from all attackers! Place emoticon defenders and prevent all enemies from reaching to the end portal.

Watch Emoticon Defense Map Expansion:

Have fun the following weekend and when your computer is under a threat, release your emoticon soldiers at once!

Aug 23

Expendables 2: Deploy and Destroy is a new and awesome Tower Defense game! Read more details for Expendables 2: Deploy and Destroy TD.
expendables 2 deploy and destroy tower defense walkthrough, guide and cheats

Expendables 2: Deploy and Destroy is a new and awesome Tower Defense game! All you have to do is to deploy your army of elite mercenaries and destroy every enemy base, structure and soldiers that run across your way!

Watch the official trailer for Expendables 2: Deploy and Destroy Tower Defense:

Aug 22

Speedboat Shooting is a new fast-paced shooter game where your job is to protect the getaway boat. Read more details for Speedboat Shooting.
speedboat shooting thumbnail

Grab the machine gun and protect the speedboat from all attackers! Feel free to blast every single chaser or law spreader that is trying to catch or destroy the getaway boat!

Watch Speedboat Shooting:

Aug 21

Gang Blast is a new physic-based game where your job is to shoot off the screen all bandits and bad boys out there. Read more details for Gang Blast.
gang blast thumbnail

Your duty as local sheriff is to shoot and capture all bandits in town using a fun, explosive and physics way! The objective is to push all bandits off screen by using as less clicks as possible. Good luck spreading the law and justice in total of 35 physics stages.

Watch Gang Blast walkthrough for levels 1-18:

Watch Gang Blast walkthrough for levels 19-35:

Aug 20

Legends of Atlantis: Exodus is a new time management game that will definitely test your sense for business. Read more details for Legends of Atlantis: Exodus.
legends of antantis expodus thumbnail

The ancient continent of Atlantis is facing against huge disasters that might push her over the edge of extinction! It is up to you to use your management skills and save the entire mysterious kingdom from being forever forgotten!

Watch Legends of Atlantis: Exodus

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