Lull Them All full video (all 20 levels) walkthrough

Lull Them All is a new physic-based game where you must place blankets over babies so they can sleep. Read more details for Lull Them All.
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Dozens of cute little babies are patiently awaiting to be covered with their blankets so they can sleep throug the night. Get ready to drop balls, baby toys, big rocks and other things in order to destroy all noise making devices and grant a peaceful napping time for all babies.

Watch Lull Them All video walkthrough for levels 1-10:

Watch Lull Them All video walkthrough for levels 11-20:

2 Responses

  1. like duh Says:

    Like where the f**k is level 16-20 dumb ass

  2. admin Says:

    Well angry commenter, those walkthroughs aren’t made yet, but as soon as they got online, we’ll add them instantly onto PlayTowerDefenseGames Blog :) Who knows, maybe you will make and share them with us :D

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