Jul 10

Effing Worms 2 is the new sequel of the flash eating, hideous looking and always hungry mutated worm! Read more details for Effing Worms 2.
effing worms 2 thumbnail

The hungry worm is back faster, hungrier and more merciless than ever! This time, the worm learned how to evolve into something more terrifying than before! Granted with wings and lots of sharp teeth, there is no one that can stop this bloodbath of humans, innocent animals and crispy creatures.

Watch Effing Worms 2:

Jul 9

Strike Force Heroes is a new action-packed shooter where you will be engaged into lots of dangerous shooting missions. Read more details for Strike Force Heroes.
strike force heroes thumbnail

Now you have the chance to train four soldiers and build your shooting squad that will fight against all baddies out there. Strike Force Heroes is eaturing over 60 weapons, dozens of weapons, four unique soldiers and lots of shooting fun!

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Watch Strike Force Heroes part 1:

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Jul 6

Steamlands comes in the latest Player Pack edition! The sequel of the popular war themed game still takes actions between good and bad pirate machines, all expressed by the recognizable pixelated style by Nitrome. Read more details for Steamlands Player Pack.
steamlands player pack thumbnail

Steamlands Player Pack serves as the sequel of Steamlands, that was released at the near end of 2011. Same as the original game, Stemlands Player Pack is the same war themed game made in the recognizable pixelated style. The pack contains lots of fan-created, improved and approved levels.

Like the original game, the player is trying to take down enemy tanks using weapons and upgrades. This game includes fan-designed levels.

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Enjoy the hot and sunny weekend, being ready to stand against all pixelated pirate machine that is trying to conquer your home.

Jul 5

Super Slider is a new shape sliding game where you need to drag colored shapes into same colored marked spots. Read more details for Super Slider:
super slider thumbnail

Total of 100 levels will challenge your shape sliding abilities, skills to think outside the box and patience for thinking about the possible solution. All you have to do is fill up the empty marked spots with same colored shapes. Eventually you will need to dim on and off the screen in order to be able to move shapes above each other.

Watch Super Slider walkthrough for all 100 levels:

Jul 4

Pothead Zombies 2 is the latest shooting defense against hordes of bloody and brainless zombies! Read more details for Pothead Zombies 2:

For some unknown reason, all the people that got high nowadays were turned into brainless zombies! Or maybe the reason was the radioactive leak from the nuclear factory… Anyway, all newly created zombies are rushing towards your base with goal to entirely destroy it! Choose your shooter and shoot down each single zombie that is invading your base!

Watch Pothead Zombies 2 part 1:

Watch Pothead Zombies 2 part 2:

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