Jul 17

Smashing Blow is a new base defense game where you need to destroy all evil monsters that march and ruin everything they can! Read more details for Smashing Blow.
smashing blow thumbnail

You should destroy all enemy aggressors! Build as many towers as you can, so they will build the war sheeps. Release your battel units and smash all foes!

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Jul 16

Palisade Guardian 3 is the latest installment of the popular shooting defender! Read more details for Palisade Guardian 3.
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Grab the old, trustworthy and precise rifle as that will be your first weapon for surviving the alien invasion! Blast brains of bugs, monsters, creepy aliens and other ugly creatures before they reach and destroy your base. Earn medals and use them to purchase better weapons, unlock new stages, purchase few bombs along with other defensive things. Good luck protecting the base!

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Jul 13

Devil Crusade is a new base defending, or better said cat defending game. Read more details for Devil Crusade.
devil crusade thumbnail

Almost all life forms on Earth aren’t destined to do anything.. Except for the demon exterminator that has been summon to protect the divine cat. Your job is to stop waves of devilish invaders and put an end on this Devil Crusade that is aiming to kill the cat! However, that cat is no ordinary cat… the animal you strive to protect so much is a cat you must take to the depth of Hell and use it to defeat Satan!

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Jul 12

Flooded Village is a new puzzle type of game where you need to control the tide without drowning any of the innocent villagers. Read more details for Flooded Village.
flooded village thumbnail

Dig a hole, dig a hole and release enormous amount of water in order to water plants, make pirates to sail and other wacky stuff. Keep an eye on the water level, as you don’t want to waste any of the precious water.

Flooded Village areas 1,2,3:

Flooded Village areas 4,5:

Jul 11

Relic of War is a new strategy game where you need to choose your side to play as the brutal Nazis or the clever Axis and try to end the Great War! Read more details for Relic of War.
relic of war thumbnail

Relic of War is a new war themed game that takes action during the Great War! Pick your side and lead your troops to victory! Either side you choose, you must develop unique battle tactics, produce loyal troops, hire mercilessly soldiers and do what you can to end the Great War in your benefit.

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