Jul 24

Soldier Diary is a new point and click adventure made by Bgamer. Read more details for Soldier Diary.
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Throughout the Soldier Diary you will be able to point and click his escaping from the enemies journey. Do waht you can to help out this captured soldier to see once again the lights of freedom!

Watch Soldier Diary video walkthrough:

Jul 23

Running Warrior is a new pixelated adventure of a brave little runner that will run to everywhere just to find and rescue his kidnapped girlfriend! Read more details for Running Warrior.
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What it looked like an ordinary day, turned into hell when your beloved girlfriend was kidnapped in front of your eyes! Now you have to find and rescue her before it is too late. Run through magical world full with blobs, bats, shiny coins, deadly spikes and in-game shop owners, just in order to find and rescue your kidnapped girlfriend!

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Jul 20

Overhaul is a new space themed defense game where the tower building process is made through an unique and addicting match up gameplay. Read more details for Overhaul.
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Keeping the peace as you protect our universe from all space invaders out the, sure is a tricky and challenging base defensive task, but hey someone has to do it! Guide tower fragments and match them in groups of 3 adjacent ones in order to create a unique defensive tower that should stop all space invaders. The bigger and more advanced the group is, the more powerful the created tower will be. Good luck and try to protect your base at all costs!

Watch Overhaul:

Have fun during the weekend guys, girls and all invading space ships out there!

Jul 19

Fat Slice 2 is a new shape cutting game where you must cut off as much shape as you can. Read more details for Fat Slice 2.
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Enjoy in this second shape cutting sequel as you strive to cut as much shape with less swipes. During this shape cutting fun, you must stay away from all white colored things such as white bouncing balls, white colored walls and others.

Watch Fat Slice 2 walkthrough levels 1-12:

Watch Fat Slice 2 walkthrough levels 13-24:

Jul 19

Click to Play: Zaptonia Defense

Zaptonia Defense is a new TD game where you need to prevent hordes of ugly creeps from reaching to the exit portal. Read more details for Zaptonia Defense.
zaptonia defense thumbnail

Zaptonia is under attack of creepy moving monsters, ugly looking creatures, clever bandits and other evil things! As in all TD games, the only goal in Zaptonia Defense is to kill the creeps before they reach the end of the maze. Build up to six upgradeable towers and try to stop all ten types of enemies.

zaptonia defense screenshot 1

zaptonia defense screenshot 2

zaptonia defense screenshot 3

Click to Play: Zaptonia Defense

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