Steamlands Player Pack walkthrough, strategy guide, tips and cheats

Steamlands comes in the latest Player Pack edition! The sequel of the popular war themed game still takes actions between good and bad pirate machines, all expressed by the recognizable pixelated style by Nitrome. Read more details for Steamlands Player Pack.
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Steamlands Player Pack serves as the sequel of Steamlands, that was released at the near end of 2011. Same as the original game, Stemlands Player Pack is the same war themed game made in the recognizable pixelated style. The pack contains lots of fan-created, improved and approved levels.

Like the original game, the player is trying to take down enemy tanks using weapons and upgrades. This game includes fan-designed levels.

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Enjoy the hot and sunny weekend, being ready to stand against all pixelated pirate machine that is trying to conquer your home.

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