Jun 8

Wentworth is a new point and click adventure in which you need to guide the space cat through this magical adventure. Read more details for Wentworth.
wentworth thumbnail

Grab the mouse and start solving challenging puzzles, making new friends and helping them, all with purpose to guide the space cat and complete the peace assignment.

Watch Wentworth video walkthrough:

Enjoy the following weekend guys and girls!

Jun 7

Epic Friends is a new strategy game that shows us the real defensive meaning of a true friendship. Read more details for Epic Friends.
epic friends thumbnail

First you need to make friends, then you need to arm them with guns and funny looking weapons, so afterwards you will realize the true meaning of friendship. The objective is to defend the bottom of the screen. Gain as many friends as you can, place lots of tricky traps and wait for the jealous enemies along with their bosses to make their attack. Do not let anyone pass by your precious friends!

Watch Epic Friends walkthrough, strategy guide, cheats, tips and tricks:

Jun 6

Dead Zed is a new survival shooting game where you need to shoot down hordes of invading zombies. Read more details for Dead Zed.
dead zed thumbnail

Your peaceful morning was tremendously distrubed by raging hordes of brainless zombies! Grab the rifle and shoot down any living dead invader there is! The goal is to survive for full 40 days and 40 nights, patiently awaiting the help to arrive. Can you do it?

Watch Dead Zed:

Jun 5

Nutty Mania is a new nuts collecting game where you need to launch bunch of hungry squirrels and clear the entire stage to be nuts free. Read more details for Nutty Mania.
nutty mania thumbnail

With the help of the ancient mammoth, launch bunch of crazy looking squirrels in their nuts collecting adventure! Solve all physics tasks, push every objects that stand across your way and do what you can to collect all the nuts there are! But be aware and avoid going nuts on this nuts collecting journey of yours.

Watch Nutty Mania walkthrough levels 1-21:

Watch Nutty Mania walkthrough levels 22-42:

Jun 4

Enigmata: Stellar War is a new sci-fi strategy game in which you must build your base and protect it from all attackers. Read more details for Enigmata: Stellar War.
enigmata stellar war thumbnail

The sci-fi story continues with the latest war edition! Enigmata: Stellar War has arrived! It is up to you to save the entire universe. Build up a base to save the Enigmata galaxy from the insidious Villalobos!

Watch Enigmata: Stellar War normal version gameplay:

Watch Enigmata: Stellar War Hacked version gameplay:

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