Jun 15

Last Mars Tower is a new TD game where you need to prevent all humans from reaching and invading the planet Mars. Read more details for Last Mars Tower.
last mars tower thumbnail

Ever since humans overpopulated the planet Earth, they untiringly were invading all space planets, hoping the perfect one they can conquer and populate on. That perfect one was none else but the hostile planet of Mars! Take control of the Marsian side and stand against the humans attack by using the Last Mars Tower defense!

Watch Last Mars Tower official trailer:

Watch Last Mars Tower walkthrough and gameplay:

Have fun the following weekend and be sure to be nice with all aliens, no matter which planet they came from.

Jun 14

Papa’s Wingeria is the latest, cooking management game created by the awesome devs at FlipLine Studios. This game isn’t related with defense, strategy or war themed games, but definitely is one of the best restaurant management games there are out there! Read more details, big screenshots along with some videos and guides for Papa’s Wingeria.
papas wingeria thumbnail

Papa Louie has just opened his latest restaurant called Papa’s Wingeria! Whip up the hottest wings in town in Papa’s Wingeria! Once again you must serve the picky customers, custom made every single wing they order and make sure that everyone lives from your place happy and well feed! Back with unque and tasty chicken wings, lots of picky customers, bunch of mini-games to play and dozens of ingredients to use for cooking the best set of wings.

View some of the best Papa’s Wingeria image screenshots.
Papa’s Wingeria - front menu screenshot 1:
papas wingeria screenshot 1
Papa’s Wingeria - players pick screenshot 2:
papas wingeria screenshot 2
Papa’s Wingeria - custom made character screenshot 3:
papas wingeria screenshot 3
Papa’s Wingeria - upgrade menu screenshot 4:
papas wingeria screenshot 4
Papa’s Wingeria - frying section screenshot 6:
papas wingeria screenshot 6
Papa’s Wingeria - sauce section screenshot 7:
papas wingeria screenshot 7
Papa’s Wingeria - building section screenshot 8:
papas wingeria screenshot 8
Papa’s Wingeria - mini game screenshot 9:
papas wingeria screenshot 9

And here are some videos for Papa’s Wingeria. Enjoy watching them all!
Papa’s Wingeria coming soon:

Papa’s Wingeria gameplay:

Jun 13

The Dead Pirate’s Chest is a new strategy game where you need to fight against the silly natives and loot their treasure.
the dead pirate chest thumbnail

On this deserted alike island, rumors say that lots of treasure chests can be found. Choose a location and lead your thievery mates to raid everything around, fighting against every native that stand across your way and trying to find and loot the treasure box of the current stage.

Watch The Dead Pirate’s Chest walkthrough:

Jun 12

Sheriff Chase is a new point and click adventure where you need to guide both sheriff and burglar in their western themed chasing adventure. Read more details for Sheriff Chase.
sheriff chase thumbnail

Prepare your mouse and brain for another point and click adventure where you need to assist the burglar to make his escape, along with helping the sheriff to chase and catch that clever burglar. Try to solve all mini puzzles and overcome all challenging situations in this western themed, cat and mice chasing adventure.

Watch Sheriff Chase video walkthrough:

Jun 11

Castle Surge is a new real time strategy game where you need to conquer your opponent castle, before it is too late. Read more details for Castle Surge.
castle surge thumbnail

The war for mankind has just began! Take full control of your army as you guide it through countless battles, trying to obtain victory on them all. The entire destiny of our planet is sealed in your strategy commanding skills, battle tactics and war experience you gather till now. Complete Castle Surge and save the entire human kind!

Watch Castle Surge walkthrough:

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