Photon Baby full video walkthrough, guide and cheats

Photon Baby is a new pixelated adventure where you control the mad scientist that can defeat all vampires there are and save his baby son. Read more details for Photon Baby.
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Shoot powerful photons to burn all vampires in this puzzle platformer. Your precious, the most important thing of your life, the only thing that is worth living for, the mysterious diamond was abducted along with your baby son, by the evil blood socking vampires! Now you must visit the castle on top of the hill and retrive your precious diamond, including your baby son!

Watch Photon Baby video walkthrough levels 1-15:

Watch Photon Baby video walkthrough levels 1-15:

And remember guys and girls, if you find yourself in a castle full with spooky looking old vampires, then you better not forget your photon gun at home!

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