May 3

A.R.C.S. is the latest futuristic base defense game where you need to protect the entire human kind! Read more details for A.R.C.S.
arcs thumbanil

Sometime in the future, the endless war among all powerful race, nations and creatures has begun! Aliens, mutants, robots, monsters and humans of course, were engaged into war! You are the last defense of the entiry humanity! Take control of every defensive resource you got, purchase every weapon you can afford and destroy every thing or creature that is attacking you!

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May 2

Monkey GO Happy 5 has arrived! Cheer the sad little monkeys at once! Read more details and watch the full video walkthrough for Monkey GO Happy 5.
monkey go happy 5 thumbanil

The lastest installment of the fun, monkey cheering game has arrived. Monkey GO Happy 5 will assaign you to cheer up to 5 cute little monkeys. Have loads of fun while solving all mini puzzles and doing all kinds of wacky things.

Watch Monkey GO Happy 5 walkthrough video:

May 1

Capture the Castle is a new conquering game where you need to defeat your opponent before he overpowers you! Read more details for Capture the Castle.
capture the castle thumbnail

Develop your loyal army to crush and smash everything that stand across your path to world domination! Build your castle, making its walls to be though enough to withstand every attack while your army slaughter every threat there is!

Watch the Capture the Castle walkthrough:

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