May 10

Luke is a new point and click adventure where you need to find the way how to prevent the bounty marriage to happen. Read more details for Luke and watch the full video walkthrough as well.

Luke is one of the richest man on Earth, who is on constant attack of money seeking ugly ladies such as this hideous thing and her stupid son. Luke needs your point and click knowledge to find the way how to prevent the forced marriage and get rid of the annoying money leeches at once!

Watch Luke Walkthrough:

May 9

Feed Us 3 is the latest installment of the bloodthirsty piranha action game. Read more details for Feed Us 3.
feed us 3 thumbnail

The bloodthirsty piranha is back, uglier, greener and hungrier than ever! Take control of this small tiny flesh eating fish as you try to reach and claim the top position of the food chain. Stay away from all enemies or sea creatures that are bigger or more dangerous than you, but fest your sharp teeth on the fresh flash of the innocent humans.

Watch Feed Us 3 walkthrough:

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May 8

iRemained is a new defense shooting game where all you need to do is to remain alive! Read more details for iRemained.
iremained thumbnail

Only those who where brave and smart enough were able to survive the crazy robot mayhem. iRemained alive! Grab the guns and start shooting down every single moving, flying or jumping robot that is trying to destroy you or your base!

Watch iRemained official trailer:

Watch iRemained walkthrough:

May 7

Ricochet Kills 3 is the latest sequel of the popular physics-shooting game. Read more details for Ricochet Kills 3.
ricochet kills 3 thumbanil

Grab the gun and deliver the cold justice upon all those dark mob characters. Ricochet Kills 3 is back with more bangs, bullets, characters to kill, explosive burrels, improved physics and dozens of challenging stages! You should be smarter than you enemies. Kill them and try not to kill yourself!

Watch the walkthrough for Ricochet Kills 3:

May 4

Click to Play: TowerCraft

TowerCraft is the ultimate TD game where you one and only goal is to save your castle from all invading enemies! Read more details for TowerCraft.
towercraft thumbnail

TowerCraft is the ultimate TD game where you one and only goal is to save your castle from all invading enemies! Protect your castle and prevent hordes of boars, skeletons, zombies, elite fighters, sorcerers, royal army and even the emperor himself! Total of 30 challenging maps along with 8 types of enemies are awaiting for you!

Click to Play: TowerCraft

Watch Tower Craft:

Click to Play: TowerCraft

Enjoy the following weekend and in case of hordes of zombies and skeletons invade your house, now you will know how to defend yourself!

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