Feed Us 3 walkthrough, guide and all cheats

Feed Us 3 is the latest installment of the bloodthirsty piranha action game. Read more details for Feed Us 3.
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The bloodthirsty piranha is back, uglier, greener and hungrier than ever! Take control of this small tiny flesh eating fish as you try to reach and claim the top position of the food chain. Stay away from all enemies or sea creatures that are bigger or more dangerous than you, but fest your sharp teeth on the fresh flash of the innocent humans.

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  1. sebas Says:

    blood is a cheat it will give u 150l blood

  2. landon Says:

    thanx really helped

  3. landon Says:


  4. gabriel Says:


  5. alan Says:

    el mejor les deja ponerse todo lo que quieran (rain)

  6. gabriel Says:


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