Apr 23

Click to Play: Minecraft Tower Defense 2

Minecraft Tower Defense 2 is the latest defense sequel inspired by the most popular online game called Minecraft. Read more details for Minecraft TD 2.
minecraft td 2 thumbanil

In the original, you had 3 almost identical maps to play on with 8 items in total. Now, there is over 16 completely varied maps with a huge 18 items to play around with!

Click to Play: Minecraft Tower Defense 2

Watch Minecraft Tower Defense 2 walkthrough:

Click to Play: Minecraft Tower Defense 2

Apr 20

The Last Shelter is a new defense game where you need to survive through waves of hideous looking monsters and insects. Read more details for The Last Shelter.
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Protect your base from alien bugs as you try to survive through endless days and creepy nights!

Watch the Last Shelter:

Have fun during the weekend guys and gals and stay in your home shelter as less as possible!

Apr 18

NoNoSparks: Genesis is a new logic game where you need to flip shapes on the board until you solve the current puzzle. Read more details for NoNoSparks: Genesis.
nonosparks thumbnail

Be part of the genesis! Solve all lighting puzzles by flipping the board shapes. Create the entire world! Flora, fauna, humans and even dinosaurs are waiting their turn.

Watch NoNoSparks: Genesis video walkthrough part 1:

Watch NoNoSparks: Genesis video walkthrough part 2:

Apr 16

Tripod Attack is a new robotic revenge upon the entire humanity! Read more details for Tripod Attack.
tripod attack thumbnail

You have been given total control of the Tripod and instructed to end the human race! Humanity is a virus that occupied this poor planet. They replicate uncontrollably and eventually destroy their environment. It is up to you to clean this mess!

Watch Tripod Attack:

Apr 13

Angry Bees is a new defense shooter game where you need to help the bee king to shoot down all bee rebels. Read more details for Angry Bees.
angry bees thumbnail

Preserve the bee peace, your king status and entire kingdom by shooting down all Angry Bees that are trying to take you down! Variety of weapons and bombs are on your disposal! Destroy all bees at once!

Watch Angry Bees:

Enjoy the following weekend and try not to be chased by any angry bees.

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