Battle Panic walkthrough, strategy guide, tips and tricks

Battle Panic is a new defense game made by NinjaKiwi where the objective is to reclaim the lost territories of your kingdom that were recently conquered by the foolish orcs! Read more details for Battle Panic.
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Battle Panic is a new type of defense game where you need to harvest resources, while building buildings and training units that will protect you at all costs! Raise your castle, produce elite defensive units and slaughter all waves of foolish orcs!

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  1. Darrell Says:

    I am having a lot of trouble with Panic mode in 9: Devils Reach. I tried to wait to generate the horses until the reds are down but there is no time between when the reds are manageable and the time my walls fall…I upgrade the castle two times but fail each time. Would you have any advice? Many thanks.

  2. bart Says:

    big veel point

  3. sam Says:

    how do I beat sandsea ? super hard and super mine collapses quick

  4. sam Says:

    pleeaassee I need help

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