Mar 2

Commando Defense is a new strategy game where you need to destroy all invading enemies from accomplishing their goal, which is to do sneak attack and kill your Commando. Read more details for Commando Defense.
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The enemies are coming in countless waves with goal to reach and defeat your Commando. Do your best by setting your defensive towers and units, so you could defend your Commando at all costs!

Watch Commando Defense:

The weekend is about to start, so be sure to have loads of fun!

Mar 1

Click to Play: Rise of the Golden Sun

Ambush is the newest defense game where you need to place your defensive units to make the best ambush upon the soldiers. Read more details for Ambush.
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Deploy your units near the road. When enemy is in range, choose when to give the fire command. Be careful, enemy will return fire and your troops may be killed. Don’t worry, allied airplanes are here to help.

Watch Ambush:

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