Mar 19

Hi ya guys so we missed a week with sam being away without his internet but not to worry were back in business and with a special code ready for you just follow the clues for the code.


The cool game Santa defender has how many buyable towers?


Infinite Dungeon RPG last forever but how many classes can you choose from including the locked ones?


Wizards run how many time can the blazing ring be upgraded


Clash of the Olympians you can choose from 3 charaters but how many women are standing behind achilles


How many Stages are there on the main menu after click play of BoiBots


The homepage of playTDG what the letter under play on the logo


Whats the first letter of the 4th top Rated game on playTDG and its not a P for a change


The first Number of the rating for pokemon TD click here to play the updated version

Mar 16

Click to Play: Triple Tower Defense

Triple Tower Defense is a new strategy game where you need to build and combine towers so you would create the super defensive tower. Read more details and watch the walkthrough for Triple Tower Defense.
triple tower defense thumbnail

Maybe one tower defense line won’t change much, or two tower defense lines might be enough… But definitely Triple Tower Defense will do the trick and stop all incoming waves of futuristic neon objects. Build identically towers each to another in order to create the super triple tower! Strategically build the defensive towers as their position will infect and re-change the enemy moving path.

Click to Play: Triple Tower Defense

Watch Triple Tower Defense:

Click to Play: Triple Tower Defense

Have fun the following weekend.

Mar 14

Spirit Fencer is a unique RPG game combined with gem matching gameplay. Read more details and watch the guide for Spirit Fencer.
spirit fencer thumbnail

Embark on an epic quest and help Lugh to retrieve the love of his live, his beautiful wife. Obtain the power of the magical gems by matching them in groups of 3 or more that have the same color. Enjoy testing all kinds of combinations, strategy, defensive tactics and many other things in this unique RPG - gem matching game!

Watch the official trailer of Spirit Fencer:

Watch the help video for Spirit Fencer:

Mar 13

Papa’s Pancakeria is the latest management cooking game where you need to cook delicious pancakes. Read more details for Papa’s Pancakeria.
papas pancakeria thumbnail

Papa is back with his new cooking installment. This time he needs you to take full control of his latest money making scheme called Papa’s Pancakeria! Grab the kitchen tools and start cooking the most delicious pancakes.

Watch Papa’s Pancakeria:

Mar 12

Heroestick is a new strategy game where you need to command your stickmen army in mission to conquer the entire world! Read more details for Heroestick.
heroestick thumbnail

Heroestick is an epic strategy game where you need to build your army of brave stickman and conquer the entire stick world! Capture mines and produce gold, gather the food, hire stickman soldiers, upgrade your base along with your units, do everything that you can to assure your victory!

Watch Heroestick:

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