Pokemon TD Pokemon MissingNo code

HI ya guys this week were giving away Missing NO.. sound gud try co-op mode on pokemon TD only on playTDG.


Monster TD is a nice new game when you start a new game you get to choose from 1 level what is the 5 letter of the levels name?

Clue 2

Temple guaridian was posnored by 9mine is its prime but when you start a game how many modes can you choose from?

clue 3

Solve the math clue on Clue 3

Clue 4

Follow the link from clue 3 to get to clue 4. The come back here to get clue 5

Clue 5

Colliding front is a world war style TD game On the first level there a pin in the country whats the first letter of the contry The pin is in?

Clue 6

What postion is super mario defense for plays on the playTDG website you can check via the top games section.

Clue 7

On the playTDG homepage how many HOT NEW GAMES are there?

Clue 8

Whats the first number of pokemon TD rating on playTDG?

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