Feb 29

Sift Heads: Street Wars - Prologue is the latest installment of the famous stickman assassins gang, enchanted in 3D environment. Read more details and watch the guide for Sift Heads: Street Wars - Prologue.
sift heads street wars prologue thumbnail

Vinnie is back and sifting some more heads, in a totally new 3D environment! Have fun while eliminating your targets and enemies, as you strive to end this madness war against the world top three mafia leaders!

Watch Sift Heads: Street Wars - Prologue:

Feb 28

Zombies, Inc. has hired you to build the best, most powerful army of brainless zombies and take control over the world. Read more details for Zombies, Inc.
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Zombies, Inc. is the only incorporation that works with and for zombies. Your job is to hire zombie scientists, produce your brainless army of living undead and take control over the world. Upgrade your headquarters along with the zombie workers and soldiers, so you will be ready to destroy the entire world!

Watch Zombies, Inc. gameplay:

Feb 27

HI ya guys this week were giving away Shadow Lickitung.. sound gud try co-op mode on pokemon TD only on playTDG.


The new playTDG game Zombie Mania is a great TD game but on the level select screen how many levels are there?

Clue 2

In the top Games section what postion is warzone tower defense for plays?

clue 3

The main menu of blob defense how many eyes in total are there on the Blue squares?

Clue 4

Creep TD is the highest rated game on playTDG Look in the top games section what date was it added the number you need is the 2nd number in the date.

clue 5

The playTDG home page what is the 2nd from last letter on the homepage?

Clue 6

The great game sarens on playTDG is epic. But when you start a new game the middle charater need to be opened by getting to a certain level what level is this? you are looking for the 2nd number.

Clue 7

The Cool game Bloody sunset but when you click Achievements the achievement SATAN requires you to kill xxx amount of zombies in one shot but whats the first number of that amount?

Clue 8

On pokemon TD how many Multiplayer options are there? This clue can only be found on playTDG version of pokemon TD.

Thanks and enjoy AdminAnt

Feb 27

Mars Commando is a new strategy game where you need to protect the expedition base from countless waves of martian creatures. Read more details and watch the walkthrough and strategy guide for Mars Commando.
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Currently is the year of 2049… In these times the most precious substance in the world is nothing else but water! On Earth, all water was exploited and used up to the maximum… The only place in the whole wide universe is the hostile planet Mars! Countless expedition were sent to the red planet with hope to conquer the priceless element for living. Command your troops and try to find and gain the water for the sake of humanity!

Watch Mars Commando gameplay, walkthrough and strategy guide:

Feb 24

Click to Play: Rise of the Golden Sun

Rise of the Golden Sun is a new strategy game where you need to defend your kingdom and restore the world peace! Read more details and watch the full video walkthrough for Rise of the Golden Sun.
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Defend your kingdom form the enemy, and restore peace in the empire. Use a variety of units: samurai, ninjas, shoguns!

Watch Rise of the Golden Sun:

Click to Play: Rise of the Golden Sun

Enjoy the following weekend guys and have loads of fun!

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