Jan 5

Click to Play: Leave Cthulhu Alone

Leave Cthulhu Alone is a new defense game where you need to protect the necromancer while he is summoning his evil master! Read more details for Leave Cthulhu Alone.
leave cthulhu alone thumbnail

Ugly looking alien monster with even uglier mind control abilities called Cthulhu is coming in life! Protect the necromancer servant that is trying to summon his master Cthulhu, by capturing and human around and turning him back against his own kind! Once you capture human, before you release it as a defense object, you can move it everywhere you want. Use the space bar to capture human and to place him down as your defense.

Watch Leave Cthulhu Alone:

Click to Play: Leave Cthulhu Alone

Jan 4

Outpost: Haven is a new top-down shooter game where you need to eliminate all alien creatures. Read more details for Outpost: Haven.
outpost haven thumbnail

Midnight phone call has waked you up from the eternal C-Sleep. Now you and your team need to check upon the Outpost space station, cause lately there is something with strange behavior out there… Do not worry, if you are a pro this will be simple as walk in a park. Seven different levels all with their unique mission types, specially created Swarm mode meant only for the professional survivors, hordes of monsters, bugs and other alien creatures and bunch of weapons all upgradeable. Over 200 challenges total to be completed and much more in Outpost: Haven!

Watch Outpost official trailer:

Jan 3

Click to Play: Santa Kills Zombies 2

santa kills zombie 2 thumbnail

As usual, Santa is here for Christmas, but this time he is not here to bring presents and toys for the good kids… He is back to bring death and pain to all zombies! Once again Santa returns to stop the invasion of brainless zombie trying to kill the spirit of Christmas! Take control of Santa as he made his last stand defense! Shoot everyone, kill everyone! All zombies must die!

Watch Santa Kills Zombies 2 official trailer:

Click to Play: Santa Kills Zombies 2

Jan 2

Shadow Regiment is a new action/puzzle game where you need to setup bomb attentant and escape. Read more details for Shadow Regiment.

Break free from the tyranny of the White King by destroying his main ammunition stores. Your job is to quietly setup the time bomb and escape without being caught. Good luck brother-operative!

Watch Shadow Regiment gameplay:

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