Dec 22

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Dec 21

Wake Up Box 3 is the newest installment of the addicting and funny psychics game where you need to attach wooden shapes and wake up the lazy sleeping box. Read more details and watch the full video walkthrough for Wake Up Box 3.
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The Box is back and sleeping again. Again you need to find a way how to wake them up. Place different objects and use the physics laws along with the force of gravity and wake all sleeping box.

Watch Wake Up Box 3 video walkthrough (levels 1-8):

Watch Wake Up Box 3 video walkthrough (levels 9-16):

Dec 19

Hi ya guys I would personally wish you all a merry xmas and to them few people who do not celebrate xmas i hope you enjoy your time of school and work over the season to be jolly. This week we have a special Elf costume. here are the clue



The cool game Santa defender has how many buyable towers?


Infinite Dungeon RPG last forever but how many classes can you choose from including the locked ones?


Wizards run how many time can the blazing ring be upgraded


Clash of the Olympians you can choose from 3 charaters but how many women are standing behind achilles


How many Stages are there on the main menu after click play of BoiBots


The homepage of playTDG what the letter under play on the logo


Whats the first letter of the top Rated game on playTDG and its not a P for a change


Pokemon Tower Defense is the best game ever but whats the first number of the games rating.

Thanks very much and merry xmas remember playTDG is the only website hosting the multiplayer to pokemon TD so i will be looking forward to playing with you.

Dec 19

Click to Play: Cube Tower

Cube Tower is a new boxed Tower Defense game where you need to stop the invasion of greenly alien waves. Read more details for Cube Tower.
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The aliens are coming! They are sending countless waves of their invading troops. It is up to you to stop them and protect the planet Earth! The best defense towers, along with some powerful trap bombs are in your hands now. Place and program the best defense reaction that this world has ever seen and protect your world from the evil aliens.

Click to Play: Cube Tower

Watch Cube Tower last level video walkthrough:

Click to Play: Cube Tower

Dec 16

iR obot is a new 3D Tower Defense game, where you need to put an end to the deprogrammed robot revolution. Read more details for iR obot.
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The future of artificial intelligence has arrived. Rise of the robots will bring the end of humanity! Defend your base against an army of malfunctioned robots, all sharing the goal to destroy you! With nine unique defense towers, try to hold on five types of deprogrammed robots, and save the human race.

Watch iR obot 3D Tower Defense:

Enjoy the weekend and feel free to visit and play the best strategy games!

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