NTCreature2 Walkthrough

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  1. DASAM Says:

    good game

  2. CheckeredZebra Says:

    For those of you who are trying to figure out what the turret placement is, I made a diagram of the turrets used in the vid:


    If that link doesn’t work, do this:

    Top left: Glaive, Glaive.

    Top right: Glave, Glaive

    2nd to very top left: Pulse, stun

    3rd to very top left: pulse, stun

    4th to the top left: Accel, stun

    Base’s level: Fire, Fire

    Very bottom level: Missile, Missile, Freeze, (warp point) Freeze, Missile, ? (couldn’t get this one)

    2nd level under the very top right: Freeze, Pulse

    Single turret ledge: Landmine

    Top middle: Freeze, Pulse (warp point) Pulse, Freeze


    That’s it. Good luck and have fun!

  3. trek Says:

    nt creature’s isn’t working 2 good i can’t eat with e i use the arrow keys the mouse and the spacebar how do i eat???

  4. Th4t0n3k1d Says:


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