Nov 30

Flaming Zombooka 3 is latest sequel of the famous logic game where you need to blast off all zombies! Read more details and watch the full video walkthrough for Flaming Zombooka 3.
flaming zombooka 3 thumbnail

The brainless zombies are back! This time they bring along a special support friend - the circus zombie! Once again this is job for none else but Barry Zooka himself. Have fun while blasting off zombies, no matter how regular or clowny they are! Try to rescue all captured circus performers on your bloody journey.

Watch Flaming Zombooka 3 full video walkthrough - part 1:

Watch Flaming Zombooka 3 full video walkthrough - part 2:

Nov 29

Danger Dungeon is a new RPG adventure where you will explore dark dungeons fighting with monsters and bosses. Read more details Danger Dungeon.
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Go ahead on a new RPG adventure where you need to explore dark dungeons in search for your lost buddies. Deep in the hart of the Danger Dungeon are hidden treasures, evil creatures and powerful bosses! Equip your hero with the best set of armor items and mightiest weapon, if you like to beat up all monsters! Rescue your friends to build an unstoppable team as you rampage through the darkness below.

Watch Danger Dungeon official trailer:

Nov 28

HI ya guys another new week for pokemon tower defense this week we are giving away the pokemon Victini.
I would present a top teir for this week for the code is already ready to go and i cant change it so here are the codes.


On playTDG what rank for PLAYS is pokemon Tower defense on PlayTDG


Whats the first number of play for the game Create Your Own Tower Defense 2.


What rank for rating is Pokemon Tower Defense HACKED.


On the playTDG homepage how many games are shown on the defense games area?


Whats the first number for plays for the ecpi game 1945 Tower Defense?


The homepage of PlayTDG on the rating ones the highest and newest rated games they all have this number in them.


Whats the first number for plays for the game Paper War.


The The Fae’s Wyrd was added to playTDG on what numbers days of the month.

Thanks and good luck in clue hunting please be sure to play Pokemon tower defense on playTDG

Nov 28

Puzzle Prince is new beautiful combination of puzzle match up gameplay entangled with RPG features all combined with amazing story. Read more details for Puzzle Prince.
puzzle prince thumbnail

Once upon a time, one poor kingdom was targeted and then fully destroyed by the hand of one evil and very powerful wizard! Almost everything alive was doomed to certain death! Everything except the young baby prince, that was saved by transporting through secret escape tunnels.
Now the prince is all grown up and he is looking for his parents murderer, so that he can deliver the bitter revenge!
Go ahead in your puzzled adventure, matching gems in groups of 3 or more trying to survive in battles fighting against zombies, monsters, witches and other bad creatures! Combine your match up skills with the power of the 4 elemental orbs and try to find and defeat the final boss!

Puzzle Prince screenshot 1:
puzzle prince screenshot 1

Puzzle Prince screenshot 2:
puzzle prince screenshot 1

Nov 25

Warzone 2060 is a new strategic game where you need to defend what is yours and destroy your opponent’s base. Read more details for Warzone 2060.
Warzone 2060

Warzone 2060 will warps you to the future, where everyone is in oil war! Everyone around you, including yourself, is building refineries in order to earn bunch of money. As it is in war, your goal is to protect your goldmine by building defense turrets and destroy every other refinery by guiding your loyal units.

Warzone 2060 screenshot
warzone 2060 screenshot

Enjoy the weekend players and have all the fun that you can!

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