Sep 21

Kingdom Rush is new epic fantasy defense game created by Ironhide Game Studio. Read more details for Kingdom Rush.
kingdom rush thumbnail

The kingdom is under attack! Defend your realm against hordes of orcs, trolls, evil wizards and other nasty fiends; armed with a mighty arsenal of warriors and mages of your own!
Fight on forests, mountains, and wastelands. Upgrade your towers with special powers, rain fire upon your enemies, summon additional troops, recruit elven warriors and face legendary monsters.

Watch Kingdom Rush walkthrough level 1:
Watch Kingdom Rush walkthrough level 7:
Watch Kingdom Rush walkthrough level 12:

Sep 20

Siege Hero – Viking Vengeance is new attacking castle game published by ArmorGames. Read more details and watch the full video (all levels) walkthrough for Siege Hero - Viking Vengeance.
siege hero viking vengeance thumbnail

Find the weak spots to demolish the big castles and save the innocent villagers while releasing your fury upon the angry vikings. Use the objects to pick up and loot the treasures.

Siege Hero – Viking Vengeance full video walkthrough (levels 1-18):

Siege Hero – Viking Vengeance full video walkthrough (levels 19-35):

Sep 19

Steamlands is a new war among the machines made in the recognizable pixelated style by Nitrome. Read more details for Steamlands.
steamlands screenshot

The great war left Europe in ruins… After the last war machine had been silenced, the people were struggling to rebuild civilization.
Pirates in great steam ranks now roam the lands, and a mercenary tank commander must venture forth through the wastelands of New Britannia…

Watch Steamlands official trailer:

Watch Steamlands Level Building Tutorial:

Sep 16

Roly-Poly Eliminator 2 is the newest part of the famous series Roly-Poly made by Johnny-K. Read more details and watch the full video (all levels) walkthrough for Roly-Poly Eliminator 2.
roly-poly eliminator 2 thumbnail

The Roly-Poly Eliminator is back again to eliminate all polys, no matter how funny or scarey the are! Strategically remove, slice and explode objects on the play- field to bring a violent end to the evil Roly-Polys.

Watch the full video (all levels) Roly-Poly Eliminator 2 walkthrough:

Have fun destroying the evil Roly-Polys and enjoy your weekend.

Sep 15

Awesome Ghosts vs Stupid Zombies is a new turn-based war game for claiming property ownership over the graveyards. Read more details for Awesome Ghosts vs Stupid Zombies.
awesome ghosts vs stupid zombies thumbnail

When the sun goes down and the moon casts its eerie shadows across the graveyard, then does our battle begin. The Zombies, intent on gathering as many crumbly dribbly corpses as possible for the next apocalypse have to contend with some pretty awesome ghosts not so happy with the idea.

Watch Awesome Ghosts vs Stupid Zombies:

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