Hex Empire walkthrough and strategy guide

Hex Empire is a new turn-based strategy game made with same gameplay of the famous board game called Risk. Read more details and watch the walkthrough and strategy guide for Hex Empire.
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Pick a country to raise your army in it, process that will lead into creating a new world force, force that will the whole world down to your knees!

Play the game by choosing a country that will lead your general tactics. It’s better to choose a country with many towns to conquer in its proximity. Your choice of country has also effect on the order your turn occurs in the beginning of the game. As you become more advanced you would like to try countries with smaller strategic potential to make the game more challenging.

Move your armies and try to capture all enemy capitals. You have up to five moves per turn, but you can move any army only once per turn. If you lose your own capital the game is over.

Watch Hex Empire:

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