Steamlands walkthrough, strategy guide, tips and tricks

Steamlands is a new war among the machines made in the recognizable pixelated style by Nitrome. Read more details for Steamlands.
steamlands screenshot

The great war left Europe in ruins… After the last war machine had been silenced, the people were struggling to rebuild civilization.
Pirates in great steam ranks now roam the lands, and a mercenary tank commander must venture forth through the wastelands of New Britannia…

Watch Steamlands official trailer:

Watch Steamlands Level Building Tutorial:

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  1. YAY!!! Says:

    I love this game! I also love nitrome! wait am I first? Well I dont really care its stupid to say first as a comment its not like you won an award… So who ever says first after me is just someone who does not understand that it wont matter and that he is lying since this is the first comment and dont say “first no one claimed it” because if he didnt claim it he is still first


    help!!! PLZZZ some tips on finishing the last level its really hard!! the enemy has a 4 gatling 2 hail stone and has some robot armour!!! plzzz help me!!!

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