Toys vs Nightmares walkthrough, strategy guide, tips and tricks

Toys vs Nightmares is a new a little bit scary tower defense game, where you need to protect one innocent child of bunch of evil nightmares. Read more details for Toys vs Nightmares.
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Afraid of the dark? Well you should be, with these legions of evil nightmares are trying to poison your dream… The Nightmares are coming! Defend yourself by using your loyal toys. But to use a toy, you need to have a little bit fantasy in your head, not fear. Reading goodnight books is always helpful for producing a fantasy.
Try to protect not only your dreams but also your life, cause those nasty nightmares are bad news!

Watch Toys vs Nightmares:

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  1. bogus walkthrough, Says:

    Wtf.. this isn’t a walkthrough. Its just the tutorial from the game plus a couple easy levels.. How do you get past level 12!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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