Pokemon TD Celebi Avatar

Hi ya guys this time of the week again this time for a special Celebi Avatar here are the 8 clues and good luck.


The home page of tower defense games show recent comment how may comments are showing in the recent comments section.


The cool game Helix Defense 2 has lots of levels but whats the first letter in the name of level 14.


The TD game Zacks hardware on thje first level how many starting springs do you start with.


How many games on play TDG have hit over 1 million play ( not clues just games)


In the Game Clash Of the Olympians how many heros are there


What i the first letter of the game of the most played game on PlayTDG. you will be able to find this information on the top games section.


Possible one the most played tower defense games on the internet Starland Tower defense is the best Muti-Player tower defence games around how many turrets can you buy in game.


Whats the first number of the rating for pokemon tower defense

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