Incoming! walkthrough, strategy guide and cheats

Incoming! is a new top view shooter defense game, where you need to defend your city by eliminating your enemies troop. The game will be released soon and is awaiting for a walkthrough, strategy guide and cheats. Read the full description for Incoming!
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The enemies are coming, with one goal… To wipe you from the face of Earth! Protect your city gate by any cost necessary!
Defend your city gates by using various weapons to shoot down your enemies! Give your best and try to protect your city for 18 days and don’t let your city be occupied.

Incoming! Features:
- Dynamic and exciting gameplay, great graphics and effects, music and sfx.
- Friendly controls. In-game tutorial and tips.
- Large-scale battles involving hundreds of enemies!
- Really interesting and balanced 18 levels in campaign.
- Enjoyable survival mode.
- Score systems in campaign and survival mode.

Watch Incoming! official trailer:

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