King Epico’s Epic Adventure walkthrough and guide

King Epico’s Epic Adventure is a new platform adventure where all you need to do is to save your princess Epicana which has been kidnapped by the evil boss Darkflame! The game will be released soon and is awaiting for a walkthroug and guide. Read more details for King Epico’s Epic Adventure.
king epicos epic adventure thumbanil

Princess Epicana has been kidnapped by the evil Darkflame, lord of the Underworld! Darkflame’s plan is to drain the princess of her royal powers to gain enough strength to take over all the kingdoms of the 10 heavens. It is now up to king Epico and the brave sprite Nini to save princess Epicana, and also the kingdoms of the 10 heavens before it’s to late!

King Epico’s Epic Adventure Features:
- 5 Big worlds
- 25 completly unique levels
- 20 different enemies
- 5 hugh boss´s
- 8 Custom made song´s!

King Epico’s Epic Adventure official trailer:

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