Earth vs Aliens walkthrough, guide and cheats

Earth vs. Aliens is a defense shooter inspired by Missile Command and Galaga. The game will be released soon and is awaiting for a walkthrough, guide and cheats. Read more details for Earth vs Aliens.
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A retro defense shooter! Fight epic battles with various defending weapons, in order to save the whole humanity and protect the planet Earth! Defend your planet against hordes of alien ships and their unique heavy mother ship attacks.

Earth vs Aliens Features:
- 30 levels with medals (blue, bronze,silver, gold)
- 2 control up to two cannons at the same time
- 3 additional unlock-able survival levels with top scores
- 35 different enemy variations
- 6 unique mother ship attacks
- 7 unique weapons and corresponding power ups
- 24 achievements
- unlock-able credits

Watch the official trailer for Earth vs. Aliens:

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