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Monster Raid Defense is a new tower defense game where you need to protect your kingdom from monster attack. The game will be released soon and is awaiting for a walkthrough, strategy guide, tips and tricks. Read more details for Monster Raid Defense.
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Once upon a time there was one small village, where everyone was happy and living their life peacefully. Everything was great! Until one day, the day when a small blob monster popped up from nowhere and showed itself to a small country girl…

The young girl didn’t knew what the small round thing was, but she knew that the blob was very jelly and funny. To find out more, she took a stick and started to pick upon the small and round blob with it….
Unfortunately for the girl, the small and cute blob didn’t want to be bullied at all. As a matter of fact, the blob didn’t want to have any contact with any other living creature, especially with annoying and bulling people! The blob monster went into mad rage mode!
Now besides of the small country girl and the small peaceful village, the whole kingdom is under attack of the angry monster raid!

Monster Raid Defense Features:
- There are 3 levels, each level contains 20 attack waves. There’s a wave boss at wave 18, 19, 20.
- There are 5 towers : normal tower, cannon tower (land area only), electric tower (air area only), slow tower, and buff tower (increase atk speed). Each tower can be upgraded 3 times.
- There are 30 different monsters.
- The monsters will drop random items when they are dead. The items are : power up (boost atk), speed up (boost atk speed), slow all (slow all monsters), stop all (stop all monsters), damage all (damage all monsters)

Watch the Monster Raid Defense official trailer:

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