Aug 24

Escape Adventures Safari Trip is the newest point and click adventure game from Bored. Read more details and watch the full video walkthrough for Escape Adventures Safari Trip Walkthrough.
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Time for an Escape Adventure! During your Safari Trip capture a lion, explore the amazon jungles, find gems and treasure and most important, rescue your girlfriend who was captured by the natives!

Watch the full video walkthrough for Escape Adventures Safari Trip:
Escape Adventures Safari Trip full video walkthrough (second part):

Aug 23

Fire it up! is a new puzzle/logic game where all that you need to do is to light up all of the lamps. The game will be released soon and is awaiting for a walkthrough. Read more details for Fire it up!
fire it up thumbnail

Bring light to the caves! Light up all of the all of the lamps in this impressive puzzle games!

Watch Fire it up!

Aug 22

HI ya guys another week and another gift to give all your players. This week we have some special rocket avatars. The code will conside of 8 digits good luck guys.


The New playTDG game Symphonic Tower Defense how many tracks are in this game?

The game Infinate tower is not a tower defense game but you choose a class and climb the tower. But how many different classes can you choose from.


Tower of Doom
is great station tower defense game how many different tower choice can you choose from.

The cool game Helix Defense 2 has lots of levels but whats the first letter in the name of level 14.


The cool game commnader sister with a real powerful story to a tower defense game. What is the last letter of the News network on the intro when you start a new game. You will see the News network on the TV screen.


The TD game Zacks hardware on thje first level how many starting springs do you start with.


The home page of tower defense games show recent comment how may comments are showing in the recent comments section.


Pokemon tower defense is the highest rated game on playTDG. what is the first number in its rating.

Aug 22

Space Punk Racer is a new 3D racing game enchanted with unique cartoon artwork. The game will be released soon and is awaiting for a walkthrough, tips and tricks. Read more details for Space Punk Racer.
space punk racer thumbnail

Incredible and unique looking 3D racer with cartoon style graphics.

At the distant planet Turbo you can find the best Space Racer Academy, where you can get your space racing diploma. However that paper won’t be so easy to get… There will be all kinds of assignments and objectives which any of them won’t be so easy to accomplish, quite contrary they will be the most challenging yet!
There will be only one winner and that winner will earn a license to race on every planet in the galaxy!

Space Punk Racer Features:
- 8 Different worlds
- 3D compiled graphics
- Introduction to Racer Energy (which can be used for speed boost or shockwave attacks)
- 4 different, Upgrade-able bike parts
- Over 20 achievements

Watch Space Punk Racer:

Aug 19

Kingdom in the Clouds is a new defense game which take action way up, in the blue sky. The game will be released soon and is awaiting for a walkthrough, strategy guide and hints. Read more details for Kingdom in the Clouds.
kingdom in the clouds thumbnail'

A young prince must return his sister to their kingdom while fending off the denizens of the sky!

There are 5 different zones you must battle through before reaching your kingdom. Each zone, accompanied by its own unique art and music, has 5 levels you must complete before advancing to the next. As you advance, the levels increase in difficulty. To beat the game you must successfully complete all levels and defeat the final wave.

To aid you in your journeys, the player is introduced to an upgrade system via a companion owl named “Hoot.” The upgrades are a variety of both offensive and defensive skills. These include health upgrades for your character and your sister, a powerful wall in the form of a cloud, decreasing the amount of time that Hoot delivers helpful item drops, and a devastating zap attack!

Kingdom in the Clouds:

Have a fun weekend!

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