Space Punk Racer walkthrough, tips and tricks

Space Punk Racer is a new 3D racing game enchanted with unique cartoon artwork. The game will be released soon and is awaiting for a walkthrough, tips and tricks. Read more details for Space Punk Racer.
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Incredible and unique looking 3D racer with cartoon style graphics.

At the distant planet Turbo you can find the best Space Racer Academy, where you can get your space racing diploma. However that paper won’t be so easy to get… There will be all kinds of assignments and objectives which any of them won’t be so easy to accomplish, quite contrary they will be the most challenging yet!
There will be only one winner and that winner will earn a license to race on every planet in the galaxy!

Space Punk Racer Features:
- 8 Different worlds
- 3D compiled graphics
- Introduction to Racer Energy (which can be used for speed boost or shockwave attacks)
- 4 different, Upgrade-able bike parts
- Over 20 achievements

Watch Space Punk Racer:

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