Leila and the Magic Ball walkthrough and guide

Leila and the Magic Ball is a new puzzle/action adventure game where you need to use your magic ball to overcome all obstacles that are on your way to the level exit. The game will be released soon and is awaiting for a walkthrough and guide. Read the full details for Leila And The Magic Ball.
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Stunning physics puzzle/action platform game that features short, simple and varied puzzle/action levels which keeps the player wanting more.

Featuring Leila and her magic ball, the world is full of destructible objects which she can smash with her ball, she can interact with the magic ball in many ways including using it to fly!

Leila and the Magic Ball Features:
- Amazing polish everywhere you look, even the birds in the background tweet individually and have artificial intelligence!
- State of the art water and weather effects.
- Unique game mechanic.
- Beautiful and varied graphics across all levels.
- Very high quality sound, featuring my material and proximity based sound system with stereo panning.
- Achievements and three star reward system to keep players coming back for more even when all the levels are complete.

Watch Leila and the Magic Ball official trailer:

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