The 7 Elders walkthough, strategy guide and cheats

The 7 Elders is new challenger of a turn-based strategy card game where you need to defeat the 7 elders and be the hero! The game will be released soon and is awaiting for a walkthrough, strategy guide and cheats. Read the full description for The 7 Elders.
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A challenger turn-based strategy game. Defeat the 7 elders and be the hero!

In a faraway world full of magic and mystery, all battles were performing in a different not very common battle style, style that is also known as cards battle. In that strange world, all demons and monsters were bound to cards so that those cards will be very valuable and powerful in the hands of a professional.
Unfortunately is that most of the mighty cards are in possession of the 7 world Elders…
With few cards in your hand and heart full of vengeance for your father’s death, will you be able to defeat the 7 Elders on your own?

An unique and exciting story, with original remarkable characters.

The 7 Elders Features:
- Easy to jump in and play
- Great music, graphics and sound effects, which really immerses the player into an medieval environment
- Three types of difficulty ( Normal, Hard and Intense)
- Achievements

Watch The 7 Elders official trailer:

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