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Obliterate Everything is a new intuitive tactical defense-assault game with Real Time Strategy gameplay elements, where you need to conquer Nebula and reveal a dark alien secret. The game will be released soon and is awaiting for a walkthrough, guide and cheats. Read more details for Obliterate Everything.
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Factions battle for control of a nebula which holds a dark alien secret. Enjoy playing this intuitive tactical defense/assault game.

Play is similar to a standard RTS, but in this game units and structures are highly automated to better appeal to the flash audience, giving it a dash of the defense genre flavor. Some buildings will automatically crank out different types of ships, while others are defensive towers or missile launchers. Ships fly around blowing everything up on their own. The purpose of most levels is to destroy all of the enemy’s units and structures before they get you!

While each level is unique, each episode has a large twist in the game-play to keep things fresh. Episode 2 features a breakout of a zombie-like alien species that infects your ships and sends more powerful mutant forms right back at you, while Episode 3 allows you to play as the zombie aliens.

Obliterate Everything Features:
- Total 18 levels (6 per episode).
- Build 10 different types of ships, from tiny fighters to carriers and intimidating battleships (plus their more powerful mutant counterparts in the later levels).
- Build 7 types of towers and 7 types of structures, many with their own set of upgrades.
- Ship physics and momentum give the game a more fluid and aggressive feel.

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Watch Obliterate Everything level 2-5 video walkthrough:

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38 Responses

  1. wykon66 Says:

    Stage 2-5 is impossible

  2. Grmblfx Says:

    Yup, Stage 2-5 is really nasty.

  3. unrenownedtech Says:

    If you think 2-5 is nasty; wait until you reach the next alien menace on 2-6.

    Enemy has 8 bases (2 groupings of 4) that are non-stop craft generators. There is zero time lag from the start of the round to when you first encounter them. I’ve tried pure def, pure offense, and a combination of the two; no matter what, they end up wiping me out everytime. They make 2-5 look like a cakewalk…

  4. Blissinged Says:

    2-5…is nasty? I cant even grow my empire on 2-2…the alien seeds (or whatever) 1. infest the yellow team and take over. 2. Infest my team because I cannot get enough energy or mass to build defences…2-5 must be really hard.

  5. Jonathan Says:

    I agree… Stage 2-5 is ridiculously hard… I looked up a walk-through for it, but this came up, and this isn’t a walk-through… -.-

  6. ZP Says:

    You think 2-5 is bad? Try 3-5.

  7. Stevie Poo Says:

    Been trying 2-5 for forever. I can’t figure out any strategy that works. Defense towers don’t seem to work. Basic ships don’t work. Wolverines don’t work. Got somewhere with with Advanced Fighter upgrade right away, but not enough to survive much more than a couple minutes.

  8. Stevie Poo Says:

    Ok for 2-5, three fusion cores right away, then an accumulator, then surround everything with auto guns, you may try to build more fusion cores and accumulators, or you can just keep replacing auto guns and adding layers of them

  9. Mike Says:

    Yes 2-5 just seems to be impossible. Would someone please share the strategy they used to succeed on this level? Like the previous poster, I feel like I’ve tried everything!

  10. Ace Says:

    2-5, build only fusion cores. Use multiple gauss cannon. They use little mass but lots of power.

  11. Osmo Says:

    2-5 was really hard until I figured out a strategy. Just build fusion cores as often as you can and surround your base with gauss cannons. Build a new one of each as soon as you can afford it. Should survive the attack fairly easily.

  12. nanode Says:

    has anyone been able to pass 2-6 yet? insanely difficult… fun, but jeesh

  13. Catamount Says:

    Any thoughts on 2-6? Tried Fusion Cores and upgrading aircraft. Just can’t generate enough firepower quick enough.

  14. Asifilich Says:

    2-6 was easier than 2-5 you liars!, just upgrade everything/get two fusion, get a generator, and from that point on just keep building defence

    eventually your fighters will get through, because of the two supply, USE ADV FIGHTERS with the small ones, and a wolverine for defence maybe

  15. Weakster Says:

    You can beat 2-6 if you make all fighter bays build crescent ships.

  16. Blackout Says:

    If 2-2 if too much for you, find a different game. 2-2 was a cakewalk compared to 2-5. I dunno about 2-6 (yet).

  17. Dim Says:

    I passed 2-6 fairly easily, by having each airport build a different kind of ship (3 different kinds total).

  18. @Blissinged Says:

    4 fusion reactors, then spam autoguns (more on the east side than the north). Then build up resources and finish. Hope that helps! :)

  19. Syko Says:

    In 2-2, first build an additional fusion core. Then I build additional heavy lasers and autoguns. Just build the autoguns and heavy lasers. There are three areas where the enemy attacks: top, right, and top-right. Make sure you have at least two heave lasers and an autogun in each area. The thor missile will do the job of finishing the buildings.

    In 2-5, build at least 5 fusion cores. then gauss cannons. Just build them around the area. After some time, you would have enough resources to build autoguns. This should be enough. Forget about troops.

    In 2-6, first build defenses. autoguns, heavy lasers, etc. After a good defense, build a thor missile. This will do the job.

  20. John Says:

    level 2-5 - build 3-4 power plant and then spam gauss cannons. 2-6 - build 3 power plants, upgrade buildings you have on start to adv fighter and frigate, nothing more.

  21. Ding Says:

    3-2 is freaking impossible, any tips?

  22. GRNDL Says:

    upgrade mainbase (resources)
    build 2 energy generators
    upgrade fighter bay1 - ADV
    upgrade fighter bay2 - Gunoboat
    upgrade fighter bay3 - wolwerine
    upgrade 1st supply dock
    upgrade 2nd suppy dock
    build figterbay….

    easy :)

  23. Charlie Says:

    * Spoiler *

    Build at least four fighter bays and three supply docks. Let the fighter do their job…

    Build two fusion cores. Upgrade fighter bay to “wolverine” as soon as poosible. You may also want to build some heavy lasers in different directions for additional defence. The rest should be a peace of cake…

    Build an additional fusion core. Then build at least one laser (lower right) and two heavy lasers between the normal lasers, to form a nice defence line. Build fighter bay as soon as resources allow for it and upgrade “supplies” at Station.
    Now wait until enough energy and mass is accumulated to build an accumulator. Now build supply docks and further fighter bays. you should have about 3-4 each (one bay for each fighter class and supply docks for about 30 ships). Don’t forget to upgrade all of them. Red and Yellow will keep each other busy until you take them out…

    Use time of first assault to build at least two additional fusion cores. Wait until enough resources are available to build accumulator. Then build up defence with a appropriate mix of about two addtional heavy lasers and about two autoguns.
    Keep on building resource producing facilities. If you have about four fusion cores and at least two accumulators, start building fighter bays (about 7-8) and supply docks (about 5). Don’t forget to upgrade all facilities. Finish the enemy…
    (P.S.: The repair shops are of great value in this level.)

    This is the first level, which seems a bit tougher. The key in the beginning is a good balance of defence structures and resource structures. Build two fusion cores and some normal lasers (about 6) at strategic points. Be aware also to protect the “back” of your station, since the fighters which fly over your base turn around and come back. Thus, do not only build defence towers in the direction of the enemy station. As soon as you have the feeling that your defences keeps the enemy at a distance start building accumulators. Upgrade them immediately after building.
    If you have about three accumulators and four fusion cores you may start with fighter bay, starport and supply docks.
    I preferred to upgrade the starport to “battle ship” for a fast end, but you may use this level to find out the advantages of each ship.

    Build three fusion cores directly below your station. The build two autoguns left and right of the middle heavy laser. Build two accumulators. Upgrade fusion cores and accumulators. Eventually build two more heavy lasers between outermost two lasers and the defence toxers in the middle. You may also build one or two repair shops (to left and right of station). Then start building ships as usual. You may also want to use gauss cannons as additional defence. Since you get unlimited support, its a quite easy level…

    You need to be fast here: Build three normal laser towers between your and the enemie’s station. Then build immediately afterwards two fusion cores “behind” the station. Then wait until you have enough resources to buld an accumulator.Keep on building fusion cores and accumulators, but keep an eye on your defence structures. If you have five dully updated fusion cores and 2-3 fully updated accumulators, start building artillery towers, since enemy will start to send carriers after a while. After you have build about three artilleries and surrounded them with other towers, you may start building starports, supply docks, etc. Then just build battleships and carriers until the enemy is gone…

    This level can be nasty. Build additional fusion cores until you have no “mass” anymore. Then build a Gauss cannon near to the heavy laser cannon of yellow to the right. The Gauss cannon should destroy the yellow heavy laser. Then build alternating Gauss cannons and heavy laser cannons. The key of winning here is to take out as many buildings to the right of yellow as possible by using heavy lasers. Build also some towers on top of your station to keep the aliens at distance (just fill out the gaps between the already existing towers). DON’T BUILD SHIPS, since they will get infected and overrun you.
    If you manage to take out all buildings to the right, green should only possess only few buildings on top of the map. Build as many towers as necessary to keep the enemies away. Then build one or two accumulators. Then build at least one additional thor missile silo.
    Let the missiles take out the enemy buildings.

    Build three fusion cores above your station. Build two heavy laser towers left. respectively, right of the middle autogun. Keep building Gauss cannons and heavy lasers, until your station seems to keep the “status quo”. Then build accumulators and thor missile silos (at least 2 should be enough). The infection is not always similar, thus, sometimes the alien attacks on your base will be rather weak, sometimes stronger. However, the general key is again not to build ships, since they may be turned against you.

    Compared to the levels before is 2-4 yuite easy. Upgrade the fighter bay to “adv fighter”. It seems the advanced fighter is mostly fast enough to evade infection. Build heavy lasers alternating to the left and right of the base. You should have at least 2-3 heavy lasers on the right and at least 4-5 on the right. If you have enough energy, you should also build Gauss cannons. Also use some autoguns as “nearfield-protection” for the heavy lasers. Upgrade the fusion cores and the accumulator.
    Build thor missile silo. Finish the enemies off…

    Build four fusion cores around the station. Build four Gauss cannons at each corner of the Station. Build next to each Gauss cannon one heavy laser. Build one more Gauss cannon in each corner. Now the towers should keep the attacks at distance. Use the time to build an accumulator and upgrade all buildings. Build a second accumulator. Then start building artillery in all four corners. Keep building Gauss-cannons and other cannons as hell. Dont bother if you loose one of the accumulators. The key to this level is to have four artillery cannons in all four directions protected by smaller towers (e.g. Gauss) to have a chance against the alien carriers and other big ships at the end of this mission.

    You need to be very fast here: Build three fusion cores. Upgrade all fighter bays to produce “adv fighter”. Build gauss cannons when necessary. Upgrade supply docks and station so that more fighters can be produced. If you are fast, the fighters will overrun the enemy bases before they can send bigger waves of ships and cause you trouble.

    3-1 To 3-5
    The alien levels are easily summarized: towers, towers towers. That is, build as many normal laser towers as possible and hope they will infect the enemy faster as he can eliminate you. There seems to be no difference in fire rate between the towers, thus, you may use the cheapest available. One last hint: Even if you loose your station you can still win, if the remaining towers create a large enough infection rate.

    The last level is a mystery to me: Apparently you need only to sit back and watch?

  24. Sebastian Says:

    Hey, lvl. 3.5 is really easy if you
    know the tactics!!!
    The missle launcher just shots the direct way to your base or he hits something in front of it. So place a very cheap gun in some distance (the missle has a radius!!!) to your base or at best even some more in a distance to each other, and everytime one gun is destroyed, pause the game and rebuild it! Meanwhile build up ports and destroy the enemy

  25. morrima Says:

    I agree about 3.2, you can’t even make defensive towers… any tips?

  26. Antonio Says:

    SO THE 3-’s ARE SO EASY.

  27. mark Says:

    2-6 is fairly easy all you have to do is get enough resources for the bomber (adv ship building) it only attacks buildings and does it quick then upgrade rest of your ships to adv fighters will finish job really quick 3-4 is impossible!

  28. cam Says:

    For 2-6 Use bombers to destroy there buildings…soo ead\sy

  29. mordicai Says:

    Thanks– the Gauss cannon tip really did the trick on 2-5. Maybe it should be the Gauss Canon?

  30. Jeremiah C. Ramos Says:

    key : the autoguns , which is capable if firing 3 lasers at the same time which is convenient to the “virus” which causes for your troops to attack the infected buildings first which is inconvenient because the virus can sneak a way [a tactic can be used on stage 3].

    build 3 fusion core , start making autoguns like a diamond . buy time and fill the spaces with autoguns TOO . and try to build an accumulator then fill the area with autoguns with some heavy lasers for the heavy ships . [try defending the heavy laser with autoguns]

    ps : your own ships wouln’t work . they’ll just get infected , even the adv fighter [you may survive about the half of it but once the carriers arrive , it's the end]

  31. Jeremiah C. Ramos Says:

    create 3 fusion cores . upgrade all ships to adv fighter and activate basic fighter from station [they're good decoys]. upgrade supply dock for more ships . wait and upgrade bomber from starport .

    ps : you may have trouble from start but you’ll see enemy ships having trouble with adv fighters , they’ll soon disappear though . don’t build anything . it will cost resources . your defence towers can handle it even one may be destroyed .

  32. Obsseser Says:

    Level 2-5 Can be Solved, without any loss of buildings, having the enemy not even visit your base.
    Build 3 fusion core.
    ship base.
    expand army size /supplies
    one more accumilator
    more ship base… keep growing the number of active ships, by growing their regeneration speed by building more bases. have this one goal in mind and all enemies will be left far away.

    This can also be done with as little as 4 ship bases, and no defence turrents. I’ve also finished this level having 70 ships…
    it’s a matter of overwhelming army size, to “obliterate everything:” before it even reaches you..:)

    awesome game, needs more levels, and some gaming expansion.

  33. Nase M. Foor Says:

    this game suckes don’t play it morons

  34. Temgem Says:

    @23rd post: I’ve finished this game with your guide.

    5/5 Good game to enjoy.
    This game can improve more to play again.

  35. Ace Says:

    23rd post best guide for game *thumbs up*

  36. TKTang Says:

    I wish there was pvp, as in fight other players, maybe allied play with players and maybe survival?

    anyways 2-5 and 2-6 are the peak hardest, build towers for 2-5 and i rush battleships or fighters with 2-6, enemy bases have surprisingly low heath

    only episode threes, spam the little laser cannons, they produce the alien infection thing, (slowly) when you have like 10+ you will infest faster than you die

  37. TKTang Says:

    stuff like repair base, artillery cannons, frigates, thor missiles, and stations i have very rarely used. Those stuff i think are useful in a pvp enviro though.

  38. thomas Says:

    thanks 23 you are realy good at statagy

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