Sapphire Skies walkthrough, tips and tricks.

Sapphire Skies is a new, unique action game based on flying around beautiful levels and blowing things up. The game will be released soon and is awaiting for a walkthrough, tips and tricks. Read more details for Sapphire Skies.
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Save the world and discover Sapphire Skies. Pilot tons of different ships around randomly generating, fully destructible levels, destroying waves of enemies and blasting away all foes in the process.

Sapphire Skies Features:
- 15 randomly generating, fully destructible levels
- A story spanning over 250 dialogues
- 12 ships
- 8 different weapon types
- 3 massive background paintings
- 4 music tracks and over 65 sound effects
- Mining mechanic and 10 different cargo items.

Watch Sapphire Skies:

Have fun the following weekend guys and girls!
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