Gold Machine walkthrough, strategy guide and cheats

Gold Machine is a new game of unique gameplay which is a mixture of puzzle, action and strategy, where you need to use your gold machine and defend your mice! The game will be released soon and is awaiting for a walkthrough, strategy guide and cheats. Read more details for Gold Machine.
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Puzzle out how to activate the mysterious “sand box” and turn it into the “Gold Machine” to repel the invading forces across fifteen episodes!

The peaceful island was invaded by Evil General and his army! You must help the native mouse operates the Gold Machine, and defeat the Evil Army!

Gold Machine Features:
- Cool animation of machine transforming into different modes
- New enemies introduced for every level
- Different ways to win the game

Below are shown few screenshots for Gold Machine.
gold machine screenshot 1

gold machine screenshot 2

gold machine screenshot 3

gold machine screenshot 4

gold machine screenshot 5

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