Jul 4

The King’s League is a new kind of simulation/strategy game where you need to train the King’s League. The game will be released soon and is awaiting for a walkthrough, guide and cheats. Read more detail for The King’s League.
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The King of Kurestal Kingdom has declared a league - The King’s League. The champion will be given the honour to battle him and ascend his throne.

Kurestal Kingdom has prospered under the diligent reign of its King. However, the current King is already old of age - and has no heir. His Madjesty has hence declared a league - The King’s League - that whoever emerges champion will be eligible to battle him and ascend his throne.

Check out these screenshots from The King’s League.
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Jul 2

HI ya guys another week and another update. Staryu is the target pokemon for this week so best of luck guys. There will be 8 digit or letters in the clue. good luck here are the clues.


The playtowerdefensegames.com homepage the first clue is the letter under the word PLAY.


How many World War 2, Tower defense games are there on playTDG remember dates between 1939 to 1945.


Work out the maths clue to work out the simple maths problem. Click here


Follow clue 3 to work your way through clue 4 or Click here


On the clickable thumbnail before you enter clue 3 how many element icons are there around the pokey Ball.


On this speicla version of bloons tower defense 3 hacked. On the icon how many bloons are on the screen and not being in the process of being popped.


In the TOP GAMES section how many games have gone pass 1million plays.


The Amount of digits there are in the games rating system. For examples.

45 Votes ( =2)

Jul 1

Battle Beavers is a new beat ‘em up game enchanted with tons of RPG elements. The game will be released soon and is awaiting for a walkthrough, guide and some tips and tricks. Read the full description for Battle Beavers.
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A beat ‘em up with RPG elements. Follow the story of a beaver named Bold on a mission to defeat Rangor the Terrible.

Once upon a time the Beavers lived in peace and harmony… The head of the clan was a beaver named Bold. A charismatic and gentle leader who was well loved through the pains.
But darker times lay in wait… Rangor the terrible! After recruiting an army he swept through the plains.. In the mountain of Moira an evil beaver was intent on ruling the land and planning his attack! No prisoners! No Mercy! Tonight we DINE IN HELL!!
Fight and win the army of bad beavers!

Battle Beavers Features:
- Gain XP and level up by defeating beavers in combat.
- Battle many different enemies on your way to the ultimate showdown with Rangor.
- Pull off combo moves to cause extra damage.
- 6 different stat types to level up.
- 6 different magic attacks to earn as you level up.
- Many different weapons, shields, helmets, armor, and magical charms to collect and buy.
- 15 different areas to fight in.
- Follow Bold’s story with comic book style panels and animations.

Watch the official trailer for Battle Beavers:

Enjoy your weekend guys and have fun playing at PlayTowerDefenseGames.com - the best site for strategy games.

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