Bugzilla: Software Development War walkthrough, guide and cheats

Bugzilla: Software Development War is a new type of defense game in which you need to pick your team and fight the incoming bugs! This game is “made” by a true story! The game will be released soon and is awaiting for a walkthrough, guide and cheats. Read the full description for Bugzilla: Software Development War.
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Game made by a true story, involving those evil robotic bugs and their invasion on the innocent software in development.

- We are a big familiy in a software development. Lets have a peek how software development process look alike…

Pick your team and fight the incoming bugs! Different bugs, different jobs needed.
Idea of bugzilla was come from mechanism of bug-fixing in software development house. You play as a team leader. You have to choose your developer and fight the incoming bugs. Different bugs, different jobs needed.

Bugzilla: Software Development War Features:
- 21 levels with lots of bug waves
- 5 kinds of Bugs with different way to kill
- The Bugs move faster as the level increase
- Test your Team Leader skills by completing the whole game
- Facing you against your fear of bugs (if there is any)

Bugzilla: Software Development War official trailer:

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