Bohun: Revenge walkthrough, guide, cheats and tips

Bohun: Revenge is a new action packed fighting game which consist of using your fighting abilities mixed up with alot complex combos and magic skills during the dark night. The game will be released soon and is awaiting for a walkthrough, guide, cheats and tips. Read the full description for Bohun: Revenge.
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Help Bohun to kill Dark Khan and liberate his people.

Ukraine, XVI-th century.
The southern part of the country borders with the Crimean Khanate’s land, which is headed by the brutal and bloody ruler Chuluk-Bay. Regiments of horde mercilessly attacked the Ukrainian land, plundering and killing them, small children and women were taken in slavery…

But there were those who resisted the conquerors - legendary warriors cossacks. Council of Elders elected cossack Bohun for hazardous mission - to destroy the leader of the horde Chuluk-Bey. There are rumors that Chuluk-Bay worship dark Gods and he takes his strength from them.

But Bohun has also secret - light mother-earth’s wisdom. He is ready to apply it against Dark Khan to conquer and liberate his people. Bohun will steal in the den of Chuluk-Bay in the night to avoid the numerous enemy forces.
Good luck to him.

Watch Bohun: Revenge official trailer:

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