Sky Defender: Joe’s Story walkthrough, guide and cheats

Sky Defender: Joe’s Story is a new classic defense-style game which take action way up, up to the blue sky. The game will be released soon and is awaiting for a walkthrough, guide and cheats. Read the full description for Sky Defender: Joe’s Story.
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A classic defense-style arcade in old-school game-making tradition.

Campaign. You will accompany Joe on his way from the complete wipe-out of the Celestial Kingdom, to the complete victory over the barbarian hordes that arrived from the vicious Earth to conquer the Sky lands.
The Campaign Mode includes:
- 30 exciting missions
- 5 unique awards
- 10 exclusive Campaign achievements
- Over 40 minutes of addictive fun

Survival. This mode consists of the continual enemy waves. Between the waves you will be able to spend the looted money on various upgrades, castle floors, and new weapons.
The Survival Mode includes:
- Over 40 enemy waves
- 2 unique awards unavailable in the Campaign Mode
- 10 exclusive Survival achievements
- Over 45 minutes of intense battles

Watch the official trailer for Sky Defender: Joe’s Story:

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