Jun 20

Defend Your Nuts is a new shooting defense game starring a squirrel who must defend his acorns against waves of evil monsters! The game will be released soon and is awaiting for a full walkthrough and strategy guide. Read more details for Defend Your Nuts.
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Defend Your Nuts is a cute defense game starring a squirrel who must defend his acorns against waves of evil monsters!
The game features many upgradeable items and weapons, half a dozen monsters, and a boss battle on stage 20!

Defend Your Nuts Features:
- 12 achievements,
- Leaderboard,
- 3 different difficulty settings (easy, normal, hard),
- Translations into 16 languages!
- Amazing cartoon graphics,
- Cute squirrel and other enemies characters (including zombies and skeletons)

Check out these screenshots for Defend Your Nuts.

Defend Your Nuts screenshot 1
defend your nuts screen 1
Defend Your Nuts screenshot 2
defend your nuts screen 2
Defend Your Nuts screenshot 3
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Jun 17

A Tale by Alex is a new unique 2d platformer about a boy who likes to play with a lot of fantasy. The game will be released soon and is awaiting for a walkthrough and guide. Read more details for A Tale by Alex.
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I’m Alex, and I’m 9 years old. Whenever I come home from school, I like to play. With my friends, my cat and even my fish! My sister can’t play along, because she’s a girl and evil! Whenever I hurt myself I get to go to the toy store with my mother. I get to choose whatever I want!

But now you’re here, let me tell you a story! Once upon a time, there was a knight called Alex. He was a strong and fearsome man, slaying whatever came in his way. He was big and handsome and the strongest man in the land!
He comes across wizards, robots and even awesome big dragons. He climbed mountains, jumped over lava and dodged deadly traps to become the greatest warrior ever! The further he came, the more Alex was known as a hero. The moment he got past the dragons lair he was even crowned the King! Want to know how it ends? Come play along after school! We’ll have lemonade! But remember I, the great Alex, will be the Hero.

A Tale by Alex features:
- Simultaneously controlling three characters at the same time bringing a completely unique experience
- Unique art style consisting of crooked pixels which are diagonally aligned instead of horizontally
- Unique setting about typical child fantasy
- Voice acting as you’ve never heard before
- Over 15 items such as different melee weapons, ranged weapons, armor and mounts the player can buy to get further in the game
- 10 different enemies, in their unique form in the real world, to the rich fantasy of Alex

Here is A Tale by Alex official trailer:

Now since there is no more school (for those who went on school) can I ask you what will you do with your free time?
Enjoy your weekend and have fun in the following hot summer.

Jun 16

Firestarter is a new a fun skill game in which you need to save your life from the flames of your burning office. The game will be released soon and is awaiting for a walkhtrouhg, guide and some tips and tricks. Read more details for Firestarter.
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Firestarter is a skill type of game which will give a major test on your sense for fast reacting and saving your life. Your office is on fire, save yourself! A fun skill game with cartoon graphics where players fight for highscore.

Here is the Firestarter official trailer:

Jun 15

Riddle Transfer is the latest point and click school adventure made by JonBro. Below are shown more details about the game, and the video walkthrough for Riddle Transfer.
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Riddle Transfer takes place right where Riddle School 5 left off, and is the sizeable first part of what will be a five-part series. Phil Eggtree has saved his friends and rid the world of the alien leader Viz, but his journey back home doesn’t turn out how anyone could have predicted. This is the start of a new adventure–one much more dangerous than the last.

Those of you who wanted to see a Riddle School 6, here it is! More than half a year in the making, this is physically larger than any of the Riddle School games, and a lot of time has been spent touching up the story, the puzzles, the animation, and in all other aspects making sure it meets (and hopefully surpasses) the standards set by the first series.

Watch Riddle Transfer video walkthrough:

Jun 14

Monstrosity: Nightcrawler Menace is a unique shooter game well done with long lasting gameplay, deep storyline, extreme bosses and high quality graphics and music. The game will be released soon and is awaiting for a walkthrough, guide and cheats. Read more details for Monstrosity: Nightcrawler Menace.
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In Alblack village, there was a Tree of Life that acted as the village’s guardian. It also produced Magic fruits which made wishes from the villagers to come true. One day, greed overcome the village and the tree is fallen along with the village. A survivor from the incident arise from the dead village, trying to rebuild it.

Monstrosity: Nightcrawler Menace Features:
- Up to 3 pets to choose from
- 10 various monsters
- Battle 3 furious bosses
- 20 Achievements to unlock
- High quality graphical effects and animation!

Here is the Monstrosity: Nightcrawler Menace official trailer:

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