Badass McKnight Mystery Code

HI ya guys welcome to the easter egg hunt for the Badass Mcknight. The code enables you to use a special feature within the game. There are 8 digits to find for the code. The code will consit of 8 letters or numbers.

Good luck lets start the easter egg hunt


What is the Rank for PLAYS for the game Bloons Tower Defense 4 on playowerdefensegames. The page top games will help you solve the first clue.


The game Wizrd RUN How many times can you upgrade the advanced fire ball spell.


According to the playTDG top games section what is the first letter of the top rated game on playTDG.


On the homepage there are 2 sections at the bottom defense and tower defense. How many games does the Defense section have in it.


In the game Warfare Tower Defense the TDG Turret Cost X00. Find the first number on how much the turret costs.


The first letter of the second turret in the game sparks of war.


TO get clue 7 read the game details for the game Pokemon Tower Defense

Thanks for getting the clue feel free to post question i you have any issues getting the code. Thanks AdminAnt

10 Responses

  1. a Says:


  2. Alex Says:

    There are 7 clues,
    but you say there must be eight numbers or letters.
    Where is the eight clue?

  3. peter Says:

    yeah, he is right,
    where is the eight clue, because only these seven doesn’t work

  4. este Says:

    i love you

  5. ****** Says:

    codes of mew enjoy

    14e0a0f36a0809 7fd1
    14e0a0f46c092c 5202
    14e0a0f630ee37 2e3e
    14e0a0f7064154 3ed3

  6. ****** Says:

    14e0a10d2d29e8 8ea4

  7. someone not happy. Says:

    We are told it need 8 characters, but the game will only allow you to enter 7. assuming the game count for clue 4 is using two digits of the 8, it could work, if the game allowed you to enter all 8 characters. So does it just not display past 7 or is it impossible to successfully finish this hunt?

  8. mi Says:

    pssword is epicdmg

  9. blarg Says:

    i have gotten 13b64m i am missing clue 7 anyone know what it is?

  10. funnycat Says:

    mi is write it is epicdmg cool it gives u a hand of the king sword it is the best

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