Monstrosity: Nightcrawler Menace walkthrough, guide and cheats

Monstrosity: Nightcrawler Menace is a unique shooter game well done with long lasting gameplay, deep storyline, extreme bosses and high quality graphics and music. The game will be released soon and is awaiting for a walkthrough, guide and cheats. Read more details for Monstrosity: Nightcrawler Menace.
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In Alblack village, there was a Tree of Life that acted as the village’s guardian. It also produced Magic fruits which made wishes from the villagers to come true. One day, greed overcome the village and the tree is fallen along with the village. A survivor from the incident arise from the dead village, trying to rebuild it.

Monstrosity: Nightcrawler Menace Features:
- Up to 3 pets to choose from
- 10 various monsters
- Battle 3 furious bosses
- 20 Achievements to unlock
- High quality graphical effects and animation!

Here is the Monstrosity: Nightcrawler Menace official trailer:

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