Shiny Pokemon Tower Defense Starter

Hi ya guys this week with have another shiny hunt. This week we are giving away a shiny starter the epic charmander. There is once again 8 digit in the clue and you will be taken to different places on the website to find them. good luck.


The game on the Home page how many games are there in the HOT NEW GAMES section.


The game Modern Tactics 4 on playtowerdefensegames has this amount of missions ( - 7 ) is your clue.


Find clue 3 here Clue 3


Find Clue 4 here Clue 4


The epic game Sparks of War has 8 great levels to choose from. What letter is the first letter of the 2nd Tower you can buy on the 1st level. Sparks Of War


What si the FIRST number in the amount of play the game Warzone tower defense Extended you might have to checkout the top games section.


hehe maybe a little tricky for some but in the game Neuron. The games main menu what is the letter under the word Play


The last clue is the same as last weeks last clue click here to continue Pokemon Tower Defense

good luck and enjoy playing pokemon tower defense

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  1. jordy Says:


  2. jordy Says:

    Yo guys trust me this code aint easy its pretty complicated

  3. jordy Says:

    i tried 6 times still nothin

  4. Misty Says:

    where is my code? :@

  5. Misty Says:

    please please please let me get what i want!!! (:

  6. kim Says:

    what is the clue 7, i see the word edit

  7. kim Says:

    the rest i alredy know

  8. kim Says:

    well im from brasil i dont speak english god

  9. spacecat1 Says:

    first one!

  10. Taylor Says:

    I’m not sure what the clue is for Neuron. I’m sure that there’s supposed to be something there, but..

  11. Bryan Says:

    omg the 7 are n

  12. Andrew Says:

    What is the code of shiny charmander?

  13. Philipp Says:

    Clue number 7 is n. You should look in the main menu to Play tower defense games. Under play is the letter n.

  14. mlg Says:

    clue 7 and im done ill post code

  15. mlg Says:

    just need clue 7 nd ill post code :)

  16. Jorge Says:

    I need the clue 2 “/

  17. badurdur Says:

    whats clue 6 and 8????

  18. badurdur Says:

    whats clue 6 and 8

  19. random Says:

    Listen to Mubex, comment 11!

  20. michael Says:

    i have shiny new i will give only add my msn send me a messange

  21. Link Says:

    Clue 8

  22. Emeric Says:

    Easy one! Clue 6 was a bit clever though…

    And here’s a Gyarados lvl 20:



  23. Emeric Says:

    Because I can; Pidgeotto lvl 29:



  24. Mighark Says:

    the clue 7 is very difficult

    and also i try with all the letters and nothing, i´m wrong with one of the clues

  25. PRO Says:

    Clue 1= 3
    Clue 3= 0

  26. trolololol Says:

    trade shiny charmander for any other shiny

  27. PRO Says:

    sorry clue 3 is 1

  28. PRO Says:

    Clue 1= 3
    Clue 3= 0
    Clue 4= r

  29. Brock Says:

    Clue 1=3
    Clue 2=8(15-7)
    Clue 3=1

  30. Ash123 Says:

    I have alot of pokemon to trade all level 36

  31. andrew Says:

    i will give sombody two butterfrees for a shiny abra and mankey

  32. Ash123 Says:

    Tell me what u want to trade

  33. vitor Says:

    7)it is the letter

  34. Chris Says:

    Don’t get clue 7 :(

  35. ninja guy Says:

    what’s the last clue?

  36. Jel Says:

    what is clue 8

  37. Chris Says:

    There now i got it!

  38. Jeff Says:

    Trading a Shiny Charmander for a Shiny Abra.

    Preview it: 14debdfc43560f

  39. crismatygo Says:

    380rm…clue 6…clue 7…clue 8

  40. eki Says:

    what is clue 8?

  41. chris clawson Says:

    whats the last clue ?

  42. missing Says:

    what was the last clue last week?

  43. andrew Says:

    ill trade a shiny charmander for any pokemmon

  44. Lartos Says:

    Pepe, could you give a clone of our Mew ?

  45. Mr. Swag Says:

    Pepe I will hook u up all three starters full evolution, shiny alakazam and a shiny pigeot for that mew

  46. Lartos Says:

    Ppe, could you give me a Mew ?

  47. bobby Says:

    what is the code?

  48. bobby Says:

    plz tell me the code

  49. Lartos Says:

    I have the Charamander !

  50. bobby Says:


  51. Lartos Says:

    Pepe, would you give me a clone of your Mew ?

  52. ? Says:

    where did the 4 at the end of the code come from?

  53. pokeman Says:

    how’d you get a shiny mew!?!?!?

  54. Lartos Says:

    Pepe, could you give me a clone of your Mew. I will be very greatfull.

  55. geo Says:

    clue 7??????????

  56. geo Says:

    ahhhhhhh very clever ;)
    i like it

  57. CarmoTron Says:

    how did you do pepe, to get shiny mew?

  58. brandon Says:

    what is the code for shiny charmander

  59. Akira Says:

    thnks ;)

  60. warren Says:

    what is clue 8?

  61. Dialga Says:

    i got 373rm and i dont the rest

  62. larp Says:

    What is the last clue!?

  63. larp Says:

    What is the last clue?

  64. DekoMaster Says:

    Yeahhhh i got Shiny Butterfree

  65. Max Says:

    whats the last letter or number???????????????????

  66. Code Giver Says:


  67. ricor Says:

    waht is clue 6 and 8 ?

  68. Becca Says:

    Clue 7 is N

  69. Dudeguy Says:

    I got clue 7 :) Very clever!!

    I’m still getting something wrong, however. It’s probably something very dumb on my part.

  70. DekoMaster Says:


  71. Kali B. Says:

    What was last week’s clue????

  72. nacho Says:

    the game Sparks of Wars doesn´t let me in , it´s on 70 % for one hour

  73. fred Says:

    whats clue 8?

  74. Code Giver Says:


  75. nacho Says:


  76. Code Breaker Says:

    Hey Guys, I got the code.

    Just Remember:

    Clue 3 = 1
    Clue 7 = n
    Clue 8 = 4

  77. palkia Says:

    Oops clue 6 is 1

  78. Ovind Says:

    Clue number 7 is n?
    there is two “play” on the page

  79. kurt Says:

    clue 7 is “n”

  80. Dangill5643 Says:

    Hey guys, clue 7 is n. In play tower defence play is over the N! I really liked that clue!

  81. Dangill5643 Says:

    Hey guys, clue 7 is N. In play tower defence play is over the N!

  82. personguywhoownsapikachu Says:

    what is clue six i really need to know.

  83. german Says:

    dame el segundo codigo de kakuna

  84. Aittib Says:

    OMG!! I GOT IT :D
    7 was the trickiest :3

  85. suco Says:

    la 6 la 7 y la 8 ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  86. Sam Says:

    Yes i got the code, Clue 7 was kinda tricky but its easy once you think about it :)

  87. afasfasf Says:

    what is te 8th clue!!!! D:

  88. Pepe Says:

    i have a shiny mew!!!!!!

  89. Arceus03 Says:

    what is the security code for kakuna

  90. that guy Says:

    what is clue 8

  91. Daywalker Says:

    Is the code case-sensitive?

  92. Douchbag Says:

    Good job w/ the code, very stupid of you.
    clue 1: is [removed by admin]
    clue 2: is 15-7= 8 correct?
    clue 3: = 1
    clue 4: Raichu = [removed by admin]
    clue 5: [removed by admin], for “Machine Gun”
    clue 6: [removed by admin]
    clue 7: where it says “Play Tower defense games the letter is “N”
    clue 8: i believe it is the first number of the rating correct?, which is 4
    i did all of the clues and it says it is incorrect. im pretty sure 99.9% of the clues listed above is correct but Correct me if i’m wrong, and if i am, why make it so complicated for a stupid flash game character?……

  93. rhoni Says:

    does anyone know how to get a mew

  94. pokeman Says:

    its on youtube

  95. The other guy Says:

    your quite welcome

  96. Endless Says:

    tengo shiny kakuna algo por ahi xD?

  97. Endless Says:

    14dec06214f66e = kakuna

  98. Curse Says:

    Can we get all these pokemons avaliable till today in shinie by playing or just by the clues? (i mean all of them avaliable)

  99. fetasio Says:

    Ive Got Some SHINYS BAABYYY!!

    well i will first give my shiny charmander

    preview code:14dec176782d09

    security code:1f58

  100. fetasio Says:

    now ill give a shiny golem!

    preview code:14dec1832062d3

    security code:31dd

  101. 0.o Says:

    im suprized that no ones getting mad because peoples are giving away the code heh lolz

  102. Cody Says:

    thank you Mubex :P

  103. ahbeh Says:

    what is the last clue?

  104. pote Says:

    I NEED A SHINY MEW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  105. pp2 Says:

    I need a mew! Can anyone give me a code?

  106. Alexlass Says:

    Hi.. how do you get past tha last wave in the 3rd challenge.. i got the 2 golems and 3 shiny charmanders at lvl 27.. but i always seam to lose the last bit of candy!!… what to do?

  107. Decoy Says:

    Clue 1 is outdated as PTD is now 2nd on the list, not 3rd.

  108. Man with a plan Says:

    Ok listen to this please if u want a shiny Charzard lvl 36 (which is the max for me right now) Message me with a trade at
    Hope u guys want it

  109. The other guy Says:

    oh and btw clue 7 is actually easy you just need a sharp eye, If you look on the game and look at the part at the bottom of the main menu which says the game’s website or host website there should be a tiny word “play” and under it is the letter n

  110. Lt Wood Says:

    looking for a shiny jynx. Not sure if its possible, but if it is, i got the shiny charmander code.

    I will tell you the code, and also i have many shinies.

  111. Lt Wood Says:

    does anyone have a shiny gyarados?
    i got the shiny charmander code.

    I will tell you the code, and also i have many shinies.

  112. Lt Wood Says:

    you can get up to lvl 36

  113. Endless Says:

    no evoluciones a los charmander antes de que sean lv 25 esa es la tecnica

  114. brad Says:

    hey, i have a shiny charizard im willing to trade for a shiny mew

  115. Endless Says:

    ya tengo al shiny char, quero un ratatta shiny u.u

  116. khb Says:

    me neighter!!

  117. khb Says:

    me neighter

  118. xXhommyXx Says:

    shiny charizard 14dec237597086 08fb

  119. sebastian Says:

    regalo mew shyni lvl 36 solo envienme un correo pidiendolo

  120. sebastian Says:

    estoy regalando un mew shyni lvl 36 gratis solo envienme un correo pidiendomelo

  121. dogs101 girl Says:

    whats the code for a shiny mew, ratata, pidgey, all tha t stuff. Plaese help me.

  122. sebastian Says:

    regalo mew shyni lvl 36 gratis solo envíenme un correo piediendomelo

  123. janox Says:

    shiny charizard level 36 :)

  124. FatalStrikes Says:

    hey whats the highest lvl u can get you pokemon to?

  125. eduardo Says:

    regalo mew shyni lvl 36 gratis solo envienme un correo piediendomelo

  126. rawrr Says:

    the code is definatley not 381rm1n and the last digit is not 4

  127. :O Says:

    Can someone say me the code for shiny mew please?
    Alguien me puede decir el código de shiny mew por favor?

  128. :O Says:

    Endless tengo un shiny charmander nivel 12-13¿Lo quieres?

  129. :O Says:

    el codigo es 14dec114911de2 y el de seguridad (no se si lo ocupas) es 1337

  130. :O Says:


  131. sebastian1 Says:

    intercambio mew shyni lvl 36 resivo ofertas

  132. hytmjhynhtuh Says:

    go to skooterpoop on youtube he will give you pokemon tower defence guide 11 also knows as how to beat challenge 3 thank you subscribe please

  133. gas Says:

    i cant beat n3 challange!!!!! how do i????

  134. anonymous Says:

    I’ll trade your zubat for a shiny poliwag.

  135. brad Says:

    highest level is 36 and i still have that shiny charizard

  136. brad Says:

    14dec2309c6168 check it out

  137. F Says:

    Challenge level 3 strategy:

    To beat this use the Geodudes to self destruct until Wave 10, then get the 3 Charmanders, DO NOT EVOLVE THEM, just level them and they get fire fang and flame burst, make sure to also save 3 Geodudes for when you are almost getting over run.

    You can also catch the Golems as they are not bosses and place them in the first 2 spots. They will attack with Magnitude and will weaken multiple pokemon at once.

  138. KH_Master Says:

    just goto youtube and search PTD shiny charmander code there wuz a vid added about 8 hrs ago 3rd from the top dont 4get the 4 at the end

  139. :( Says:

    WHAT IS THE ANSWERS TO CLUES 7 AND 8!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  140. KH_Master Says:

    hope i helped il b on 4 a while so comment back if there are any questions

  141. KH_Master Says:

    btw search youtube 4 any help on game it always works 4 me eventually

  142. ChallengeKingmate Says:

    to beat challenge level 3 catch 2 golems and 3 charmanders… when they try to evovle stop them… to learn fire fang… once they know fire fang u may level them up… and u should complete it :)

  143. KH_Master Says:

    3rd challenge just catxh geodudes place anywhere till the golems come then u catch at least 1 and use golem and geodudes till charmanders come cathc at least 2 then lv up charmanders and DO NOT EVOLVE until after they learn fire fang (shud only need 1 lv) after charmanders learn fire fang evolve 4 more power than continue till u win (a few geodudes will b helpful)

  144. KH_Master Says:

    that works hi bye

  145. anonymous Says:

    know how to get all starters!:)

  146. KH_Master Says:

    how do you get legendaries anyway

  147. hi bye 31 Says:

    to pass chalenge 3 nether cheat on hacked or dont evolve charmander for on time it wants to eveolve and it leans fire fang. catch all golems and charmanders

  148. christy kimble Says:

    hey fatalstrikes, whats the recieve code

  149. FatalStrikes Says:

    Shiny Zubat:

  150. christy kimble Says:

    does anybody have a shiny mew? i have many shinies and high leveled pokemon to trade

  151. LNS Andrew Says:

    FatalStrikes what is the security code for the zubat

  152. Lionfire Says:

    free shiny zubat

    14dec6b2fe5e25 df09

  153. Lionfire Says:

    Do not evolve charmanders right away, then they will learn Fire Fang. Hope this helped, god knows it helped me after about an hour of failure.

  154. Lionfire Says:

    also, ne1 got any tips for Kyogre and its obsessive resting?!?!?

  155. Ekans Says:

    what a shiny Ekans code?

  156. oria Says:

    i give shiny charizard lvl 36 with
    Fire Fang
    Dragon Rage
    Wing Attack
    Flame Burst

    for shiny subat or picachu
    or mew or kakuna or other shiny

  157. oria Says:

    i give shiny charizard lvl 36 with
    Fire Fang
    Dragon Rage
    Wing Attack
    Flame Burst

    for shiny subat or picachu
    or mew or kakuna or other shiny
    email me :

  158. Divine Says:

    heres a lvl 35 charmilien almost 36 shiney



  159. Divine Says:

    heres a lvl 35 charmilien almost 36 shiney



    heres a other one :) if anyone got a mew or a pickachu dont matter wat lvl or not shiney email me at thank you :)

  160. Divine Says:

    hi bye 31 ill email u ok?

  161. Divine Says:

    did u get the email?

  162. Divine Says:


  163. loverofeevee Says:

    got a few shinys if anyone wants them

    level 11 shiny beedrill

    level 6 shiny abra

    level 13 shiny butterfree

  164. Pep Says:

    Shiny Geodude for someone!


  165. hi bye 31 Says:

    im selling my old account it has heaps of pokemon i will give it to you for machop

  166. hi bye 31 Says:

    it also has five shiny mews email me at

  167. Divine Says:


  168. Luca Says:

    What is clue 2,5,6 and 7

    please,please answer i’am in a Dilemma and today is my birthday

  169. Luca Says:

    the code for shiny charmander is to long and didn’t work at least by me






    gosh at last-got a magikarp

  173. ash Says:

    i have all codes im the code maker.

  174. Luca Says:

    I give a shiny Charizard on level 36 for a shiny groudon, kyogre, rayquaza or a shiny mew

  175. KILLER Says:


  176. miniman Says:

    does anyone evan know the code

  177. Jl7 Says:

    Change Shiny Carmander for shiny mew¿

  178. ????? Says:

    shiny charmander 14decafce90ecf 98ac

  179. Tomas Says:


  180. ????? Says:

    14decdd87b3cac c5d7 shiny charizard

  181. ????? Says:

    14decddd06d3c2 543f shiny sandslash

  182. ????? Says:

    14decde1cbcdba b5f8 shiny blastoise

  183. murf Says:

    Can someone say me the code for shiny mew please?
    Alguien me puede decir el código de shiny mew por favor?

  184. Carlos Says:


  185. Frozen Despair Says:

    Man that was fun, finally got shiny charmander

  186. SalamixD Says:

    diganme el codigo del charmander shyni enviadmelo a venga plis

  187. antonio Says:

    el codigo es 381rm1n4

  188. antonio Says:

    the code is 381rm1n4

  189. sander Says:

    wat is shiny charmelion code

  190. murf Says:

    can someone say me the code for shiny mew pleas?

  191. pleice Says:

    381rm1n4 code

  192. Arnau Pascual Says:

    I have a shiny metapod from Viridian forest 1.

    Tengo un metapod shiny del bosque viridian 1.

  193. SalamixD Says:


  194. SalamixD Says:

    cambio shynis charmanders por el pokemon shyni q qerais mi email is

  195. Arthur Says:


  196. ggggggggggg86 Says:

    wer are zubat???????????

  197. mario Says:

    alguien tiene el codigo del charmander shini

  198. ggggggggggg86 Says:

    waht are the code????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  199. hunter Says:

    CLUE 6 is messed up it is 1 not 2

  200. hunter Says:



    that is the shiney charmander code please contact me if you want a shiney butefree lv.36 i would like a shiney abra or a shiney kadabra email me at :D


    please give me you’r preview code and security code with the email please
    as soon as the shiney butefree is given away i will tell you guys for proof see 14decd1be64001 please no lies
    his moves are silver wind,psy beam tackle and iforgot the last one sorry

  203. Magikarp Says:

    The conde for the SHINEY CHARMANDER is 3*1**1n*. If someon wanna that send me the code for Magikarp.

    O codeigo para SHINEY CHARMANDER é
    3*1**1n*. preciso de um Magikarp, me mandam um e-mail que retornarei com codigo completo.

  204. jcerbuc Says:

    The code PLZ
    El codigo porfa!!!

  205. SalamixD Says:

    venga gente dadme shynis anda enviadmelos a tambien cambio pokemons venga pero porfavor dadme alguno jooo un mew o un blastoise o un charizar o gyarados shynis vengaa

  206. adrian Says:

    cambio bedrill sinin por otro sinin k no sean:abra(ni evoluciones)zuat(ni evoluciones)pidgey,pidgeotto,ratata,raticate,jigglipoff,(ni su evolucion)ni geoduden(ni evoluciones)

  207. Magikarp Says:

    Better, SHINEY CHARMANDER for Magikarp.

  208. unknown man Says:

    hey i got the code
    email me if you want the code

  209. janox Says:

    SHINY MEW LEVEL 36!!!!!!!

  210. Sam Says:

    Hello, my friends. I know the game maybe isn´t SO awesome, there is still a small amount of bugs. I will defeat these bugs, as if my Lvl. 100 Infernape (Diamond Version) Defeated a Lvl. 3 starly!!

  211. xD dude Says:

    Please can someone give my a strategy to obtain that stupid old rod?

  212. xD dude Says:

    what’s the code of the shiny charmander?

  213. peterneedsmew Says:

    trading shiny charmander

  214. peterneedsmew Says:

    trading shiny charmander for shiny mew

  215. AstoGuy Says:

    Whats the code!?

  216. AstoGuy Says:


  217. Massimo Says:

    I have Charizard , Blastoise, Venusaur , Raichu , Alakazam* , Pidgeot*, Gyarados , Ninetales , Golem* , Arcanine , Primeape, Wigglytuff*, Poliwrath , Raticate* , Butterfree* , Vileplume , Nidoqueen , Nidoking , Golbat*.

    They are ALL Lvl 36!
    * after their name means they are shiny, anyone wants to trade ? :D make a good offer.

  218. personguywhoownsapikachu Says:

    that code does not work :(

  219. Doghound13 Says:

    I have the code. Willing to give it to anyone for another pokemon.

  220. antonio Says:

    para el que no sepa como se consigue la pokedex

    evita k evolucione a charmilion para k aprenda firefan

  221. Satoshik Says:


  222. ricardo Says:

    shiny charmanders









  223. nikkeeyyyy Says:


  224. Kadu Says:

    Guys, pay atention, is not the “Warzone Tower Defence”… is “Warzone Tower Defence EXTENDED” … the numbers of plays are diferent.

  225. Darkklaw Says:


    Got a bunch of s.charmander ftw :D

  226. ricardo Says:

    with iemand the code for shiny squirtle
    shiny bulbasaur

  227. KOLTON Says:


  228. deli Says:


  229. LP Gastii Says:

    alguien sabe como pasar el nuevo nivel para sacar el pokedex?¿

  230. Abdiel 55 Says:

    i have shiny abra, zubat, i will trade for shiny charmander

  231. Abdiel 55 Says:

    plzzz help with charmander plzzz

  232. kajun alec Says:

    where can you find a mew?

  233. maxi Says:

    shiny jinx level 36 14ded08e3da701 308d

  234. manex Says:

    i got all the three starting pokemon lvl 36
    and an alakazam and golem raitcho
    shiyn golbat and primeape and shiny
    if some one want trade just send a mail to

  235. maxi Says:

    shyni jinx level 36 14ded08e3da701 308d

  236. Abdiel 55 Says:

    some one trading shiny charmander for zubat and abra

  237. Abdiel 55 Says:

    quiero charmander shiny doy shiny abra hablame a

  238. Coolest Kid Ever Says:

    proof of free mews:

    email me at and offer me a trade (I’ll accept anything that looks interesting) *limit 1 mew per pokemon offered

  239. yo murf Says:

    preview code:

    murf, here’s proof, email me at for the security code… gimme any shiny pokemon and we hav a deal

  240. ultimate poke for free Says:

    14ded1d7fb7f2e a6fd
    this ultimate pokemon is a level 36 shiny golem who knows water pulse, flame burst, leaf tornado, and thunderbolt… im not even kidding, go ahead and get it while you can

  241. ultimate shiny mew for free Says:

    free ultimate shiny mew
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  242. Sim Says:


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  244. email me for any pokes Says:

    i will trade and giv stuff for free… even shiny mews!!!

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  246. email me for any pokes Says:

    should also mention my email address lol

  247. namename Says:

    lv 36 shiny charizard will trade for anything shiney that isnt geodude.

  248. namename Says:

    lv 36 shiny charizard will trade for anything shiney that isnt geodude.
    comment and i’ll probably respond

  249. hytmjhynhtuh Says:

    murf the code is
    14ded148a7de76 71d1

  250. ratmen Says:

    yo jeff ill give you a lvl 36 gyarados or shiny golem for the shiny charmander.

  251. namename Says:

    lv36 shiney charizard or golem i will trade for anything shiney apart from charmander and geodude

  252. ratmen Says:

    can someone tell me the last code for 8 i didnt see the code last week

  253. namename Says:

    @jcerberg i have the code and i’ll give you it for anything shiney that’s not geodude or charizard. Also, do you want to trade a lv.36 charizard or golem?

  254. namename Says:

    trade you for a lv.36 shiney charizard, golem or golbat. Or the shiny charmander code

  255. irvin Says:

    guys the code is 381rm1n4

  256. namename Says:

    nwo -its easy try using geodudes until the golems catch them and use them and geodudes until the charmanders. Dont evolve it and it will learn fire fang then evolve it and use your charizards and golems to win.

  257. phatboy1 Says:

    what is clue 6 7 plzzzzzzzzztell me plzzzz

  258. namename Says:

    code for shiney anything pls?

  259. namename Says:

    Arnau Pascual i’ll trade you for a lv.36 shiney charizard, golem or golbat. Or the shiny charmander code

  260. XxPKMNzZxX Says:

    Oke i says the code!!!!!!!

    Its : 381rm1n4

    Yes that’s the code!!!! :D

  261. bostonboy Says:

    There was a defect in the game so even after all the rare candy was gone it still went on so I got my pokedex :D

  262. phatboy1 Says:

    i got 10 shiny charmanders

  263. bostonboy Says:

    Willing 2 trade shiny charmander for shiny abra

  264. Darkrai Says:

    What’s the sixth clue????????

  265. peterneedsmew Says:

    what would u trade for a shiney mew

  266. peterneedsmew Says:

    what would u trade for shini mew

  267. peterneedsmew Says:

    trading a shini mew send me a message of ur trade to

  268. nicolasss Says:

    el codigo es : 381rm1n4 de verdad

    the code is : 381rm1n4 really

  269. Waste Says:

    What is the third challenge code?

  270. Darkrai Says:

    What’s the fifth clue????????

  271. Waste Says:

    And what is the second challenge code?

  272. dude Says:

    hey give me a shiny mew any level for a shiny charizard lv 36! preview code: 14ded22db926

  273. darkfire980 Says:

    this was the hardest one yet, but
    3 hours, 8 apples, 1 Ravioli Meal, 1 New book, and 4 years later, i got the code

  274. Arceus03 Says:

    14ded3395886f0 91af

  275. William Says:

    I will give any one a lv.36 Charizard and a lv.36 Nidoqueen if they give a vulpix and polwag

  276. icespawn13 Says:

    free shiny charmander: 14ded341a3b05e 9baa

  277. ahseghcxd Says:

    when i played pokemon tower defence
    after route 3 it said coming soon and ive waited 3 months!

  278. daburns13 Says:

    plz tell us the shiny charmander code……anybody plz

  279. murf Says:

    Can someone say me the code for shiny mew please?

  280. dano3712 Says:

    i´ve got the code:381rmni
    or when it does´nt work it´s:380rmni

  281. ozan Says:

    ik ben 16 duus pokemon is SAAI wie van pokemon hout is domste

  282. nathan Says:

    preview for mew 14ded2c1762bff

    security code 1924

    plz post who gets it

  283. nathan Says:

    mew for anybody 14ded2d18ecaae
    plz tell me who got the mew

  284. gift Says:


  285. Andrew :) Best Team :) Says:


    Free Charizard ! NOT Shiny ….
    FYI…. shiny charizard is sick !

  286. nwo Says:

    anyone had any luck beating the 3rd challenge?

  287. elise Says:

    trade someone for an oddish

  288. elise Says:

    anyone want an oddish

  289. elise Says:


  290. guiii Says:

    trade shiny mew.

  291. elise Says:

    anyone listening

  292. SalamixD Says:

    enviadme un mew shyni a esta direccion

  293. SalamixD Says:

    poravor es importante porfaffffffrrrrrtffffaaa

  294. elise Says:

    trade someone for shiney pidgy

  295. guiii Says:

    shiny mew de graça gogogogo.

  296. joao vic Says:

    quem me dizer o codigo do charmander shiny dou em troca rattata, pigey ou abra
    lembrete todos os de cima são shiny. :-)

  297. murf Says:

    Can someone say me the code for shiny mew please?

  298. namename Says:

    Can someone say me the code for shiny mew please?

  299. murf Says:

    plz give my a mew/abra!

  300. elise Says:

    i love trading trade someone for shiny zubat preview code 14ded457b89a14

  301. SalamixD Says:

    secret code:5d9d
    is a charmander shyni ^^ is a present for you

  302. SalamixD Says:

    plis regaladme a mew plis pli 1 mew shyni my email is plis plis

  303. elise Says:

    shiny zubat secret code bfa5

  304. dano3712 Says:

    shiny charmander

    who wants to trade?


  305. murf Says:

    plz give my a mew/abra plz!

  306. satoshi Says:

    plz give me a abra/mew plzplzplz!plz

  307. elise Says:

    can i hav a free shiney motopod

  308. elise Says:

    gotta go come back byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  309. namename Says:

    murf i will give you my kadabra, which is the evoloution of abra, for a mew or shiney pokemon. ok?

  310. Angel Says:

    what is the code for the shiny charmander

  311. Angel Says:

    plz tell me the code for the charmander

  312. travis Says:

    shiny strong mew

    Preview Code : 14ded454c326ff
    Security Code : 749c

  313. travis Says:

    has any one claimed my mew?

  314. travis Says:

    another free mew identical to the first

    Preview Code : 14ded46a428777
    Security Code : e8dc

  315. travis Says:

    more mew!

    Preview Code : 14ded46fba2abd
    Security Code : 3213

  316. german Says:

    plaze give me a shini mew

  317. travis Says:

    and another!

    Preview Code : 14ded473de9b70
    Security Code : 2800

  318. luis Says:

    pikachu code 14dec237597086
    oter code 8113

  319. travis Says:

    mew mew mew

    Preview Code : 14ded478caad77
    Security Code : 2479

    Preview Code : 14ded47a257147
    Security Code : 8577

    Preview Code : 14ded47af6eaa6
    Security Code : 09d8

  320. cacavoladora Says:

    14ded477cbeb50 0b2a free shiny kakuna.

  321. travis Says:

    Preview Code : 14ded4a377df90
    Security Code : 3e8d

  322. travis Says:

    Preview Code : 14ded4a68c9e66
    Security Code : 8a1f

  323. travis Says:

    Preview Code : 14ded4ab88cb57
    Security Code : b275

  324. travis Says:

    Preview Code : 14ded4ac9e5df7
    Security Code : 8ba6

  325. travis Says:

    has any taken my mews?

  326. Lvtcs Says:

    I am trading a level 36 ninetails.

    Preview code:14ded340546543

    Security code:eeec.

    Write back if intrested.

  327. daburns13 Says:

    I got 373**n4 am I right…

  328. the dude man Says:

    will some one trade me a mew i have most pokemon just tell me what you want

  329. michael Says:

    sniny charmander for sale preview code 14ded3741cd022 security 50b1

  330. the dude man Says:

    daburns13 sure but its on youtube

  331. michael Says:

    whats the shiny abra code

  332. anonymous Says:

    will trade a shiny pokemon for a shiny poliwag.

  333. Firedig Says:

    SAY THANKS ANDi want I a mew …how to get it..well you email the CREATOR say thanks again please…… I have all lvl 36 pokemons in my file of pokemon……on my team…k


    shiny charmender code plz

  335. arceus Says:

    that would be good if for another week to come out shiny Magikarp mysterious gift code

  336. 4976 Says:

    the password is381rm1n9

  337. anonymous Says:

    Giving away all three starters,

  338. willywillis Says:

    hey can someone trade me a mew. it doesn’t have to be shiny

  339. anime Says:

    everyone when there is a new shiny pokemon go to youtube to get the code

  340. anonymous Says:

    anybody want them?

  341. Zach Says:

    ill give away one charmander the pc code is 14ded6284ec5f4, and the sc code is 6b6d

  342. VanSirius Says:

    the code not work 381rm1n4 ;)

  343. Abby Says:

    ill trade a pokemon for a shiny pokemon because all my pokemon is strong

  344. Abby Says:

    ill trade any pokemon i have for a shiny mew

  345. janox Says:

    I want a new chapter please

  346. daburns13 Says:


  347. daburns13 Says:

    Hi everybody

  348. peterneedsmew Says:

    trading shini mew send what u r offering to

  349. jaddison Says:

    shiney beedrill lvl 13 get it while its hot
    preview code:14ded4ff7a6593
    oh and shiney code charmander is:38***1*4
    oh and i wud appreciate a mew if possible

  350. chris Says:

    I want a new chapter NOW!

  351. bagni Says:

    alguien tiene el codigo de mew ?

  352. bagni Says:

    code of balbausar or charmander?

  353. anonimus Says:

    free charmander (starter)

    prev 14ded8151a6341

    sec 1f3f

  354. Zach Says:

    my charmander is a shiny 2!

  355. Oblivion Says:

    Shiny Charmanders lvl 1
    Blastoise lvl 36
    Charizard lvl 36
    Venusaur lvl 36
    Jynx lvl 36
    Beedrill lvl 36

    If interested, comment your offer (pokemon and level) and which pokemon you want.

  356. Zach Says:

    does any one have a shiny bulbasaur or squitle???

  357. blake Says:

    i got a lot of pokemon lvl 36 comment if yu want any

  358. Frankie Says:

    Free shiny Charmander Preview:14ded5aa5e3573 Security:50fa

  359. Zoroark Says:


  360. eduardo Says:


  361. anonymous Says:

    hello peeps

  362. Jason Says:

    shiny carmander for freeeee


  363. big mike Says:

    wats clue 8

  364. Oshuott Says:

    WHAT IS CLUE 8?!?!?!?

  365. mexicaninj Says:

    will give some one code if they give me any shiny contact me at

  366. poke poke mon Says:

    How do u use the old rod??????

  367. boby 14 Says:

    i got shiny charzard 36 ill trade for bullbisuar

  368. awesome guy Says:

    i got the code ha ha

  369. hi bye 31 Says:

    if u want your shiny or normal charizard to have slash keep it charmander until lv34 then evolve it to charmelean at lv 35 yhen charizard at lv36

  370. Zoroark Says:




    EXTRA COMMENT:!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  371. Zoroark Says:

    not real code i guarunty! i dont no howw tooooooooooooo speel noo sppel no SPELELE! Seau!

  372. Zoroark Says:


  373. Zoroark Says:

    i got a website!

  374. Zoroark Says:


  375. Zoroark Says:


  376. KH_Master Says:

    i no how to copy pokemon without hacks

  377. Zoroark Says:

    Hey can someone email me the code and security code for shiny mew? My email is


  378. Zoroark Says:

    Hey can someone email me the code and security code for shiny mew? My email is



  379. Zorau Says:


  380. KH_Master Says:

    here is how
    step 1. open game and load ur file on two different tabs
    step 2. on one tab put the pokemon u want to copy up 4 trade and write down the codes
    step 3. copy step 2 on the other tab notice theyre the same pokemon but they have different codes
    step 4. close the 2nd tab and retrieve both pokemon

    if 4 som reason this duznt work tell me and ill help u with it

  381. Zoroark Says:


  382. dude Says:

    wat is the shiny charmander code i cant find it out

  383. dude Says:

    plz can some one help me

  384. dicks Says:

    i have a shiny raichu, graveler, parasect, golbat if you want give me a shiny mew,charmander, squirtel, bulbasur

  385. Mike Says:

    You should seriously consider a option for minigames…

  386. Plum Says:

    trade shiny charmander,kakuna,metapod,butterfly,golem,golbat,abra,spearow,pidgey,nidoran male. nidoran female…. for shiny jiglipuf, mankey, poliway,oddish.vulpix,beellsprout,magikarp,clafery.samdrew,arbok and pikachu— if you have this pookemon and you want to trade talk me =)

  387. Plum Says:

    you send me a email to

  388. tomoya Says:

    i have a hack i will teach you if you add me in facebook this is my email you will have the three starter in easiest way no cheat engine :) ;)

  389. cacavoladora Says:

    tengo siny los siguientes pokemon: venasaur, charizard, arcanine, alakazam, buterfree, beedril, golbat y golem :O

  390. none Says:

    shiny charmander

  391. Austin hays Says:

    help i need the code from lsat week and clue 6,7,and,8

  392. king god Says:

    wat is the code 2 the new code i think im wrong but i got 6_1rs428c im i wrong? i couldnt get clue number 2 didnt get it and clue # idnt get?

  393. king god Says:


  394. cindy Says:

    trade with my shiny charmander with mew plss
    preview code: 14deddc4318b55
    security code: 6a6e

  395. dragosnky Says:

    rhiannon,where are u from

  396. RoSy Says:

    tengo a todos los pokemon shinys… a alguien le interesa???

  397. namename Says:

    @ash123 and anyone else
    shiny chirazard or golem lv.36 what will ya trade?

  398. Rhiannon Says:

    its 381rm1n4!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  399. tyler524 Says:

    yyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeesssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i found it its 381rm1n4!!!!

  400. USAMA Says:

    HI GUYZ I HAVE SHINY BLASTOISE CHARIZARD AND MEW lvl 36 i have shiny charmandar which caode is 38***1*4 and welx i loved to help u and i have shiny geodude any one wanna trade

  401. what Says:

    what is the code?

  402. king god Says:

    tht was the new codde 4 today?

  403. king god Says:

    so it was a charmander tht was code it hasnt no new pokemon 4reals

  404. matt Says:

    i got the code OMG!

  405. matt Says:

    yes it is

  406. matt Says:

    mama ate my turtle

    *maniacal laughter*

  407. bostonboy Says:

    How do u get rare Pokemon? Email me at looking for shiny rares or shiny starters plz! :)

  408. fang Says:

    can i have a shiny pokemon but charmander

  409. Eks Says:

    anyone who has an extra mew or a shiny mew, may I have it PLEASE! PLEASE!

  410. deli Says:

    my shiny charizard 36 lwl

  411. deli Says:

    charizard shiny 36 lwl

  412. morce222 Says:


  413. Eks Says:

    nyone who has an extra mew or a shiny mew, may I have it PLEASE! PLEASE! just send the trade code and security code to of the pokemon for those who are willing. THANKS!

  414. Luke Says:

    shiny adabra level 36

  415. Dylan Says:

    i will trade a shiny abra for shiny charizard code for abra is
    preview 14de6617c825a3
    code well first send me the charizard say when you did then i post code

  416. dadada Says:

    how you get a shiny zubat ratata pigy and geodude? what are the codes?

  417. fff Says:

    berdil 36lvl shiny

  418. morce222 Says:

    import :email ???
    password ???


  419. morce222 Says:

    14dee0db093283 kadabra shiny

  420. Pablo Says:


    Si alguien lo quiere…

  421. w00t Says:

    he everyone i got all shiny pokemon lol
    it is really hard to catch them all expect mew of course

  422. Pablo Says:

    I want it please…give me your mew

  423. Aomi Says:

    alguien me dice el codigo del charmander shyni? porfavor?

  424. morce222 Says:

    14dee0fb47d92d mew shiny
    super bulbasaul 14dee0fea49be5
    pideof 14dee1036c46ef 1751
    14dee10a550da0 ninetales 97d9

  425. fang Says:

    hi anyone playing

  426. Haxman Says:

    its FREE food which i ATE because i WON it. They ARE good EM. won en for

  427. Lupan Says:

    arcanine (regular)

  428. Lupan Says:


  429. Lupan Says:


  430. Lupan Says:


  431. Dialga Says:

    the charmander code is 381rm1n4

  432. Arceus03 Says:

    does someone have a shiny mew that they want to trade?

  433. juan Says:

    shiny charmander plz

  434. Lt Wood Says:

    I am looking for a shiny magikarp or shiny gyarados.

    I will give anyone that trades me one the shiny charmander code and a shiny that i have.

  435. Lt Wood Says:

    Also I am looking for someone to trade my graveler and kadabra to, then back to me.

    I will give that person the shiny charmander code

  436. Lt Wood Says:

    Also I am looking for someone to trade my kadabra and graveler to then back to me

    I will give that person the shiny charmander code

  437. Lt Wood Says:

    looking for a shiny gyarados

    Also I am looking for someone to trade my kadabra and graveler to then back to me

    I will give either person the shiny charmander code, and or a shiny that i have

  438. SalamixD Says:

    plis regaladme a blastoise shyni plis plis o charizar shiny enviadmelo a pliss

  439. Luca Says:

    Who want a shiny MEW i have more of them:
    When you want this MEW send an E-Mail to me:

  440. ratmen Says:

    what will anyone trade for a shiny golem lvl 36

  441. ratmen Says:

    will anyone trade a kyogre for a shiny golem and a normal venasaur both lvl 36

  442. Robin Says:

    how to do challenge number 3

  443. hasa Says:

    klfdhi vervyn trivotttnu ywoeiu y

  444. SoulyB Says:

    Luca took me to mew code please!

  445. Kim Says:

    I found the code, it wasn’t so hard

  446. ratmen Says:

    trade for wigllytuff lvl 36 anything preview is 14dee512c4654e

  447. XxMadara_UchihaxX Says:

    Ive got the following pokemon which i wanna trade!

    Shiny Golbat 2x
    Shiny Butterfree 2x
    Shiny Geodude 2x

    I prefer a shiny growlithe but if you have a different shiny on offer then thats fine too!

  448. Bri Says:

    I’d love the shiny Mew code, can anyone help me with that?

  449. Lukinhas Says:

    alguem me passa o codego de mew???

  450. N Says:

    shiny charmander,golem or abra for trade, I do shiny pikachu or shiny
    preview charmander:14dee36c5c06a2

  451. XxMadara_UchihaxX Says:

    Codes for:

    2x golbat:


  452. devon Says:

    luca i want a shiny mew

  453. devon Says:

    my email is so luca can you send me a shiny mew

  454. Curse Says:

    How can you guys have those powerfull pokemons and i only can get the ones i face in the game???

  455. Robin Says:

    how to do challenge number 3.

  456. Firedig Says:

    I GAVE YOU GUYS TEH CODE no stop asking for it…scroll down on messages

  457. devon Says:

    how do you do callenge 1

  458. Luca Says:

    I have all pokemons in shiny when you will have one z.b. black charizard or pink Blastoise send an E-Mail to

  459. tanner Says:

    I had a level 34 Venusaur I leveled it up once and it became level 37!!!!!

  460. bagni Says:

    where found jynx?

    Donde encuentro a jynx?

  461. devon Says:

    thanks jason

  462. Firedig Says:


    FOR SHINY CHARMELON LVL 36 max leveled

    I want a shiny mew in return

  463. Firedig Says:


  464. N Says:

    free SHINY MEW for trade,really

  465. scatman k-bron Says:

    someone whant trade my shiy jynx
    for a onix pppplllleeeeaaassseeee

  466. regalador aural Says:

    14dee4b3963195 4b66 charizar shiny ;)

  467. eric Says:

    i got a shini mew jaja pringuis

  468. brandon Says:

    who wants a shiny charmander looking for a pidgeot lv.36

  469. Firedig Says:


  470. brandon Says:

    i want a shiny mew for shiny charmander lv.10

  471. brandon Says:


  472. namename Says:

    shiney anything for lv.36 shiny charazard with max exp.
    preview code: 14dee4d4435ff3

  473. miniman Says:

    i got 2 lv 36 shiny charizards, but does anyone know the mystery code for mew?

  474. Poke Fanatic #1 Says:

    trade a shiny mew for anything
    review it: 14dee7c4d8261f

  475. Poke Fanatic #1 Says:

    its 6e61…whoever gets it first

  476. Higgles Says:

    anybody want a shiny zubat

  477. Dren Says:

    what’s clue 5

  478. Cheyenne Says:

    want to trade?

    security code- 815c

  479. phatboy1 Says:

    i got 50 shiny charmanders and a shiny pigey and manky

  480. brandon Says:

    this is for trade i want a pidgeot lv.36 not shiny
    i am giving shiny charmander lv.1
    i will give u the code for security in email and please give ur preview and security in email email me at

  481. Dren Says:

    what is clue 7

  482. brandon Says:

    email quick avadible for 3 days come on

  483. brandon Says:

    i dont want a pidgeot any more something lv.30 grass or electric

  484. bob Says:

    its on the bottom for clue seven


    sorry everyone who entered but my butefree is gone due to security code loss i am really sorry everyone who entered i will send the a shiney free charmander code as a token of respect because the have gone through alot
    but thank you for participating



  487. Firedig Says:


  488. emmanuelle Says:

    bon le code c dur a avoir ou est il svp

  489. Cheyenne Says:

    trade with me

  490. XxMadara_UchihaxX Says:

    Ok forget the shiny butterfrees… X.X
    I have six of those bloody things right now if anyone wants a shiny butterfree here is the code:
    second code is either 262c or 4e05
    cant remember which of the two it was, anyway have fun with this worthless shiny…

  491. Juani Says:

    Shiny Zubat lvl 7


  492. 13235 Says:

    Doy Shiny Charizard Nivel 36 a cambio de Mew cualquier nivel E mail
    I give Shiny Charizard level 36 return in exchange for shiny mew. Emal:

  493. Chris Says:

    14dee9573ac3a6 0f67
    Charmander, Enjoy ^^

  494. sasas Says:

    14dee6c07aa8f2 0756 Mew

  495. 13235 Says:

    Doy Graveler Nivel 36 a cambio de pichu o pikachu shiny cualquier nivel. Email:
    I give Graveler level 36 in exchange for shiny pikachu pichu or any level.

  496. chrispokemaster Says:

    free charmander



  497. daburns13 Says:

    Remember if you want to email me email me at

  498. RTL13z Says:

    The code is simple it’s this (minus the “P”) P3P8P1PrPmP1PnP4

  499. RTL13z Says:

    The code is simple it’s this
    (minus the “P”) P3P8P1PrPmP1PnP4

  500. Shiro Says:

    Shiny Mew here…

    send me a e-mail and i give to you a Shiny Myw like this…


  501. Raphael Says:

    Looking for a shiny Pikachu, Growlith or Pidgy, willing to trade extra shiny Kakuna (though I’m sure these aren’t hard to come by, just trying the trade system out)

  502. Raphael Says:

    Before I forget, the code is 14dee7b69ec8f5
    sec. code 1f79

  503. Dawn Says:

    Looking for mew of any kind. please e-mail with trade.

  504. mguel Says:

    were you get shiny pikachu

  505. ryan92007 Says:

    the code is:14ded6bfaba914^^

  506. Curse Says:

    Hello eveyone i wanna trade some shiny pokemon i have Caterpie (7), jigglypuff (4), Deodude (1), Charmileon (35), Zubat (10).

    If interested say anything i trade only for other shiny… free to ask :D

  507. X Says:


  508. someone Says:

    namename whats the code? trade you shiny

  509. nightrider52 Says:

    i got a level 20 pidgeotto will trade for any shiny preview 14deea457ae93e

  510. X Says:

    any one have a shiny growlithe

  511. someone Says:

    namename give you shiny Abra or Kakuna shiny

  512. someone Says:

    okay i will give you Abra shiny

  513. elise Says:

    hello agian ok trade shiny beedrill

  514. elise Says:

    preiview 14dee93a838bd4 sec 30 something

  515. someone Says:

    i have a shiny Beedril level 25

  516. Emilio Says:

    i have a shiny graveler(lv 30) anyone want to trade it for a kadabra doesnt have to be shiny

  517. chris Says:

    i want a shiny charizard O.o

  518. asdc Says:

    what is clue 6

  519. elise Says:

    i got a shiny pikachu

  520. LastAsesino Says:

    elise, for which pokemon you change your beedril?

  521. poke bacon Says:

    to N what is the security code for mew

  522. fang Says:


  523. poke bacon Says:

    shiny abra

  524. fang Says:

    anybody on

  525. poke bacon Says:

    for my abra i want shiny starter other than charmandr

  526. poke bacon Says:

    who cares about pokemonmaster’s Pokemon?

  527. poke bacon Says:

    I have a shiny charmander i want a shiny starter or legendary for it 14deed12e810f5

  528. someone Says:


  529. nightrider52 Says:


  530. Fabio Says:

    Thank you RTL13z. You are correct. “Fang” is a stupid name.

  531. Name234 Says:

    i got a shiny charizard here for and i want a shiny abra

  532. Name234 Says:

    i got a shiny charizard for a shiny abra 14deeca8b7d3b1 5514

  533. ppokemonmaster Says:

    i got so many shiny pokemon and i dont understand the 2nd chalenge were u get the old rod can someone help me with that?

  534. pokemon giveaway Says:

    ok everyone who wants shiny charizard

  535. nightrider52 Says:

    how do u get the old rod on the 2nd chalenge

  536. ppokemonmaster Says:

    can any of you trade me a mew any lvl for a lvl 19 manky pleaze give me the preview and security code so i can make the trade. my codes for the mankey is 14deeb391468ee and the seririty code is 8a31

  537. someone Says:


  538. someone Says:


  539. willywillis Says:

    hey does anyone know how to beat the 3rd challenge mission

  540. tron Says:

    shiny charizard 14deeb65f3bac4 cbb6

  541. tron Says:

    someone plz give me a mew code

  542. ppokemonmaster Says:

    its not a joke try the preview and then say the code if u have a mew.

  543. tron Says:

    also shiny graveler lvl 36 14deeb9105db71 plz i want mew!!

  544. Anonymous Trader Dude Says:

    Shiny spearow for trading. Will take any non-givaway shiny (with the exception of beedrill or it’s evo line)Currently level 14, but will get it to 19. Can evolve if willed. Just comment here.

  545. maxur Says:

    talves nadie entienda lo que digo pero regalo los 3 inisiales y chaeizard shini por mew shini y los que no tengan mew shini les cambio por ratata o pidgey o evoluciones shini o cualquier shini

  546. iain Says:

    anywone has a shyne mew to trade

  547. 13235 Says:

    Shiny Mew For somebody with:
    Electro Ball
    Security Code:1142
    Please tell me who get it?

  548. anonymous Says:

    hello people.

  549. anonymous Says:


  550. 1stkill Says:

    where i get shiny/non shiny mew?

  551. anon Says:

    whats the code for shiny charmander?

  552. nightrider52 Says:

    will SOMEONE give me a SHINY MEW

  553. Logan Says:

    Ill Trade a gyarados for a shiny charmander. 14def0e4467f34
    Email Me:

  554. Logan Says:

    Comment 462. NameName, ill trade you a Gyarados Lvl 36 for your shiny charzard, 14def0e4467f34 preview it

  555. Oshuott Says:

    hey does anyone have a shiny mew or a mew I will trade a shiny butterfree for a mew. here is the preview code: 14def0345cd50f

    email me at if you have a mew! I will trade u shiny butterfree!!

  556. Oshuott Says:


  557. Logan Says:

    Can anyone trade me a shiny charzard or charmander? Preview it

  558. Oshuott Says:


  559. bagni Says:

    change my shiny beedrill anyone interested?

  560. bagni Says:

    cambio mi beedrill shiny alguien interesado?

  561. Jioanny Says:

    Cambio un charmander shiny
    lvl. 1 ,
    Por un bulbasaur O un squirtle
    Cualqier nivel

    preview: 14def07248ac5f

  562. blade of fire Says:

    Hay Oshuott i got a lvl 11 Shiny Abra or a lvl 26 Arcnine ill trade

  563. ??asd Says:

    Free Charizard 36 lvl!No Shiny



  564. Pancake Says:

    giving away shiny mews if u want 1 message me and ill try to figure out how to give u 1 XD i am new at this but i can get u any pokemon

  565. eduardo Says:

    te cambio tu beedrill shyni por un mew shyni te parece bien???

  566. Pancake Says:

    GIVING AWAY 9 SHINY MEWS ALL LEVEL 100 with stelth rock gyro ball gyro ball powder snow

  567. eduardo Says:

    ya no regalo mas mew se acabaron y los que me lo pidieron sigan disfrutando del juego

  568. blade of fire Says:


  569. dragosnky Says:

    for shiny charmander

  570. s4 league Says:

    hello anybody want this pokemon call shiny raquazza i found it in the changllage room i complete all of them that pokemon i found it in 3th chagllage

  571. s4 league Says:

    i found out the code

  572. dragosnky Says:

    plz say thanks

  573. Billy Says:

    how the hell do you do challenge three? any tips?

  574. hihi hello Says:

    Trade code 4 shiny charmander


  575. hihi hello Says:

    offering shiny beedrill 4 mew

  576. hihi hello Says:

    shiny beedrill
    LF-Other shinies or Mew

  577. Raphael Says:

    Anyone wanting to trade a mankey for a mankey send me the preview code via email and I’ll send you mine (if you don’t have primeape already). I have two mankeys and i can do without the lower level one if i can exchange it for someone else’s to evolve

  578. Raphael Says:

    Okay, since that long line bug in the site is bothering me (or it may just be my comp, who knows), I’ll post this again.

    Anyone wanting to trade a mankey for a mankey send me the preview code via email and I’ll send you mine (if you don’t have primeape already).

    I have two mankeys and i can do without the lower level one if i can exchange it for someone else’s to evolve.

  579. Bob Says:

    i will have a shiny pokemon

  580. Bob Says:

    say i if you want a shiny charizard

  581. Tim Says:

    IT all has to be caps

  582. Bob Says:

    any one?

  583. junior Says:

    ey whats the second clue,the game is so hard

  584. junior Says:

    level 18 charmander,. who wants to trade?

  585. joshua Says:

    hey everyone want a shiny squrtile for a shiny charzard

  586. joshua Says:

    preview code is 14def37291ea52

  587. Heresapokemon Says:

    shiny charmander

  588. Cloud Says:

    will trade lvl 1 shiny charmander for a lvl 1 mew

  589. Raphael Says:

    My email is (minus all special characters save for underscores—> _ <—) is r~a*p#h$a:e<l=_+1\9[8″9/@_>

  590. Raphael Says:

    ah screw it, it’s

  591. fang Says:


  592. fang Says:

    can ihave a mew

  593. fang Says:

    shiny or not

  594. raphael Says:

    wahahhaha sorry guys i’m late to comment 381rm1n4

  595. fang Says:

    bob can i have a shiny charizard

  596. brandon Says:

    come on im waiting
    this is for trade i want a lv.30 grass or electric preiview:14dee533ebe591
    i am giving shiny charmander lv.1
    i will give u the code for security in email and please give ur preview and security in email email me at

  597. Fungus Says:

    Hey where to get shiny chamander?

  598. SalamixD Says:

    14def7c3c561b9 8687

  599. Alucard Says:

    14def78b4b3439 (prewiev Mew shiny)
    f733 (code Shiny mew)

  600. Newspaper Says:

    Who give me pikachu? Who trade?

  601. Hmmmm Says:

    What is clue 8???

  602. chazz Says:

    old rod is easy

  603. chazz Says:

    old rod

  604. chazz Says:


  605. chazz Says:

    to pass old rod you send out geodude with mud sport

  606. chazz Says:

    I am interested

  607. chazz Says:


  608. chazz Says:

    I WILL GIVE ANYONE A LVL 36 golem for mew code

  609. chazz Says:

    use cleffa and follow me move to distract pikachu

  610. chazz Says:


  611. ninguno Says:

    mandenmen un e-mail con un shiny mew y les digo como pasar el 3º desafío… no es muy dificil si saben como..

  612. loverofeevee Says:

    if anyone has spares of these shiny pokemon i’d happily take them:
    Bellsprout, Squirtle, Sandshrew, Poliwag, Nidoran female, Vulpix, Clefairy, Paras, Growlithe, Magikarp, Bulbasaur, Pikachu, Oddish, Ekans. or any of their evolutions. also looking for normal Abra. my e-mail is

  613. loverofeevee Says:

    got some more shinys

    level 7 Metapod

    level 9 Metapod

    level 15 Pidgey

  614. UberGiggles Says:

    Hey does anyone wanna trade the shiny charmander? I have 2 shiny beedrills, 1 shiny golem, 1 shiny golbat. Anyone wanna trade??

  615. SalamixD Says:

    cambio… jajajajaj

  616. Nautiplex Says:

    i give shiny charmander for strong electric pokemon

    Preview 14def7c2558fff

  617. Waste Says:

    free carmander:


  618. Nautiplex Says:

    oh intrest e-mail to

  619. shodow link Says:

    HOW DO YOU DO THE 2nd CHALENGE LEVL?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  620. erpallaga Says:

    BAGNI, estoy interesado por tu bulbasur normal. Te interesa un GYARADOS nivel 20?

  621. erpallaga Says:

    I change a shiny graveler for a shiny graveler! (I want a SHINY GOLEM!)

  622. shodow link Says:

    nevermind BUT I NEED HELP ON THE 3rd CHLENGE LEVL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  623. Nicholas Says:

    I have Raichu lvl 36 and I’ll put it up for trade when I am told of the way to pass old rod

  624. kdfvalkdha Says:

    i got the code. based on nyour comments and stuff :D ahahaa

  625. Weegee457 Says:

    hi everyone im kind of new to the game and i need help with cerulean #1… i have level 30 and 31’s

  626. Adusik Says:

    Hi all a need all master code:D plz

  627. Weegee457 Says:

    but im new, if anyone can help me

  628. zach Says:

    trading shiny abra for any shiny pokemon code 14def88310d425 security d365

  629. Weegee457 Says:

    hi everyone im kinda new to this game if anyone can hepl me with cerulean thatll be cool cuz i have level 30 and 31s

  630. Weegee457 Says:

    hi everyone im new

  631. Bombob1 Says:

    The shiny charmander code is 381rm1n4

  632. EpicSmiley Says:

    14defb5fd423e2 shiny wigglytuff for trade plz give a shiny or notshiny electric type PLZ!

  633. EpicSmiley Says:

    :D plz look at earlier comment and trade before it’s too late :D

  634. EpicSmiley Says:

    also here is the code to recive it 54cf

  635. Robin Says:


  636. bagni Says:

    trade beedril shiny, bulbasaur normal, charmander normal, squirtle normal anyone interested?

  637. erpallaga Says:

    Me to, Logan!

  638. Steave Says:

    use geodude to distract pikachu then use pidgey at the right moment because magnetude/earthquake won’t effect it

  639. erpallaga Says:

    Have you got another one, Logan?

  640. bagni Says:

    cambio mi beedrill shiny, o mi balbasaur normal, charmander normol o mi squirtle normal, alguien interesado

  641. erpallaga Says:

    bagni, me interesa el bulbasur Ye interesa un gyarados a nivel 20?

  642. Varun123 Says:

    @Ash123…….Please list the Pokemon so that we both can trade/..

  643. Nautiplex Says:

    to pass chalenge 2 see on youtube the walktrouth

    you are the attacker

  644. antonio Says:

    i need mew plis!!

  645. shinycharmander123 Says:

    please help me!!!i entered the code but it sed its not valid.HEEEEEEEELLLLLPPP!!!!!i want that code!!!!!!please tell me!!

  646. shinycharmander123 Says:

    who wants a shiny geodude?

  647. renji696 Says:

    just looking for a normal abra and normal magikarp shiny if possible idc about lvls msg me at

  648. pelao de chile Says:

    diganme la pista seis plisss diganmela es la unica que me falta diganmelaaaaaaa mi

  649. pelao de chile Says:

    diganme la pista 6 plz

  650. chris Says:


    Thats the code now have fun…
    If it doesn’t work pm me on youtube and ill give you a shiny charmander . im birdinabag on youtube. Thanks and bye!

  651. brandon Says:





    shiny charmanders all lv.1 take them for free

  652. brandon Says:

    14defb414468b2 whats the security code i want the graveler ive got lv.20 shiny charmeleon

  653. brandon Says:





    shiny charmanders all lv.1 take them for free so take them

  654. brandon Says:

    i want a free shiny mew pleaseee

  655. free coder Says:

    siny mew code



  656. Steave Says:

    where do you find a shiny pidgy

  657. awesome guy55 Says:

    @ash123 ill give u a shiny charmander lvl.1 for a shiny abra.

  658. Logan Says:

    anyone want a shiny mew free? 14deface27fd88

  659. someone Says:

    anyone have a mew ? i really want one.

  660. someone Says:


  661. Logan Says:

    Mew code.

  662. someone Says:

    Thank you so much :)

  663. VaLL Says:

    Trading Shiny Butterfree for another shiny except for (chamander, zubat, jiglypuff, bedril, golem, abra, raticate) any other im trading.
    Preview: 14defcab23825f
    say here for any info or mail me

  664. Logan Says:


  665. Logan Says:

    Anyone want a shiny gyarados? 14defae4c77e3b

  666. your good friend :) Says:

    free pokemon :) (weak though)
    -growthe- (14defacf0ab25e) and (2f7a)

    -(Shiny) Geodude- (14defad604ba7d) and (e64c)

    -Mankey- (14defad95e274a) and (dc02)

    If they don’t work it simply means that somebody already took it. I might give some more later on btw.

  667. X Says:

    how do you get a mew

  668. VaLL Says:

    trading shiny butterfree to any
    other shiny except for
    Preview: 14defcab23825f
    Mail me for any info.

  669. Blaine Says:

    shiny I’ll take it

  670. namename Says:

    bagani, i want that shiny beedrill, what level is it? trade you a shiny golem lv.36

  671. your good friend :) Says:

    Tell me if they worked or not

  672. Blaine Says:

    are you the one with the shiny charzard?

  673. X Says:

    namename what level do you want the shiny beedrill to be?

  674. namename Says:

    i will trade anyone a shiny golem or charizard both lv.36 for any shiny. Or stuff like ninetales, mew, kyogre, grados etc. also got lv.36 of most normal pokemon to trade.

  675. namename Says:

    any level

  676. namename Says:

    tell me the preview code so that i know that you are not lying. and do you want charizard shiny or golem shiny? i will send you a code.

  677. X Says:

    Ill trade you

  678. X Says:

    golem please

  679. your good friend :) Says:

    guys…. what is code for shiny charmander plz tell….

  680. X Says:

    you get it?

  681. namename Says:

    x someone nicked your beedrill seriously. i did not nick it, i swear on my life.

  682. Shiro Says:

    Free Mew Shiny here…

    1 per person!

  683. namename Says:

    the golem is still up for trade and i have more.

  684. Marcel Says:

    srry i didn’t see de mesasages
    i have the bedrill
    now i’ll send you the preview and code

  685. Marcel Says:

    srry this is the code for shiny bedrill

  686. X Says:

    want a butterfry lv 32

  687. X Says:


  688. namename Says:

    no x someone else took it before i get the chance.

  689. Marcel Says:

    did you get the codes??

  690. namename Says:

    ok ill send you the prview code only. x, post only the first code the long one then people can only see not take.

  691. Blaine Says:

    i have a shiny Beedrill level 25

  692. Shiro Says:

    You want a free Shiny Mew???

    Send me a E-mail and i give 1 for you…

    only 1 per person…

    Exemple: 14defd0e3eaa9e

  693. namename Says:

    preview code is: 14defb414468b2.
    i am not lying

  694. namename Says:

    send me the butterfree prview code only and then ill send you the security code (the short one)

  695. namename Says:

    x? where are u? are u still going to trade or what?

  696. namename Says:


  697. Marcel Says:

    how can i get the mew???
    pls help me
    como consigo la mew?

  698. namename Says:

    i need to go now if you dont want the shiny golem

  699. X Says:

    sorry… preview 14defb5afb089b

  700. your good friend :) Says:

    what is the 2nd number for the code for shiny charmander????

  701. Blaine Says:

    anyone still here?

  702. your good friend :) Says:

    14defb8e5c9862 b7a0

    14defb910303a7 d680

    14defb9323ce6e fcbc

    free shiny charmanders :)

  703. your good friend :) Says:

    code for them are ….. hopefully they dont block it .. next message

  704. diego (shileno) Says:

    quien me puede dar un shiny mew porfavor

  705. namename Says:

    send code pls

  706. X Says:

    preview 14defbd5912bd7

  707. namename Says:

    x i didnt get butterfly, i was revising for my maths exam

  708. X Says:

    and the other code is 69e0

  709. kavewolf Says:

    answer #6 is 1 not 2.

  710. X Says:

    Get it?

  711. X Says:

    whats the code for golem

  712. X Says:

    namename did you get butterfry

  713. X Says:

    tell me it later bye

  714. elise Says:

    can anyone trade me a shiny mew for free

  715. elise Says:

    i have a shiny pidgy

  716. elise Says:

    hi i got some shiny pokemon

  717. Eyes Says:


  718. Eyes Says:


  719. Eyes Says:


  720. Jesus Says:

    I want it Logan
    anonymous090209 at gmail

  721. keyann williams Says:

    dous anyone know the code for the shiny charmander?

  722. Kuma Says:

    Shiro, i sent you a message :)

  723. Nautiplex Says:

    wich stone is needed for nidoran blue

  724. Plum Says:

    im interesting for next pokemon all shiny jiglipuff, mankey, pikachu,ekans,sandrew,oddish,bellsprout,vulpix, and magikarp,paras…. i have to trade shiny abra,charmander,bedrill,golem.golbat.fearow,butterfly,nidoran male and female,pidgey..

  725. figisfidis Says:

    Logan, can I have this cute lil’ Charizard?

  726. Nautiplex Says:

    i have the evolution of vulpix shiny

  727. Nautiplex Says:


  728. Nautiplex Says:

    oh and the evolution of pidgey

  729. Nautiplex Says:

    shiny of course

  730. gabbe Says:

    all ur codes is none valid

  731. Curse Says:

    Logan why not is a good warior xD if no one interested i am :D

  732. sevaro Says:

    shiro I sent e-amil, please give 1

  733. sevaro Says:

    shiro please give me 1 new

  734. ben Says:

    whats the charmander code

  735. erpallaga Says:

    I trade a shiny kadabra lv 20 (it will evolve to ALAKAZAAM!) for a shiny GOLEM.

    Interested people, send me a message:

  736. Jonah Says:

    i would like a shiny mew for a shiny buterfry

  737. gas Says:

    when a new level??

  738. jzy Says:

    Anyone interested in trading for a shiny zubat? lmk

  739. Lee Says:

    Clue #6 is NOT 2. I tried putting 2, and it didn’t work, the game recently got many more plays than anticipated. For the purposes of the code, it is currently 1.

  740. gas Says:

    mail sent shiro

  741. piedude Says:

    i have a shiny charmander and im going to give it away so tell me what your going to give me and ill give u it can this is what im accepting shniy jigglypuff,shiny mew,abra not shiny,jnxs,etc just make sure its a good pokemon and u can take these its on my other acont for pokemon tower defense shiny weedle shiny metepod shiny zubat shiny abra warturtle shiny gravler magikap and shiny pidey and shiny ratata

  742. Charmanderkicksass Says:

    abdeil i’ll trade! for your abra and zubat my shiny charmander 14df0097f16d68

  743. piedude Says:

    if u want any just tell me ok O_o $_$ 7_7 u.u -_- i dont know why im making theses faces

  744. hytmjhynhtuh Says:

    free mews shiny starter alakazen and raichu
    14defe01f3d71e a3b6
    14defe046319ac d6f9
    14defe05c654ed eab2
    14defe07144078 13ea
    14defe08357c36 395a
    14defe09a87e3d 0e13
    14defe0c6b7a98 9b2f
    14defe10f398f9 d352

  745. hl Says:

    Raichu, lvl. 23


  746. Logan Says:

    14defe34127599 Shiny Charzard, with attacks Leaf tornado, wing attack,
    thunderbolt, and take down.
    Level 36. Reply if you want it

  747. Ash Says:

    i want it

  748. Logan Says:

    BTW the charzard is a free trade

  749. Ash Says:

    whats the secret code

  750. Ash Says:

    i meant the 4 letter code.

  751. jason Says:

    hey i want a Charizard

  752. Fritwe Says:

    trade shiny zubat, and how win the 3rd challenge

  753. Fritwe Says:

    shiny zubat, and how win the 3rd challenge mail me

  754. jason Says:

    are you going to give the security code?

  755. Shiro Says:

    Want a Shiny Mew???

    Send a e-mail for me and i give 1 for you… but only 1 for person…

    Exem.: 14defece717f0b

  756. jason Says:

    me want one

  757. Steave Says:

    can i have the charizard Logan?

  758. jason Says:

    i guess you want one to

  759. Shiro Says:

    You want a free Shiny Mew???

    Send me a E-mail and i give 1 for you…

    only 1 per person…

    Exemple: 14defd0e3eaa9e

  760. jason Says:

    so whats the code logan

  761. Steave Says:

    never mind the pidgey comment

  762. willywillis Says:

    hey does anyone know how to beat the third challenge

  763. Charmanderkicksass Says:

    shiny charmander for shiny pidgey and shiny zubat! 14df0097f16d68

  764. hytmjhynhtuh Says:

    mew/starter shinys+ hacked so attack are a little different attack 1aqua tail attack 2thunderbolt attack 3flame burst attack 4 petal dance for all of them
    14df017f9e1049 c60b
    14df0188be13ab 2f92
    14df0189d764cc 36fc
    14df018bded7e8 e9ca

    thank skooterpoop on youtube

  765. fufufu Says:

    whuts clue 6 ill post the code if you tell me!!!!!

  766. Charmanderkicksass Says:

    bogni do you want a a shiny beedrill or are you trading? if you want a beedrill i’ll trade you for those guys then :P

  767. joao vic Says:

    quem tiver o codigo do mew ou qualquer pokemon que não aparece no jogo ainda eu troco por uma gyarados red shiny level 36, vileplume shiny 36 3ª evolução do oddish sjiny, primeapa shiny level 36, Jinx level 36, charizard-Venusaur-blastoise todos level 36, golbat shiny level 22, alakazam shiny level 36 ou gyarados level 36 e-mailpara contato

  768. ryan Says:

    Preveiw code: 14df01f2bb0927
    Security code: d35d

    You will get a level 36 Nidoqueen. I only accept shiny Mew.

  769. dude Says:

    i have shiny mew

  770. Arceus03 Says:

    How do you get a shiny magicarp?

  771. personman Says:

    chicken wing chicken wing hot dog and baloney chicken and macaroni chillin’ with my pony

  772. personman Says:

    personman’s world

  773. personman Says:

    i am a trap you will get sucked in by my awesomeness(i just post random things)

  774. Charmanderkicksass Says:

    scratch that shiny charmander for shiny zubat and shiny rattata preview code is 14df0097f16d68

  775. Charmanderkicksass Says:

    scratch that shiny charmander for shiny zubat and shiny rattata preview code is 14df0097f16d68 so if anyone wants to trade tell me :D

  776. Arceus03 Says:

    thanks for the codes,hytmjhynhtuh

  777. personman Says:

    what word is more then a mile long

    smiles (get it miles is in smiles)

  778. personman Says:

    what do you do when your fish sings flat???


  779. personman Says:

    why did the charmander go down the slide???

    how should I know???

  780. personman Says:

    a bunch of baby machops send them to the moon

    a jinx send it to the moon

    A huge personman keep it

  781. Curse Says:

    green you said you have a lot of shinies i can trade chameleons for those you have xD

  782. Nihil Sine Says:

    Shiny Zubat up for trade
    would like anything shiny for it :3



  783. bagni Says:

    trade beedril shiny, bulbasaur normal, charmander normal, squirtle normal anyone interested?

    cambio mi beedrill shiny, o mi balbasaur normal, charmander normol o mi squirtle normal, alguien interesado

  784. bagni Says:

    i found pidgey shiny :)

  785. X Says:

    anybody have a shinyshrew, i will trade you for a shiny nidoqueen

  786. X Says:

    sandshrew.. my bad

  787. X Says:

    who has a shiny mew to trade?

  788. QQQQQ Says:

    I will trade shiny butterfree for any other shiny (not abra, kadabra, alakazam, charmander, charmeleon, charizard, caterpie, metapod, butterfree, pidgey, pidgeotto, pidgeot, spearow, fearow, jigglypuff, wigglytuff, geodude, graveler, or golem)

  789. QQQQQ Says:


  790. Green Golbat Says:

    Guys, I have too many shinies to count. I beat Kyogre first try ( on PTD) but I don’t know the code for charmander.HELP MEEEEEEEEEEEEE

  791. X Says:

    shiny chamander

  792. X Says:

    preview 14df0426f14274
    sc. d3dd

  793. Shiro Says:

    You want a free Shiny Mew???

    Send me a E-mail and i give 1 for you…

    only 1 per person…

    Exemple: 14defd0e3eaa9e

    See Ya

  794. z Says:

    logan what do you want for the shiny charzard

  795. z Says:

    Do you want a shiny nidoqueen Logan?

  796. k Says:

    anyone have codes for mew

  797. Kristen Says:

    I want the charizard.What is the security code. e-mail the code to

  798. Bob Says:

    Who wants to trade a shiny Charizard for something good

    email me if you will trade with me

    code: 14df069660fda0

  799. Bob Says:

    can i have the shiny blastoise

  800. Logan Says:

    I have a shiny Lvl 35 Golem reply if you want it.

  801. Logan Says:

    Steave or Curse if your still on here i still have that shiny charzard do you want it?

  802. Shinyz Says:

    Logan ill take the golem

  803. Logan Says:

    shiny charzard same attacks as before, Lvl 36. Reply if intrested

  804. Shinyz Says:

    And charzard

  805. Shinyz Says:

    ill take charzard email me

  806. Logan Says:

    Shiny charzard!!!
    <3 Enjoy

  807. Shinyz Says:


  808. Shinyz Says:

    how u learn leaf tornado??

  809. Logan Says:

    Shiny Golem Level 35

  810. Logan Says:

    Shiny Level 36 beedrill, This is one of my favorite pokemon its great for catching pokemon.

  811. Logan Says:

    shiny something i forgot.

  812. Logan Says:

    Is no one going to reply thanks for me giving you a free pokemon?
    Does anyone have a request because i have tons of pokemon
    Just ask.

  813. Shinyz Says:

    THANK you THANK you and did i forget to say THANK you :)

  814. Shinyz Says:

    The starters??

  815. Logan Says:

    Shiny Blastoise Lvl 36
    Ill give it for free someone just has to ask

  816. Shinyz Says:


  817. Logan Says:

    Since i put it up you take it but wont ask for it here YOUR WELCOME!

  818. Shinyz Says:


  819. raul Says:

    somebody can tell me how I can pass the cerulean gym 1. please?

  820. Will Says:

    First person can have a shiny kakuna and shiny spearow

    kakuna:14df07c1abab73 e62c
    spearow:14df07c91aebb2 8d3c

  821. raul Says:

    sorry logan whats the code for this charizard 14defe34127599 please Send it to my mail.

  822. XD Says:


  823. whazup Says:

    i cant beat the last level…kyogre
    anybody beat him yet?? have atip on how to beat him??? or maybe wanna give me a strong pokemon to help beat him??

  824. brandon Says:

    who wants to trade a shiny beedrill

  825. brandon Says:

    who wants to trade its a shiny beedril lv.13

  826. brandon Says:

    logan have u got a shiny pidgey

  827. EYAL Says:


    would any1 pls send me 1 to

    thank u so much in advance

  828. wackojacko Says:



    shiny metapod

  829. wallah Says:


  830. blast blast Says:

    y trade gyarados for shiny pidjey

  831. crasyforce Says:



    shiny mew!!! get them if it is there

  832. freAK47 Says:

    Logan do u have a tough grass type? shiny or normal idc.

  833. maxyy Says:

    14debdfc43560f 0fa0 take my shinny charmander

  834. brandon Says:

    these are shiny charmanders

  835. nita Says:



  836. Shiro Says:

    You want a Shiny Mew for free, i give to you, and i don’t want yours pokemon… only send me a e-mail on…

    And i give a Shiny Mew for you…
    …but only 1 per person…

    See ya!

  837. wallah Says:

    Need Electric Pokémon!

  838. Shiro Says:

    Shiny Mews Here…

    Just send me a E-mail…
    and i give 1 Shiny Mew for Free…

  839. Shiro Says:

    Shiny Mews Here…

    Just send me a E-mail…
    and i give 1 Shiny Mew for Free…

    Exemple.: 14df0cb2dda671

  840. MoeJoe Says:

    i need a elektro pokemon !!
    has somebody one to trade ?

  841. MoeJoe Says:

    ill give a shiny geodude
    normal manky lvl 20
    of a ninetales

  842. poop Says:

    I Got Level 36 Shiny Pigeot Trade For Shiny Mew Any Level

  843. Ritchu Says:

    Looking for shiny bellsprout, nidorina (pink one), Vulpix, growlithe, clefary, Ekans sandsherw or paras!!! i trade for shiny butterfree, caterpie, zubat, geodude, charmeleon, pidgey or spearow.

  844. freAK47 Says:

    anyone have a squirtle? i dont care if its shiny or not. somewhere in the level 20s preferably, but doesn’t matter all that much. I have a lvl 7 shiny spearow and i think a lvl 13 shiny butterfree but it isn’t golden but it’s colors are different.

  845. bagni Says:

    alguien sabe donde encontrar a bulpix?

  846. bagni Says:

    anyone know where found bulpix?

  847. al Says:

    i like shini pokemons
    quiero pokemon de oro

  848. brandon Says:

    thank u for taking the shiny charmanders has anyone got a mew if u have give the security and preview in email

  849. bagni Says:

    Nautiplex where found bulpix?

    Have more?

  850. Nautiplex Says:

    free ninetales



  851. Nautiplex Says:

    free ninetales

  852. bagni Says:

    Trade my shiny zubat, mi shiny beedrill, mi balbausar normal, charmander normal, squirtle normal

  853. brandon Says:

    i want a shiny mew lv.30 i will trade a lv.36 shiny charizard
    give preview and security code in email and i will give security in email the preview code is on this comment if u lose preview code just tell me

  854. brandon Says:

    email is

  855. brandon Says:








    dont fogert to say thank you at

  856. brandon Says:

    if u want a lv.36 venusaur contact me at and i will
    sort something some will be trade some will be free

  857. Satoshi Says:

    Trading a normal Pikachu and/or a shiny beedrill for a shiny or regular starter

  858. Satoshi Says:

    Trading a shiny Beedrill and/or Reg. Pikachu for a Starter besides charmander. Shiny or not

  859. Abby Says:

    who wants a poily wag for free

  860. Abby Says:

    pls emaill me if u got it

  861. DaNieLo0 Says:

    Hola, alguien me podria dar algunos pokemon por un correo electronico ya que aqui nunca consigo ninguno. GRACIAS!
    Aqui os dejo mi correo :)

  862. kendrick Says:

    shiny gyarados 14df0f4047d60a baa6
    mew 14df0f46d5c8f4 f597
    all level 36

  863. kendrick Says:

    are my codes working if it is tell me what pokemon u want

  864. kendrick Says:

    shiny alakazam 14df0f69696637 d543

  865. jake Says:

    how do you get mew?

  866. ggggggggggg86 Says:

    i have the code:381rm1n4

  867. Levo Says:

    fuck yu

  868. ally Says:

    I need clue 2 and what was last weeks clue for 8?

  869. ally Says:

    Yesterday I had my team of all fully evolved, ready to trade, high level pokemon, and today i had to start a new game because it said i didn’t save when i did. I peeved.

  870. gme codes Says:

    14df0fde21f431 for trading shiny charmander

  871. gme codes Says:

    14df0fde21f431 for shiny charmander

    mail me

  872. namename Says:

    bagani, or anyone else i have a lv.36 shiny golem or charizard. ask for stuff, i have lots of normal pokemon. will trade for shinys or ninetales, gyragos, kygore, mew etc. bagani, i want shiny beedrill. email me at

  873. namename Says:

    freAK47, ill trade you a squirtle, wartortle or blastoise any level u want for shinys.

  874. antonio Says:

    hola kisiera saber donde sale onix y si alguien m cambia un nidoking grillante

  875. PASCAL Says:


  876. Diablo Says:

    hey i got a shiny zubat and metapod for trade. and lvl 36 shiney golem. where can i find shiny pidgey or rattata?

  877. Diablo Says:

    thanks for the raichu hl

  878. Diablo Says:

    if anyone is willing to give me some free shiney pokemon that would be fuckin AWESOME!! :D much love Diablo

  879. DaNieLo0 Says:

    mensaje para : me dan todos los códigos.

    Quiero pokemon, me intercambias?

  880. Diablo Says:

    hey kristen i got it and send u email hope to hear from u soon

  881. Diablo Says:

    i send u email dark shiro

  882. Diablo Says:

    thanks dark for the free mew. and KRISTEN I GOT THAT RAICHU FOR U. i would like a nidoran if at all possible

  883. jack99 Says:

    shiny geodude lvl 23 for shiny mew or charizard prevew code:14dfloe5998bea security code: 5b7c

  884. jack99 Says:

    give me all the codes will you trade your shiny charizard for my shiny geodude

  885. pieguy Says:

    pie is good

  886. pieguy Says:

    i like pie

  887. daburns13 Says:

    Yes i finally colleted all of the achivments i wonder what the prize is i’m so exited…

  888. daburns13 Says:

    please someone email me and i still don’t have any email from nobody,my email is

  889. yuyu Says:

    shiny mew please

  890. yuyu Says:


  891. Ritchu Says:

    “give me all the codes” better you put your email so people can contact you!!!

  892. Diablo Says:

    Shiney blastoise anyone? i need one to complete my set :D email me at

  893. Diablo Says:

    i need a free shiney blastoise

  894. William Says:

    @ GIve my all the code

    I’m ready for up jynx and if you have a magickarp too

  895. DaNieLo0 Says:

    Golbat verde Gracias!

    me das tu e-mail?

  896. Akira Says:

    Code is 381rm1n4

  897. give me all the codes Says:

    hey everybody i have good pokemon
    i have shiny jynx ,shiny charzard,2 shiny mew,shiny blastois,shiny golam,shiny venasor,shiny gardos thats it i think everybody message me to trade

  898. mehh Says:

    can i has a mew??

  899. DaNieLo0 Says:

    Aque nivel evoluciona charmeleon a charizar?

    Dejame la respuesta en un correo a:

  900. Logan Says:

    FreAk47, And the other people wanting a strong pokemon to beat kyogre? im going to give 3 Free Venasurs

  901. Logan Says:

    Kristen here is a shiny pikachu
    Sorry this is the only one i didnt level up really

  902. yuyu Says:


  903. Lionfire Says:

    14df11fffb1e99 045e

    free lvl 25 gyarados first come first serve

  904. DaNieLo0 Says:

    if someone changes pokemon to send me an email here: :D

  905. elise Says:

    wats the sec code for 2x golbat

  906. blade Says:

    u should play this game it is aweasome and class

  907. blade Says:

    classic game.

  908. elise Says:

    can any one give me a shiny mew

  909. hl Says:

    raichu, lvl. 25



  910. elise Says:

    can someone give me code for free shiny mew

  911. elise Says:

    i have pikachu that i am willing to trade

  912. Kristen Says:

    hl. i don tknow if someone got the raichu but the first code didnt work and i want it

  913. Green Golbat Says:

    Guys, the code is 381rm1n4

  914. elise Says:

    can someone give me some free shiny pokemon ;\

  915. Kristen Says:

    does anybody want a shiny nidoran for a mew? if so just e mail me at

  916. Kristen Says:

    does anyone have a pikachu that they would be willing to trade? I’m offering a shiny nidoran.

  917. Shiro Says:

    Free SHINY MEW here…

    Just send me a E-mail…
    and i give 1 Shiny Mew for Free…

    Exemple.: 14df10c8928e5d

  918. Sam(the creator) Says:

    I have 1,000 shiny mews

  919. Sam(the creator) Says:

    ill give them away if u send me a shiny kyoger

  920. Steave Says:


  921. Sam(the creator) Says:

    send me a stong pm and ill give u a mew

  922. darren Says:

    i want a free mew

  923. Sam(the creator) Says:

  924. Joe Says:


  925. Joe Says:

    my mail

  926. jake:) Says:

    will anybody trade a shiny mew or a shiny kyoger for a shiny butterfree

  927. Sceptile60 Says:

    Whats clue 2,3,4,5,6,? PLEASE i want that epic charmander , ill give you a lvl 36 RAICHU PLEASE D:

  928. Sceptile60 Says:


    want my pikachu?

    I have 3 Pikachu’s <3

  929. Jordan Says:

    lol already turned my 3 shiny charmanders into lvl 36 charizards, go to google and look it up if your a cheater and if you work hard like me keep on looking

  930. raul Says:

    yeah¡¡ I defeat kyogre

  931. Sam(the creator) Says:

    send me a kyoger ill give u a shiny mew

  932. joseee 1 Says:



  933. Caswyck ayer Says:

    i have a shiny mew 14df10c8928e5d give me a kyoger ill give u a mew

  934. Anonymous Trader Dude Says:

    I’ll giveaway a shiny charizard
    and shiny spearow, maybe add in
    shiny beedrill for shiny meowth
    when it comes out.

    I just kinda love meowth sorry.

  935. Caswyck ayer Says:

    i have a shiny sand slash for nidoqeen

  936. Caswyck ayer Says:

    send me a pm for a mew

  937. bagni Says:

    anyone trade your vulpix or jynxs, or anything pokemon shiny.
    Trade my shiny zubat, mi shiny beedrill, mi balbausar normal, charmander normal, squirtle normal

  938. bagni Says:

    FreAk47,i have squirtle, you want trade ?

  939. fr Says:

    raichu, lvl. 25



    here you go kristen

  940. nita Says:

    bagni, i want your balbausar normal or/and squirtle normal

    i have a shiny charmander, charmeleon, kadabra and zubat

    give me your email?

  941. Blaine Says:

    anyone have a shiny Charizard

  942. X-Mew-X Says:

    i haz many shinys e mail
    i will give promo\securty code if u give me one of the folowing
    -kyogre -mew -rayquaza
    -shiny pikachu
    -shiny squartle/bulbasaure
    my shinys are
    6 charmanders,3beedrills,3cacoonas,and,1 geodude

  943. X Says:

    anybody have a shiny sandshrew. Ill trade a shiny nidoqueen
    preview 14df1413d25a6c

  944. Blaine Says:

    so noone has a shiny charizard?

  945. daburns13 Says:

    I have a shiny arcanine,anybody whats to trade give me a shiny ekans and email me don’t forget it,someone plz reply…

  946. Code Giver Says:

    thanks for the shiny mew!!!

  947. Code Giver Says:

    i mean THANKS Shiro!

  948. poop Says:

    @X I Will Giv You 3 Shiny Bedrills For That Nidoqueen

  949. Code Giver Says:

    if somebody gives me a Mewtwo, I’ll give them 2 shiny abras AND a shiny pidgeot!!! My email is:

  950. poop Says:

    All Three lvl.36

  951. Code Giver Says:

    what’s your email elise?

  952. poop Says:

    I Want To Trade These Three Beedrill For Somthing

  953. Anonymous Trader Dude Says:



    for those who have trouble getting magicarp



    Ninetails, since I got shiny

  954. jack99 Says:

    anybody i will trade my geodude for any shiny

  955. jack99 Says:

    come on im desprite

  956. XxNoellefire17Xx Says:

    hey peeps,im hoping someone will give me a shiny mew,ill trade 2 of my shiny buterfrees (lvls 14& 15),1 shiny metapod(lvl 9),1 shiny jigglypuff(lvl 3),1 shiny zubat(lvl 11) and a shiny pidgy (lvl 17).all these pokemon i will levl can PM me on PTD evolution or email me at if you have a shiny mew mew! ;3

  957. Joe Says:




  958. kendrick Says:

    free mew 14df181983a53f 964c

  959. boby 14 Says:

    shiny mew 14df1825eb9d30
    4198 for any body who wants it

  960. kendrick Says:

    code giver i have a shiny free jynx
    14df182da1f499 7c96

  961. Fox! Says:

    no pense que kyogre era tan facil u.u

    Kyogre Suck’s!! It’s Too Easy!

  962. Code Giver Says:

    Does anyone have a Jynx?

  963. Code Giver Says:

    If you do, my email is

  964. Bob Says:

    a pikachu?

  965. Bob Says:

    i mean Raichu

  966. Sam(the creator) Says:

    i need a kyoger give me one u win x10 shiny mews lvl.36

  967. sebastian Says:

    estoy negociando un mew shyni por cualquier pokemon brillante recibo ofertas al correo:

  968. SirX Says:

    Quien me regala un charmander brillante?.Pero me mandan los datos por Facebook.

    AleejaanDroo CoonTreerass

    por ese nombre buscarme!.

  969. SirX Says:

    me lo das?

  970. gotta catch em all! Says:

    trading shiny abra, geodude, or charmander for other shinies
    email with offers

  971. Satoshi Says:





    Email me offers.

  972. Blaine Says:

    still no Charizard!!!

  973. caswyck ayer Says:

    i need a kyoger for 100 mews

  974. caswyck ayer Says:

    i have x5 abra not shiny

  975. nightrider52 Says:

    will trade lvl 13 shiny geodude for a electic type has to be lvl 20 or over


  976. dano Says:

    what is the code for chamander

  977. Bob Says:

    who wants a level 36 mew

  978. Bob Says:

    gotta say it fast

  979. Bob Says:


  980. Bob Says:

    too late

  981. Elias Says:

    i wonna have shiny pokemon please

  982. Plum Says:

    i need shiny mankey,pikachu,juglipuff,ekans.sandrew,oddish.bellsprout,poliwag,vulpix,paras and magikarp… and ai have to trade shiny golem.golbat,pidgey,nidoran male-female,kakuna,butterfly,metapod,spearow,fearow send me a email to =) im waiting for your email

  983. doko Says:


  984. doko Says:

    i can have it

  985. gordo Says:

    I need a shiny rattata.
    I have a shiny beedrill, pidgey and zubat to give

  986. maxyy Says:

    the code is 381rm1n4

  987. X-Mew-X Says:

    oria i give u a shiny kakuna 4 the shiny

  988. X-Mew-X Says:

    brandon i want 1

  989. X-Mew-X Says:

    i want the mew waaaaaaaaa plz plz plz i will look 4 a ninorand i give u a black charazard

  990. groudon Says:

    here is a shiny charmander
    1 Code:14df218275a2fd
    2 Code:1ed5

  991. Xazill Says:

    the shiny charmander code is 381rm1n4

  992. X-Mew-X Says:

    i want the venasure

  993. Joe Says:

    I HAVE SHINY “MEW” 14df2130a6ab76,
    “GROWLITHE” 14df2132e8184f
    “BEEDRILL” 14df2134224b15

    i want trade shiny magikarp, nidoran,pikachu,vulpix

    my mail

    give me pokemon and code
    i will give u

    mail me

  994. gigity03 Says:

    who want a charizard 36lvl??

  995. gigity03 Says:


  996. gigity03 Says:


  997. Tim Says:

    what is the shiny abra code?

  998. PRO Says:

    new map

    Level Intro (100%)
    Level Layout (100%)
    Level Waves (100%)
    Level Ending (100%)

    New Story Level (12.5%) - Route 5 - A training level with a new pokemon to capture,
    pokemon keep getting harder and harder as they try to capture some rare candy.
    Over 30 waves of increasingly difficult pokemon.

    Level Intro (0%)
    Level Layout (50%)
    Level Waves (0%)
    Level Ending (0%)
    New Pokemon (1) (50%)
    Graphic (100%)
    Shiny Graphic (100%)
    Add pokemon’s stats in game (0%)
    5 new moves (0%)
    New Evolution (1) (66%)
    Graphic (100%)
    Shiny Graphic (100%)
    Add pokemon’s stats in game (0%)
    Add some TMs to the pokemart (0%)
    Bug Fixes (0%)
    Final Touches and Distribution (0%)

  999. personman Says:

    it’s me again saying hi

  1000. personman Says:

    me want venasuar please now

  1001. brandon Says:






    VENASAURS if u want one ask and give ur email

  1002. brandon Says:


  1003. antonio Says:

    pidgey shiny


  1004. brandon Says:


  1005. brandon Says:


  1006. antonio Says:

    kambiame el new por un charizard,ratata,golem,vileplume buterfree,golbat,ferow,victrebell,giglipuffbeedrill,makey,pidgiotto or alakazam.

  1007. antonio Says:

    I change new charizard,ratata,golem,vileplume buterfree,golbat,ferow,victrebell,giglipuffbeedrill,makey,pidgiotto or alakazam.all ahiny

  1008. PASCAL Says:

    hi guys i want to trade 20 shiny mews for 1 kyogre i you have a kyorge i want it. I will give you 20 shiny mew and maybe i will give you more like a 30 mews. E-mail me at

  1009. Ravage Says:

    i would want a venasaur :)

  1010. Lol Says:

    trade shiny charizard lvl 36 preview 14df2087a35b11

  1011. antonio Says:

    i need mew,i trade charizard,ratata,golem,vileplume buterfree,golbat,ferow,victrebell,giglipuffbeedrill,makey,pidgiotto or alakaza,all ahiny

  1012. antonio Says:

  1013. hl Says:

    raichu, lvl. 25



  1014. pokefan Says:

    shiny raichu lvl 25

    quick attack


  1015. jollo43 Says:

    My Shiny charmeleon his code : preview 14df22b9b9eedf
    security 10be

  1016. jollo43 Says:

    for a shiny charmeleon

  1017. nita Says:

    brandon!! i want a venasaur, my email ->

  1018. dfessssfdf Says:

    shiny charmander code

    do exacatly whats there even the letters dont put them into numbers

  1019. Lupan Says:

    is the mystery code for shiny charmander

  1020. SirX Says:

    Quien me regala un Pidgey Shiny?

    Whoever gives me a Shiny Pidgey?

  1021. Lupan Says:


    shiny charmander for a shiny mew


  1022. caswyck ayer Says:

    i need a VENASAURS e mail me plzzz

  1023. Lupan Says:


  1024. *Mewtwo* Says:

    i have 1000 mews ill give all of them away to who gives me a kyoger.

  1025. Azorin Says:

    Shiny Pidgey

  1026. X Says:

    Shiny butterfrys

  1027. tyler Says:

    the next should be for an evee…and you could evolve it into three different pokemon using different stones

  1028. Nautiplex Says:

    to get shiny vulpex play long on mt moon II

  1029. iberscream Says:

    the charmander code is 381rm1n4

  1030. iberscream Says:

    ill give one of you guys a shiny charmander if you guys give me a bulbasaur

  1031. bluesurfer99 Says:

    i have a level 36 primeape who wants it????

  1032. bluesurfer99 Says:

    i have a lvl 36 prime ape to trade

  1033. bluesurfer99 Says:

    whats the last clue?????

  1034. Looser Says:

    can my sombody send a pokémon for Kyogre
    P.S. i can german

  1035. lunni Says:

    el codigo de scuirtle
    the code of scuirtle

  1036. gonzalez Says:

    Nautiplex you get a shiny vulpex

  1037. Rokusaku Says:

    Trading a shiny, Jigglypuff, goldbat, wigglypuff, Charizard, pidoet, fearow, golem, alakazam or raticate for your Shiny, Pikachu, you decide email me at

  1038. pokemonlover111 Says:


  1039. pokemonlover111 Says:


  1040. personman Says:

    me number thousand comment and i am personman

  1041. personman Says:

    me number thousand comment and i am personman hi

  1042. personman Says:

    translation Japanese to English
    Just kidding

  1043. personman Says:

    me got number 1201 1020 1019 999 998

  1044. personman Says:

    oh and 1018

  1045. easy lvls Says:

    i would like the mew

  1046. liverpool Says:

    hi! can i get a shiny mew please, ineed one:)

  1047. Looser Says:

    what is it for a number

  1048. liverpool Says:


  1049. easy lvls Says:

    anyone wanna trade? i have a black and red (shiny) chrizard =D
    lvl 36

  1050. easy lvls Says:

    i have a question, y cant i beat the first challenge???

  1051. liverpool Says:

    thnx robin:)

  1052. Blaine Says:

    Hello i want a shiny charizard!!! please

  1053. Joe Says:

    who can tell me how to get kyoger

    my email


  1054. revstarter Says:

    thanks to all that helped me get the shiny charmander

  1055. raul Says:

    buterfree lvl 18 free

  1056. SHIT Says:




  1057. Blaine Says:

    shiny charizard please!!!

  1058. Ragguy Says:

    Shyni Charmander:



    My last shyni is a rattata, need shyni coming after him ! (I can trade VS Older Shiny

  1059. namename Says:

    green golbat, i have normal bulbasaur, ivysaur or venesaur any level you wants and will trade for your shiny pigeotto.

  1060. namename Says:

    blaine and green golbat, i have shiny charizard any my email is

  1061. *Mewtwo* Says:

    i have a shiny ninetales have a look 14df275dd1f87f

  1062. elise Says:


  1063. Hacker Says:

    giving away free codes

  1064. Green Golbat Says:

    I would like either a shiny abra or bulbasaur shiny/ non shiny. in return, shiny pidgeoto

  1065. elise Says:

    who wants to trade me for a baulbasaur

  1066. Hacker Says:

    bulbasaur shiny pre-14df257a0b1b77
    bulbasaur non shiny-14df257e3446a9

  1067. samuelmolla Says:

    i want a mew or shiny mew i change my shiny pokemon whith thath

  1068. daburns13 Says:

    I love the move stealth rock…

  1069. Robin Says:

    who wants a shiny golem lvl 25 its free

    14df25a0a22137 434f

  1070. dfessssfdf Says:

    anyone got a gyarados.
    ill give them the shiny charmander code,pidgey,geodude and jigglypuff.
    i know all of them.

  1071. daburns13 Says:


  1072. daburns13 Says:

    plz tell me.

  1073. iosu Says:

    cambio zubat por vulpix

  1074. iosu Says:

    o tambien me pueden cambiar a squirtle

  1075. hfgvdgbtddh Says:

    shiny charizard is black/red awesome!

  1076. chrisi Says:

    shiny charmander:
    Preview Code : 14df266c130e83
    Security Code : 6e62

  1077. yuyu Says:



  1078. hfgvdgbtddh Says:

    i have shiny golbat,pidgeot,golem,poliwrath,vileplume,alakazam,charizard,beedrill,fearow,and 3 extra shiny zubat and an extra shiny for only an extremely awesome pokemon,like mew.

  1079. Blaine Says:

    anyone have a shiny charizard.

  1080. cacavoladora Says:

    shyni beedrill

  1081. Simon Says:

    who can tell me mew code

  1082. Gamingboi Says:

    antonio I have a mew, I’ll do that trade.

  1083. chazz Says:

    Anyone want a lvl. 36 shiny mew?

  1084. Simon Says:


  1085. cacavoladora Says:

    weedle shiny

  1086. raul Says:

    How can I get a jinx?¿

  1087. DANNY956 Says:

    U can look me up in facebook add me, say u from pokemon tower

  1088. arturo Says:

    got shiny crmander for shiny

  1089. Shiro Says:

    FREE Shiny Mews Here…

    Just send me a E-mail…
    and i give 1 Shiny Mew for Free…

    Exemple.: 14df0cb2dda671

  1090. Blaine Says:

    can you just tell me the code e mail doesn’t work for me right now

  1091. Plum Says:

    i need shiny mankey,pikachu,arbok,sandrew,poliwag,paras,vulpix,oddish,bellsprout,magikarp and clafery… i have shiney golbat,golem,pidgey,fearow,spearow,nidoran male-female,butterfly,metapod,kakuna,charmander and abra send me a email

  1092. Blaine Says:

    okay i have all of those

  1093. quentin Says:

    wat is de van shiny pidgy

  1094. quentin Says:

    wat is de van code shiny pidgy

  1095. hl Says:

    raichu, lvl. 25



  1096. personman Says:

    Preview Code : 14df2bc6f1c756
    Security Code : 73ee

  1097. elise Says:

    hi wats your name

  1098. XD :3 ;) Says:

    i wnat a vulpix, i trade it for a arcanine lv 22 or 2 shiny abras lv 10

  1099. david Says:

    i need a good pokimon im stuck

  1100. Ritchu Says:

    I want bagni :P

  1101. sergio Says:

    How do i trade? and i cant go play multiplayer?

  1102. sMxy666 Says:

    mee D: <3

  1103. sMxy666 Says:

    i want please >: <3

  1104. sMxy666 Says:

    can i have a strong pokemon please :(

  1105. sMxy666 Says:

    i need a stwong pkoemonz :< <3

  1106. sMxy666 Says:

    i needzzzzzzzzzzzzz a stwong pkoemonz:<

  1107. ricck Says:

    the code for the shiny charmenders is 381rm1n4

  1108. raul Says:


  1109. bagni Says:

    who want shiny vulpx? i give free

  1110. XD Says:

    381rm n4

    replace the space for a 1

  1111. DiegoBrazil Says:

    My pokes:
    Shiny Gollem
    Shiny Charmeleon
    Shiny Clefable
    Shiny Golbat
    Shiny Fearow
    Shiny Victribell
    Shiny Butterfree
    Shiny Alakazam
    Shiny Priemeape

  1112. Joe Says:

    to Bagni

    i want shiny “vulpx” XP

    thank you

    my mail

    thank you a lot

  1113. bagni Says:

    Ritchu this is the code talk me when you have vulpix 14df2ba3774c67 1d39

  1114. bagni Says:

    joe same that ritchu talk me when have vulpix 14df2baad8cba4 5a4e

  1115. bagni Says:

    charmeleon lvl 36 who want this pokemon?

  1116. bagni Says:

    code for charmeleon shiny 14df2bd9d6b6fc 0508

  1117. Joe Says:

    to Bagni

    it was gone O口Q

    can you send me another one

    please ~~~~

  1118. Joe Says:

    my mail

    i want shiny vulpix

    thank you

  1119. Hacker Says:

    Joe, do you have a youtube account i will message you any pokemon you like

  1120. raul Says:

    a free shiny metapod

  1121. bagni Says:

    XD :3 ;) want a vulpix shiny?

  1122. bagni Says:

    have only one vulpix shiny who want?

  1123. rocksor Says:

    how do you get a normal vulpix?

  1124. gilman217 Says:



    check to see what it is

  1125. Ritchu Says:

    sory BAGNI i needed to left so i didnt receaved the vulpix :((( xD you can send to VULPIXXX VULPIXXXX
    THX :D

  1126. gilman217 Says:

    how do you get all this stuff

  1127. poke bacon Says:

    shiro what is some of your security codes? i dont have email

  1128. riki Says:

    can someone give me a shiny mew?

  1129. poke bacon Says:

    SHIRO i want mew please please tell me

  1130. Shiro Says:

    Bulbasaur Lvl 100

    prev: 14df2d1ef0b791

  1131. raul Says:

    shiny butterfree is free

  1132. dude123 Says:

    how ya bring pokimon in there pokiball’s

  1133. Caroline Says:

    I want a shiny chameleon plz!

  1134. joaaoaao Says:

    hey, I trade a butterfree shiny for any good pokemon aqua =)
    Prev: 14df2df255f984

  1135. Tim Says:

    I will take any pokemon, duplicate them and give the original back to you for any one of my pokemon.
    lvl 36 Charizard regular and shiny,
    lvl 36 golem shiny,
    lvl 36 Alakazam shiny,
    lvl 36 Arcanine,
    lvl 36 Blastoise,
    lvl 28 primeape
    lvl 25 Poliwrath,
    lvl 24 Nidoqueen,
    lvl 24 Fearow shiny,
    lvl 24 Parasent,
    lvl 24 Pigeotto
    lvl 23 Butterfree shiny,
    lvl 23 Riachu,
    lvl 22 Beedrill shiny,
    lvl 21 Victreebel,
    lvl 20 Raticate regular and shiny,
    lvl 20 Nidoqueen,
    lvl 18 Wigglytuff,
    lvl 16 Clefable,
    lvl 15 Ninetales,
    email me your code and pokemon choice and hopefully I will be able to satisfy your need! :)

  1136. Tim Says:

    email is

  1137. dude123 Says:

    hi fang

  1138. leo Says:

    i need CODE gogo

  1139. EYAL Says:

    u mother fakin CHEATER

  1140. eboni Says:

    sup the code is great

  1141. fang Says:

    hi its fang can i have a shiny pokemon

  1142. io Says:

    i have got a shiny charmander lvl 100

  1143. elise Says:

    free oddish [regulur] level 12 14df3584679916 24c5 piz tell me who gets it

  1144. elise Says:


  1145. elise Says:

    hi fang im elise do you want a shiny abra

  1146. teddy Says:

    i know the code its 381rm1n4

  1147. morce222 Says:

    d64c charidart shiny

  1148. Rodrigo Says:

    i need shiny abra, tell me to trade

  1149. morce222 Says:

    AAABBBRRRAAA 14df363acc843a 8339

  1150. Shiro Says:

    Want to win a Shiny Mew for free?
    I give one to you, just send me an email and I’ll give you the code, but give only one per person.

    Today I have to give 10 Mews, enjoy!

    Example: 14df3686e886c8


    See ya!

  1151. elise Says:

    any one want shiny abra

  1152. Ragguy Says:

    Tim take my MSN if you can plz, I dont have connection from a few time and I have miss some shyni pokemon I think…

  1153. brettyboy Says:

    wats the code for a shiny charmander

  1154. justin Says:

    i want a shiny abra

  1155. justin Says:

    does anyone have a shiny zubat code

  1156. Joe Says:

    who want to trade

    email me

    i want shiny volpix bellsprout pikachu oddish…

  1157. Kuri Says:

    Hey i trade some shiny Pkmn.

    lvl 20 Butterfee
    lvl 15 Butterfee
    lvl 16 female Nidoran
    lvl 10 Zubat
    lvl 23 Geodude
    lvl 07 Geodude
    lvl 15 charmander

  1158. Arceus03 Says:

    shiny sandslash level 36 it knows thunderbolt, aqua tail, flame burst, and petel dance post who gets it 14df38c746df20 4202

  1159. a guy Says:

    i want a shiny rayquaza. there i said it.

  1160. loverofeevee Says:

    more pokemon. not shiny

    14df38d513f457 level 7 charmander

    14df38d8109701 level 22 butterfree

    14df38db949fb5 level 21 raichu

    14df38e47db675 level 20 beedrill

    14df38e5ab2fc5 level 21 raticate

    14df38eb02b493 level 21 mankey

    14df38ed621c04 level 21 pidgeyotto

    14df38ee749a9a level 10 jigglypuff

    14df38ef83bd56 level 14 nidoran m

    14df38f0b7f92d level 15 nidoran f

    14df38f27b422e level 13 spearow

  1161. fufufu Says:

    OK i will trade a lvl 15 shiny butterfree for any shiny except rattata, geodude, bellsprout, or abra

  1162. friendly man Says:

    hey friends what is the answer of clue2

  1163. fufufu Says:


  1164. aarron Says:

    who wants a shiny wigglytufflvl26!
    preview code 14df39ed5b613d
    security code b215.

  1165. friendly man Says:

    what is the answer of clue2,4,5,6,7,8

  1166. loverofeevee Says:

    level 5 non shiny charmander

  1167. jochem Says:

    what’s de receive code of mew

  1168. jo Says:

    how wants a ivysaur lvl 17 code 14df2baad8cba4 security is a031

  1169. jochem Says:


  1170. jochem Says:

    I give jou my shiny colbat

  1171. jochem Says:


  1172. justin Says:

    can i have a blastoise a squirtle or a gyrados

  1173. Kuri Says:

    looking for shiny pidgey, rattata, nidoran m, pikachu

  1174. sMxy666 Says:

    can i have free mew please, or anything :( <3

  1175. namwname Says:

    elise, can i please

  1176. fufufu Says:

    hey code’s 381rmn4

  1177. loverofeevee Says:

    more shinys

    level 13 beedrill

    level 15 beedrill

    level 10 butterfree

    level 12 rattata

    level 17 geodude

  1178. dan Says:

    shiny kakuna

  1179. loverofeevee Says:

    those of you wanting a golem or alakazam why not open up a new game on your own computer. you can have up to 3 games running after all so you can trade between them. no need to ask others. just a thought, that’s what i did

  1180. BlinQ Says:

    i have mew if any1 wants it

  1181. BlinQ Says:



    first come
    first serve

  1182. someone Says:

    the code is 381rm1n4 it works!!

  1183. platnum564 Says:

    the code for shiny charmander is 381rm1n4

  1184. sMxy666 Says:

    pfft, who needs a shiney Chamander ,when u have a SHINEY CHARIZARD! , anyone want ;) ? <3

  1185. justin Says:

    can i have a pikachu or a raichu

  1186. sMxy666 Says:

    14df3b380543f1 : Shiney Charizard

  1187. ronald Says:

    14df3b6a239544 7d03

  1188. Juam Says:

    can i have shiny carmander

  1189. sMxy666 Says:

    First person to ask can have this > 14df3b9247f1a9 <

  1190. sMxy666 Says:

    i have shineys abra,kabra,pidgey , and others. if u want , click on my name, then also subscribe and comment on what u want.

  1191. Wessel (Real) Says:

    the siny charmender code is 381rmn14

  1192. Wessel (Real) Says:

    sorry 381rm1n4

  1193. EYAL Says:

    Hello, Good ppl…
    Im kinda BEGGING you after 10 hours of play… I could not catch any of the Above:


    Iv playe for so long, since day 1, i have many Maxed pokemons, an i do play Blue and red.

    PLS, if u can, cause i never read this forum.. (too many posts too fast) I am beggin of u to send me those pokemons.. and when u do at the same time write me a msg with what u Need!!

    and no, im not a scammer…

    Thank you in Advance!! Michal!!

  1194. EYAL Says:

    Hello, Good ppl…
    Im kinda BEGGING you after 10 hours of play… I could not catch any of the Above:


    Iv playe for so long, since day 1, i have many Maxed pokemons, an i do play Blue and red.

    PLS, if u can, cause i never read this forum.. (too many posts too fast) I am beggin of u to send me those pokemons.. and when u do at the same time write me a msg with what u Need!!

    and no, im not a scammer…

    Thank you in Advance!! Michal!!

  1195. trolololol Says:

    anyone wants a shiny beedrill? heres my mail

  1196. EYAL Says:

    Hello, Good ppl..
    Im kinda BEGGING you after 10 hours of play… I could not catch any of the Above:


    Iv playe for so long, since day 1, i have many Maxed pokemons, an i do play Blue and red.

    PLS, if u can, cause i never read this forum.. (too many posts too fast) I am beggin of u to send me those pokemons.. and when u do at the same time write me a msg with what u Need!!

    and no, im not a scammer…

    Thank you in Advance!! Michal!!

  1197. Simon Says:


  1198. Steave Says:

    are the starters shiny?

  1199. EYAL Says:

    Hello, Good ppl…
    Im kinda BEGGING you after 10 hours of play… I could not catch any of the Above:


    Iv playe for so long, since day 1, i have many Maxed pokemons, an i do play Blue and red.

    PLS, if u can, cause i never read this forum.. I am beggin of u to send me those pokemons.. and when u do at the same time write me a msg with what u Need!!

    and no, im not a scammer…

    Thank you in Advance!! Michal!!

  1200. dogs101 girl Says:

    the real code for a shiny charmander is 381RM1N4. use it as many times as you con before time runs out. QUICKLY. i heard the code ends tomorow.

  1201. dogs101 girl Says:

    code for a shiny charmander is 381RM1N4.

  1202. dogs101 girl Says:

    the code for a shiny charmander is 381RM1N4.

  1203. dogs101 girl Says:

    381RM1N4 for shiny charmander. yes capitals.

  1204. ash (?) Says:

    what you want for that shiny vulpix smxy?

  1205. pokmikey Says:

    I put away for shiny shiny mew or shiny charchard

  1206. EYAL Says:

    Hello, Good ppl……
    Im kinda BEGGING you after 10 hours of play… I could not catch any of the Above:


    Iv playe for so long, since day 1, i have many Maxed pokemons, an i do play Blue and red.

    PLS, if u can, cause i never read this forum.. (too many posts too fast) I am beggin of u to send me those pokemons.. and when u do at the same time write me a msg with what u Need!!

    and no, im not a scammer…

    Thank you in Advance!! Michal!!

  1207. pokmikey Says:

    i need shiny pidgey

  1208. loverofeevee Says:

    and one more shiny

    level 8 metapod

  1209. Steave Says:

    anyone have a shiny shandshrew?

  1210. EYAL Says:

    Hello, Good ppl…
    Im kinda BEGGING you after 10 hours of play… I could not catch any of the Above:


    Iv playe for so long, since day 1, i have many Maxed pokemons, an i do play Blue and red.

    PLS, if u can, cause i never read this forum.. (too many posts too fast) I am beggin of u to send me those pokemons.. and when u do at the same time write me a msg with what u Need!!
    or even 1 of them
    and no, im not a scammer…

    Thank you in Advance!! Michal!!

  1211. Nautiplex Says:

    i need shiny charizard!

  1212. leo Says:

    me dem o codigo
    i need code of pokemom

  1213. Nautiplex Says:

    i trade shiny zubat and shiny pidgey on intrest mail to

  1214. Sam ( no not the creater ) Says:

    any body have a shiny vulpix willing to trade any starter for one.

  1215. justin Says:

    can someone give me a pikachu or tell me how to get one (raichus are good too)

  1216. Nautiplex Says:

    i trade shiney pidgey and shiney zubat

  1217. sMxy666 Says:

    14df3d17291a4d > Shiney Charizard
    f(number)7f …say who get it ;) <3

  1218. sMxy666 Says:

    Shiney Vulpix
    Just click my name ,sub,and post a comment :).

  1219. sMxy666 Says:

    14df3d23a6a000 > shiney vulpix

  1220. Zell_07 Says:

    thanks for the shiny charizard :P

  1221. Juam Says:

    Shiney zubat



  1222. Juam Says:

    Shijey Geodude lvl 10



  1223. Juam Says:

    I want vulpix and sandshrew

    shiney o not


  1224. sveinunited Says:

    whats teh code for vulpix?
    i have done the things you said we must do :)

  1225. pokemon trio Says:

    Please tell us the code for shiny charmander :)

  1226. Virus Says:

    i just want any pokemon

  1227. Virus Says:


  1228. Steave Says:

    My god no-ones said anything for hours
    and i need a shiny shandshrew

  1229. josh Says:

    email me at if you want a raichu lvl 12

  1230. josh Says:

    and the moves are growl,thundershock,tailwhipandthuder wave i know the moves suck but i dont need the rachu

  1231. RoSy Says:


  1232. leo Says:

    I have charizard shine

  1233. nwyfre shiny pokemon trader Says:

    giving away a shiny fearow lv23 for free anyone who gets to it first will get my shiny fearow
    security code:54ee

  1234. someone Says:

    im trying to beat kyogre with a lvl 1 and a lvl 2 (not working) been fighting for awhile (more than 10min)

  1235. JJJ Says:

    i have a level 36 shiny golem for trade

  1236. JJJ Says:

    Hey virus what kinda pokemon do you want? i’m willing to trade.

  1237. JJJ Says:

    golem for raichu…? deal

  1238. JJJ Says:

    it’s not working

  1239. hl Says:

    raichu, lvl. 26.



  1240. Pokemon 123 Says:

    How can I get Mew?

  1241. JJJ Says:

    i’ll trade a shiny butterfree for something

  1242. HIYA Says:


  1243. HIYA Says:

    just post wut u want and say TO HIYA

  1244. HIYA Says:

    just post wut u want and say TO HIYA and ill get u it

  1245. HIYA Says:

    to hiya i want a pikawhatever

  1246. cook Says:

    hey somebody want to trade a vulpix for a charmander

  1247. RoSy Says:

    14dfb4cfbe353e También tengo a persian shiny…

  1248. RoSy Says:

    14df62b7fb1388 persian

  1249. RoSy Says:

    Security Code : 1c51

  1250. hammad Says:

    plz plz plz give me a vulpix

  1251. Maetus10 Says:

    who want shiny mew level 36?
    if you are lucky you will get one


  1252. Bastian melo Says:

    change shiny Charmander bright mew

  1253. awesome guy Says:

    i have a lvl 15 shiny charmander im trading for any shiny pokemon code is 14dfd38bceo731

  1254. jakdexman Says:

    Needing help with any codes And how do i acess chapter 2 of the story??

  1255. gonzalez Says:

    14e00bb138820a - 2a9f
    This is a kyogre

  1256. Bastian melo Says:

    who gives me a Mewtwo

  1257. lol Says:

    to whoever that still cant beat kyogere best way is to have a pokemon using wake up slap9to stop kyogres rest)

  1258. brendon Says:

    jakdexman you have to beat all the levels on chapter 1

  1259. wtf Says:

    why everytime i try to put those codes into the mystery gift textbox part, it always gives me errors?

    are those the right codes to start off? i think they’re pretty long compared to the maximum characters that is allowed in the mystery textbox .

  1260. wtf Says:

    nevermind i get it :D

  1261. mainpokemon Says:

    if you have a shiny mew or kyogre to trade with please email me i have 2 0nixs, 2 pikachus, 1 shiny nidoran[female], 2 spearows, 1 meowth, 1 butterfree, 1 magikarp, 1 abra, 1 rattata and two jigglypuffs

  1262. Trades Says:

    I want to trade some pokemons, i’m looking for a Mew, Shiny Mew/Charmander/Bulbasaur/Squirtle/Spearow and other interesting pokemons… Look my trade pokemons…. if u’re interesting MAIL-ME in

    Shiny golem lvl 34

    Shiny Pidgeotto lvl 28

    Shiny Wigglyyuff lvl 26

    Vileplume lvl 21

    Raichu lvl 30

    Charizard lvl 37

    Poliwrath lvl 25

    Nidoqueen lvl 24

    Nidoking lvl 25

    Shiny Abra

    Clefable lvl 20

  1263. matheus Says:

    nao consigo fazer o codigo

  1264. matheus Says:

    eu quero o golem

  1265. yusaf Says:

    i need a shiny meeeewwww

  1266. michael (QWEQWE) Says:

    i haz lvl 42 non trade charizard non shiny

  1267. PokemonTDnerd Says:

    I have a shiny oddish lvl.21 for a shiny gayrados here is the code


  1268. lucas Says:

    eu quero o codego do chiny charmande por favo

  1269. Mike Says:

    i jst want a shiny starter…ill trade a siny vileplume lvl 41 for bulbasaur any lvl or a shiny poliwrath for a shiny sqirtle any lvl

  1270. daymien Says:

    i am trading
    Gyarados - Lvl (44) Regular -(Hacked Version) - TradeID (14e551908ea6da) - View Request (0) - Call Pokemon Back To Profile

  1271. op4 Says:

    i have shiny butterfree and two gravlers and golem i will give a shiny gravler if you tell me the code to get shiny charmander

  1272. op4 Says:

    i will be able to give a shiny butterfree and a gravler (shiny) if anyone is willing to gie me the code to get shiny squirtle actully any bulbasaur (any) charmander (any) just give me 1 plz

  1273. op4 Says:

    i can give u a bellsprout, growlithe, vulpix and sandshrew not sure about jynx but the others are easy just go on hacked attack em with a weak move and bingo u have all them easier than the first level in pokemon tower defense read the so call instructions and bingo there

  1274. jacob Says:


  1275. fer Says:

    hoygan tengo un sinhi pidgeot hay alguien que me lo cam bie por un victini

  1276. ash Says:


  1277. blblbllblblblblblblblbllbblblblblblblblblblblbl Says:


  1278. Посты охраны Says:

    Hi, Neat post. There’s a problem with your web site in web explorer, might test this? IE nonetheless is the marketplace leader and a large portion of other folks will leave out your excellent writing because of this problem.

  1279. Conner Paz Says:

    Really appreciate you sharing this blog.Thanks Again. Really Cool.

  1280. alfredo Says:

    I am putting a shadow squirtle up for trade for a bulbasaur

  1281. alfredo Says:

    trade id is 1531972fb700b

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