Rodriguez Revenge walkthrough, guide and cheats

Rodriguez Revenge is a new old style fighting game in which you need to beat up your enemies and take on your Rodriguez Revenge. The game will be released soon and is awaiting for a walkthrough, guide and cheats. Read more details for Rodriguez Revenge.
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A Great Beat em up Game… Drive vehicles, use lots of weapons and fight bosses! That will draw the players to frenzy action from the first second of play until the last!

Rodriguez Revenge features:
-A fun Combo system, with lots of special moves and different attack animations!
-Power ups and rewards, like extra lives, Guns and extra health.
-In each fight a new element introduced, in each part of the game the player will be finding new elements to interact with (or use as weapons) such as iron rods, woods, spike balls, hooks, allied alien dogs, etc!
-Vehicles! Each level has a special vehicle to drive, with unique abilities and special moves, the player will use giant robots, alien alpha dogs, and super water sky for instance!
-Lots of enemies, The player will be fighting tons of enemies, and they have all unique and specific behaviors, and of course all bleed!
-BOSSES: unique voiced bosses, to fight at the end of the level. Powerful bosses with specials skills! The player will have to change his normal fighting tactic against them to win these hard battles!
- Great 2d graphics! the game has amazing graphics, and if you are interested.. it can be played at full screen and the quality is the same or even better !
-Amazing Music and FX! The music of this game is high quality music, and gives the game the perfect atmosphere of battle!
-Fun animations at the end of each level.
-Settable controls, so the player can set them as he think is better for him.

Check out Rodriguez Revenge official trailer:

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